Most Asked Retreat Questions

Here are the most asked questions about our retreats. If you have any questions not listed here, please email me directly at with the subject line "Retreats". 


What are the three different retreat packages and programs?

We have three different types of retreats that you can choose from, and they are according to the number of days of the retreat. Our retreats run all year round and they alternate between these three types of retreats. We have five (5) Self-Care Spa Retreats, seven (7) day Fellowship Retreats, and ten (10) day seasonal Wellness Retreats. All of our retreats will have a theme and will be selected at the time of the retreat and then announced with the retreat itinerary. For a full look at retreats please visit our About Retreat Types page.

What is included in the complete retreat package?

This includes lodgings at one of our retreat homes in New Orleans, ALL meals and drinks are included, any excursions or field trips we go on, the excursion transportation, and a swag bag. We also provide a shuttle service to and from the airport during arrival and departure times. Full details will be provided when you book a retreat with us, and you will receive the intake form. 

What is excluded from the retreat packages?

You are responsible for your round-trip airfare, traveler’s insurance, and bringing extra monies for shopping excursions, going out for dinner, or souvenirs. If you want to bring your own foods, drinks, or snacks you can also do that.

Is airfare included in the retreat price?

No. You are responsible for your own airfare and any traveler’s insurance.

Will I have to worry about transportation to and from the airport?

No. We will provide a shuttle to and from the airport during the arrival and departure time. For the arrivals, our shuttle will run from 9am until 3pm. For the departures, our shuttle will be running from 12pm until 3pm. Please be mindful of this if you want to take advantage of the shuttle service. If you arrive at times that aren’t within these times, you may not be able to receive this service. Please plan your flights accordingly.

Do I need to pay full price to reserve a spot?

No. Yet in order to reserve a spot, you will have to pay at the very least 25% of the total price of the retreat you have chosen. If this payment is chosen, then you will be responsible for 3 more payments that are equivalent to 25% of the total retreat price. For instance, if the retreat were $1,000 you could reserve your spot for $250. Then you would owe $750 that could be paid either in a lump sum or in 3 more payments of $250 each. All payments for your retreat must be made at least one month before your retreat in order to ensure your ability to participate. You can also pay for your entire retreat at once, the choice is yours.

What kind of forms of payment do you accept?

All of our retreats are booked online through and we accept all major credit cards. We also accept Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Meta Pay, Venmo, and Paypal. Retreats can be booked on under the retreats tab.

Do you have any payment plans?

No, we do not have automatic payment plans set up but in the event that you need to figure something out, we can work with you. Please email me directly for assistance regarding this matter. We will work with you in order to get a resolution to this matter. Ultimately you could pay for your retreat in 4 payments that equal 25% of the total retreat value. This could be paid for through the site. There will be options listed in the payment section.

Can I save money in any way?

Yes, each one of our retreats has various rooming options. For instance, the cheapest option is being in a room where there are 4-6 total occupants. These rooms are likely to have 2 or 3 full over full size beds within them. Our double occupancy rooms will have either two full size beds or one bunk bed within them. Our single occupancy will have one full-size bed within them. Our prices all reflect the rooming options and if you would like to save some money you can choose a room with more people.

What can I expect from my retreat with Casa de Luna?

Every retreat with Casa de Luna is different and is tailored to our retreat participants and is divinely guided. You should check out our themes for the retreat and our retreat schedule and itinerary for a full look at our scheduled activities.

Will I have any down time or breaks?

Yes. There is plenty of free time that is built into the schedule. All activities have been written in the schedule so if you don’t see it on the schedule, it’s free time. Yet, this is YOUR retreat experience, and you are not required to participate in any or all of the activities listed within the itinerary.

Do I have to do everything in the retreat itinerary?

Absolutely not. You do not have to participate in any of the activities if that is what you want. While these activities have been paid for and are a part of your retreat experience, you are free to carve out your own path and go on your own adventure. You will never be pressured to participate in any of our scheduled activities that you find within the itinerary.

Do I have to do the yoga or meditations?

No. While these sessions have been scheduled into the itinerary for your retreat experience, you do not have to participate in these activities. If you feel uncomfortable with yogic movements or sitting in lotus position, you do not have to. You are free to do your own thing during these times.

How challenging will the hiking be?

Not at all. All of our walking and hiking will be to local areas and the local park. There aren’t hills or mountains to climb here so no need to worry about it straining your body. You are encouraged to bring your walking shoes though. Comfortable footwear and clothing are necessary so please pack them.

Will I have to pay for food or drinks?

No, we have planned delicious meals that are cooked by staff and our menu for the retreat can be found within this packet. We have a breakfast bar that is always available every morning between 6am and 9am. You have full access to our kitchen area and our pantry and are free to help yourself to anything that has not been marked. Depending on the retreat, we may go out shopping or to dinner and in the event that you choose to participate you will need to pay for your dinner or souvenirs. Any time that this is a part of our retreat itinerary, it will be noted so that you know before time.

Can you accommodate for dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences?

Absolutely. This is why we asked this question within your retreat intake form. We always take this within consideration when creating the retreat menus and stocking our retreat homes with some of your favorites.

What are the included retreat amenities?

Our retreat homes are nestled in the heart of uptown's New Orleans Audubon park area. Take a walk or a hike through the park’s tranquil 1.8-mile jogging path. It is a favorite spot for recreation, picnics or enjoying a beautiful day among the ancient oaks. It also features a lagoon, tennis courts, riding stables, Audubon Clubhouse Café, and Audubon Golf Club. We have jacuzzi soaking tubs within our master bathrooms, a sauna, a gym room, an outdoor patio, outdoor dining, our pools, and a lounge area with a fire pit. All of our retreat homes have a Zen Den area for quiet reflection and meditation where we also do group meditations and yoga. All yoga equipment is provided such as mats and blocks. We have our meditation garden that can be enjoyed for reflection in nature. We provide plenty of nutritious and delicious food and drinks. We have a fully stocked refrigerator and pantry and we have added some of your favorites. Our kitchen is open from 6am until 10pm and we have staff who cook our delicious meals. We have fully stocked bathrooms full of toiletries of all kinds, hair products, body care products, hair dryers, and flat irons. We have a Spa room that is fully stocked of spa items, including massage chairs.

Will I have to share my room?

No, you do not have to share a room with anyone else. We have single occupancy rooms that are available, but this is the priciest option for our retreat lodgings. If you would like a cheaper option, then you can consider our double or four to six occupancy rooms.

Is there WiFi and cell service available?

Yes. Our WiFi password will be provided when you arrive. We have excellent service in this area as well and your cell service should not be affected.

What time zone are the retreat homes located in?

Our retreat homes are located in New Orleans, LA where the time zone is Central Standard Time (CST), so please plan for time changes accordingly.

What is the minimum age to participate?

All of our retreat participants must be at least 21 years old in order to be eligible for participation in Casa de Luna retreats. Many of our retreats have events included that have alcoholic beverages available, and to ensure that we always meet legal requirements, we will always ask that our retreat attendees be at least 21 years of age. 

What is your cancellation policy?

There is a 30-Day cancellation policy for all of our retreats. This is according to the retreat that you have scheduled and means that you have 30 days before the DATE of the RETREAT to cancel. ANY cancellation that is made before this time will receive a FULL refund (minus a $10 cancellation fee). You also have the option to reschedule or transfer your retreat dates before the 30-Day cancellation period as well. All rescheduling and transfers will also be charged a $10 fee.

Once WITHIN the cancellation period (which is considered the 30 Days BEFORE the scheduled retreat date you have chosen), there will be no transfers, rescheduling, or refunds allowed. Please note that the cancellation deadline is determined according to the starting date of the retreat you have chosen and not when you paid for the retreat. You can also cancel with us even if the office is closed through email, which is the preferred method for handling cancellations.