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Luna Estrellas is a spiritual life coach specializing in creating products, services, blogs, and events that help the collective with meditation, spirituality, self-love, and self-actualization. She is highly intuitive, creative, empathic, extremely direct and honest, passionate about the work she does, and have a deep sense of integrity. She has helped hundreds of people both learn how to properly meditate and establish a strong meditative foundation, and how to heal their inner child and integrate their shadow through her approach of mixing psychology and spirituality. She has helped hundreds of women reclaim their inner divine feminine and find a sense of sisterhood. She is currently building a community that is built on unconditional love, support, understanding, and trust. Take a moment to look around the site. Our blog is a free resource of information that is always being updated and contains information you won't find anywhere else in this world.  



My life has been everything but normal, no matter how much I wanted normalcy as a kid. I knew as a child that I was different. I knew I could hear, see, and sense things that other people couldn’t. By 12 years old, I was experiencing my first spiritual ascension and talking to God- and I was terrified because I thought I was crazy. So, in an effort to understand myself and my gifts, I have spent over a quarter of a century studying spirituality in all of its facets. My journey brought me to double major in history and psychology, where I graduated at the top of my class. My journey through psychology has been instrumental in bringing me a different perspective to healing and spirituality- self-actualization. This has helped me with the work that I do, especially when it comes to helping others navigate their own shadow working and inner child healing.

Since our inception in 2020, I have successfully helped many people navigate their shadow and inner child and would love to help you too! A big part of why I started LE Botanica is because this journey can feel like a lonely one, and I want you to know that you are not alone. I want you to know that you aren't crazy and that many of the things you have experienced and will experience is normal on this journey. My mission and purpose is to be of service to the collective through knowledge and education. I provide free classes and LE Blog is a free resource of information to help you navigate your spiritual journey and healing.  

I currently embody and have mastered ALL of the 11 empathic and 9 clairsense abilities. I can also read auras and chakra systems, including their blockages. My ability to physically feel symptoms in others, especially spiritual ascension symptoms, helps me with clarifying a lot of ascension symptoms for people who think they are physically ill. I am a seer and psychic medium who loves connecting people with their Spirit Squad and channeling their messages. I have done the work necessary to ascend to the 7th dimension and as a result, I have access to the universal flow of consciousness. This allows me to read the akashics of others and take them through past life regressions. I am a healer who has studied and mastered shamanic, reiki, quantum, and celestial techniques. I am a master of frequency healing techniques which is utilized through sacred instruments. I am a meditation master and coach who teaches others how to build a proper foundation for advanced meditation techniques. I am an author who has written many guidebooks and manuals to help you on your journey.

People often ask me my religion. I am currently creating one, but I will say that I am a practicing shamanic alchemist. I am well versed in all aspects of spirituality and energy work. I am fully versed when it comes to all of the religions and spiritual practices of the world. I am full of esoteric knowledge and teach beginners many fundamentals concerning their spiritual journey. I teach people how to develop their empathic and clairsense abilities while standing firmly and fearlessly in their power! I am an avid educator of the power of meditation, and my easy-to-follow techniques have changed the lives of many people! I also facilitate a Sacred Women Moon Circle- a circle for women built on unconditional love and sisterhood! To become a part of the sisterhood, get yourself a copy of my Divine Feminine Rising book and you will get an invitation to the FB group.

I can't wait to share what I know with you. Check out my blog for FREE knowledge. If you're a self-starter who loves to learn on their own time and at their own pace, then my blog is an excellent free resource for you to begin your spiritual and self-actualization journey.  

NOTE: I DO NOT CHARGE FOR MY SERVICES OR MESSAGE YOU ABOUT MY SERVICES (readings, cleanses, healing sessions, demon slayings, channeling, or mentorship). Services are based on spiritual clearance and will only be scheduled if clearance is passed. There is NO other way to get services or to work with me. You can send all questions or inquiries to LEBOTANICA201@GMAIL.COM or book under services.

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Thanks for being here and for trusting me with your journey! I'll see you around the way.


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