"I had my first reading from luna estrellas botanica weeks ago and usually I get nervous having readings from people I’ve never gotten a reading from but I’m glad I did! Not only is she down to earth, blunt and funny af but she was able to tap into so much easily. She was able to feel my energy and the things I’ve been dealing with even before we got on a video session. Initially, that was the first thing she told me and everything else that followed she took the time to explain things to me very clearly without me telling her anything about me. I highly recommend getting a reading from her cuz she knows her ish! I’m very pleased and will go back to her for future guidance! You will not regret it trust me." -L.S.


"The owner of Luna Estrellas Botanica is a beautiful person. I received a reading from her and it was super spot on. I have not met this woman in person, nor did I provide any extra information. Her reading was in depth, make sure you take notes. She is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about her craft. She is also uplifting yet makes you aware of when you are getting in your own way. I am happy I found her!" -J.P.


"So you did a whole full reading (past present and future) for me, read my aura and made me a cleansing bath. It has helped me relax and see things more clearly. You helped me let go while reading the cards. I've continued with the exercises you taught me and meditate every day. You’ve done a fantastic job, thank you so much!" -C.B.


"You truly helped me get in touch with my inner child. I have been so grateful for this process!" -T.B.


"Luna knows her stuff! Always on point. Has helped me a lot throughout the years. Her body salts and butters are the best! She is very much in tune with her spirit guides and has her client's best interest at heart." -S.S.


"The only 2 times I’ve ever meditated CORRECTLY and felt the benefits were under the guidance of Luna Estrellas. I went to her at a time in my life of so much confusion and cloudiness. We meditated and she was able to channel my energy, my thoughts, the discombobulated mess going on in my head. We spoke and I left there with such a positive vibe, and outlook on what path my life was on. She made me an amazing salt bath to soak in and I was sent home with crystals for protection. I have never had such an experience so raw, so real (even to my truths I didn’t wanna face), so transcending. Since then, she is my go-to and will always be my go-to for any of my spiritual needs!" -S.P.


"Luna is great! She performed healing reiki on me and it helped me tremendously. She knows what she’s doing and always knows just the thing to help you with your problems! And her products are out of this world, from quality to scent, AMAZING doesn’t begin to describe it!" -T.H.


"Thank you so much for the amazing items in the self-care box I received. I don’t know where to start on which is my favorite or what I love the most but I have to say I swear by the self-love oil. It’s truly one thing I don’t leave the house without having on. And on those really stressful days my go to is the self love bath set as I like to call it. The combination of the body scrubs, the bath salts, and the body oil are just truly an uplifting and enlightening spa moment. The smell is so relaxing, and the real and natural floral elements make my bath feel super elegant and leave me feeling recharge. Thanks again for the love and care you put into these amazing items I can’t wait for my next visit and purchase." -D.E.


"I believe I made the right choice in purchasing the self love deluxe box! Literally as soon as you open it the scents from all the products are amazing! From the body scrub to the cleansing bath and body butter. I love that for each box they’re specifically made specifically for you! The compliments I receive when I use my body oil amaze me. I love all my products! Thank you so much and I’ll definitely be making another purchase!" -T.S.


"The oil for self-love is part of a somewhat daily ritual. The scent combined with the act of spreading the oil onto sections of this body provides a calming affirmation. It reminds me that this body deserves attention and is allowed to occupy space. I'm hella grateful." -E.W.


"I have learned so much from luna estrellas botanica! I am what you would call a “baby bruja,” but from the time I first reached out, she has been kind, attentive and generous with her time, knowledge, wisdom and craft. I have especially found her tips for meditation useful, and I’ve also been fortunate enough to receive a really great tarot reading from her. I recommend her services highly. She is knowledgeable, empathic and wonderful at what she does." -T.T.


"By far one of the truest souls. Kari is incredibly intuitive, and her readings are exactly what you need to hear. She truly opens your eyes to things within you that you couldn’t see. If you are feeling pulled to contact her. Listen. You will not regret it." -J.C.


"Luna Estrellas has been the best thing to happen to me spiritually and mentally! I've received multiple readings and they have always been so insightful, helpful and most importantly healing. Luna Estrellas came into my life at a point where i felt scattered and chaotic but with her guidance, advice and knowledge through her readings i have never felt more in my power!" -V.M.R.


"I have been working one on one with Kari for the past year, and I would have never been able to grow personally and spiritually at this speed without her guidance and tutelage. She is a rarity amongst spiritual teachers because she teaches without ego. Kari truly wants you to step into the fullness of your power, and she allows you to do that without judgment or force. She has a maternal presence in that she gives you spiritual food, and then allows you the room to grow and come into your own understanding alone. She never tries to enforce her opinion or will onto your process, and this is rare amongst leaders with her spiritual depth and power. She knows when you need to be pushed, but she also knows when to leave you be. She has the true essence of a healer who knows how to help you navigate your own internal wars because she too has faced her darkness and overcome. I can't recommend Kari highly enough. If you want to truly grow into your power and greatness, then she is the teacher for you. Know that if you are dedicated to your craft, Kari will help you to rise, but you must be dedicated." -T.M.


"GIRRRLLL....When I tell you that your body scrubs are the bomb.com -LEGIT! They have my skin silky smooth and smelling all types of good! Sis your readings were on point. Let's just say I should've listened to you! Everything you told me that would happen did! Hands down you're the BEST! You are amazing with a beautiful soul inside and out!" -J.M.


"Love the bath salts! One of the best purchases I’ve made on here. There’s such a great variety. I love the scents and oils! They make my skin feel soft while I’m soaking in the tub. Will definitely buy again!" -C.C.


"Definitely gotten good services. The sincerity you had on our first session with a sense of urgency let me know you are a spiritualist I can trust which is rare nowadays. Along with the accuracy and truly being devoted to the Universe and your Spirit Squad really shows through the actions you make. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK." -K.T.


"The bath salts and sugar scrub are strong - lot of energy! The products smell of quality essential oils also!  Not to mention, the scrub will leave your skin very moisturized which is an added bonus!" -A.F.


"Those tarot tea Fridays are everything! Whether it’s my reading or listening to others there is always something that applies to me. I can’t remember the question but the reading where you stated the pain I was feeling in my back/neck…. I was mind blown because I didn’t say anything about that to anyone and it wasn’t in reference to my question. The rest of the reading was about focusing on me and pour into myself instead of trying to pour energy into starting a new relationship. I can see why 2 months later, and it was the right decision. Never steered me wrong and ain’t tell no lies." -D.W.


"Kari came into my life just when I needed her! I had already been exploring my spirituality for a few years before I came across her, but I had put my intentions out into the universe that I was ready to meet likeminded souls. Next thing I knew I came across her page & I was joining her Women’s Moon Circle. The knowledge and guidance that she has given me since resonates deep within & I know she is coming from a selfless place full of love and compassion. She is truly aligned with her soul purpose by serving the collective & if you are looking for someone to be real with you 100% then she is your girl!!" -D.D.
"I’ve had sessions with a variety of “Psychics”, all left me feeling unresolved and seeking more answers than I came with and always an extra fee necessary to help resolve whatever issues. Kari answers questions not asked, gives insight and direction. Never once asked me for additional money or suggested I need to spend more to help myself. If you would like more insight, she offers her free blog (for those who want to learn at their own pace or just want to learn) and she offers her services as well as items. Be advised she’s a straight shooter and if you ain’t ready to be real with yourself, then I suggest you keep playing with imposters. Kari is real! This is not a paid for or solicited. I am healing and I thought to share." -L.M.


"Luna Estrellas Botanica has so much spiritual guidance and products. I am always satisfied with the love put into everything. I swear by her blogs. I bet you can find out about everything and anything." -T.B. 


"High level Goddess over here. If you’re looking for a spiritualist that operates outside of Ego, she’s the One 100! Her products and services are amazing." -M.S.


"I love this woman! The most informative, real and funny person. She takes what she does very seriously, and I would trust her with everything. I’ve only had the best experiences with her." -A.R. 


"This woman is the truth! She will not only tell you what you need to hear, but she will give you the tools to overcome them. A wealth of knowledge and a vessel of wisdom for the universe." -S.M.


"A soul sister ✊🏼 does everything with love and intention. Genuinely coming from within." -E.C.