UAG Members Info


Here at the UAG our doctrine guides us toward embracing our true authentic selves while maintaining a harmonious balance within our mind, body, and spirit. Central to our community are our cherished gatherings for fellowship and self-development, woven into the fabric of our weekly schedule. With a focus on connection, meditation, transformation, and growth, our gatherings on Fridays and Saturdays provide opportunities for collective enrichment and personal evolution. Join our spiritual organization to embark on this journey of inner discovery and outer harmony.

Our weekly schedule embodies the holistic philosophy of the United Alchemist of Gaia, integrating moments of connection, growth, and leisure. From the camaraderie of Friday fellowship, to the introspection of Saturday meditation, and the relaxation of Sunday Fun Day, each aspect of our routine contributes to a balanced and fulfilling existence. Together, we navigate the rhythm of life with grace and purpose, guided by the wisdom of our shared doctrine.

  • Friday Fellowship: Every Friday evening, from 5pm to 9pm, members of the United Alchemist of Gaia come together for fellowship. Amidst laughter and shared experiences, we cultivate bonds of friendship and support, reinforcing the unity that defines our community. We will meet every Friday to commune with spirit, offer our gratitude, and to collectively break bread with our fellow brothers and sisters. 
  • Saturday Training Sessions: Saturdays are dedicated to collective meditation and training sessions, from 9am to 3pm. Guided by experienced mentors, we delve into the practices and principles that deepen our connection with ourselves and the world around us. Through disciplined training, we hone our skills and expand our consciousness.
  • Sunday Fun Day: As believers in the importance of balance and equilibrium, Sundays are designated as Fun Day within the United Alchemist of Gaia. It's a day of leisure and enjoyment, where members recharge their spirits through activities that bring joy and relaxation. Whether it's exploring nature, engaging in creative pursuits, or simply unwinding with loved ones, Sundays are a cherished respite from the demands of daily life. On Sundays, the United Alchemist of Gaia embraces the sacred practice of rest. Recognizing the essential need for rejuvenation, we collectively honor this day as a time for self-care and renewal. By prioritizing rest, we replenish our energy reserves and nurture our well-being, ensuring that we approach the week ahead with vitality and clarity. 

Attendance at Friday Fellowship and Saturday Training Sessions is very necessary for EVERY member within the community. All members are expected to show up for themselves and their fellow brothers and sisters every week. Becoming a member of the UAG is a commitment you are making to yourself and GOD. Not attending fellowship and training sessions is frowned upon but it will not get you kicked out. You will just miss out on fellowship and training sessions that may not happen again in the same capacity. You never know what you will miss out on, so you are strongly encouraged to come to all weekly fellowship and training sessions.