Ways to Raise Your Frequency

Hey Soul Fam!

Last week during Thankful Thursday we spoke about ways that we could raise our frequency. I wanted to make a quick list for those of you who happened to miss this information! The closer we get to the new year, the more people are feeling their ascension symptoms coming into play... the more intuitive you are becoming... and the more you are feeling the blockages that are within your auras and chakra systems! This may make you feel sluggish, drained + tired, uneasy, or disconnected. There are many ways to remedy this by doing things to naturally raise your frequency. The following is a list of easy things you could incorporate into your daily or weekly activities!

  1. For those of you who are actually morning people: make yourself an awesome fucking morning routine! Wake up by saying your morning affirmations. Do some meditation or yoga. A little deep breathing and stretching will do wonders for you. Sitting in the sun while you do this is even better! When you're done, write down your feelings in your journal.
  2. Speaking about that journal... writing in it daily is an EXCELLENT way to help your frequency. It allows you to get all your emotions out in a constructive way, and for some it is deeply therapeutic and cathartic experience that allows them to view themselves objectively.
  3. Get fucking CREATIVE. Do you like to draw? Do that. Like to paint? Do that. Like to craft? Do that. Like to make music? Do that. Like to bake and decorate extravagant cakes? Do that shit! However you like to flex your creativity, do that. Allow that energy to flow through you and create!
  4. Become extremely conscious of your damn thoughts. Everything you think, say, feel, or write turns into the shit you manifest. Be extremely mindful of the energy in which you are CHOOSING to keep. Choose to be positive instead of allowing yourself to succumb to low resonating emotions.
  5. Try this exercise for living in the moment. Find something beautiful, it could be anything at all and appreciate it. Use all of your senses to take it in, or at least every sense that could be used: see it, hear it, feel it, taste it, or smell it... allow yourself to become immersed in this object for a moment in time as you take it all in and appreciate it for what it is.
  6. DETOX. Become conscious of the foods and drinks you put into your body. Honestly, we really shouldn't be drinking anything but water... a LOT of water. Detoxing your body of all the crap you feed it will help your frequency. Do your research on what is being put into foods, the chemicals used, and how they effect our bodies... some of which is calcifying our pineal gland!
  7. Drink WATER. In case ya didn't hear me in the back about how serious it is that you be actually drinking water. So many people are dehydrated and don't even know it. If your piss is not a light ass, almost water looking kinda yellow... you're probably dehydrated. Pay attention to how yellow it is, the more yellow it is, the more your body is screaming for water.
  8. Meditation Exercises. Yes, meditation is EVERY fucking thing. If you don't know how to, follow my IG page or YouTube channel for tips and tricks for foundational power meditations. It is literally as simple as deep breathing. Take frequent breaks throughout the day (especially when you feel stressed) to meditate and just breathe deeply for 5 mins at a time. An excellent way to help you feel more connected is by learning how to ground your energy as well. In this meditation, you visualize roots anchoring you to the earth.
  9. Clean your space. Smudge it with herbs and cleanse it energetically, but don't forget to actually clean up your clutter. A clutter and disorganized space often leads one to feel the same way internally. Start cleaning up, throw away the shit you don't use, and make way for new energy and new shit to come in. I suggest starting with the most cluttered spaces.
  10. Practice random acts of kindness and while you are being kind to others, don't forget to be kind to yourself! Helping others makes you feel awesome. Yet, many of you don't extend that same kindness to yourselves. Treat yourself nicely. Speak to yourself nicely.
  11. Practice Self-Care. YES! Pick a day of the week. ANY fucking day and choose to put yourself FIRST for 2-8 hours on that day. Choose to shut off the electronics. Ignore every fucking one. Turn inward. Get comfy. Take a cleansing bath. Do the shit you love to do. Enjoy yourself and your time alone.
  12. Frequency Healing. Did you know that music can be healing to us? No really, there are specific tones that are healing to the mind, body, and soul. Personally, I love my crystal singing bowls and the beautiful tones they make. Youtube has many channels that offer binaural beats but be mindful of the tones there- try to stick to tones that are known to help and not the videos made by people who may not know what they are doing. Try to stick to sound bowls to be on the safe side. I also have a meditation playlist on Spotify. If you are interested, email me @ LEBotanica201@gmail.com and I will send you the link to the playlist there or you can look up "Meditation Tunes". Those of you who have cats, let your kitty purr in your lap. Cats emit a healing frequency in their purr!
  13. Nature. Get your ass outside and go for a walk! Go to the park. Go to the woods. Go to the beach. Go to the places that you feel most at one with nature. Go there, take your shoes off and allow your feet to sink into grass, dirt, or sand- this will allow you to ground yourself to the earth. You can also hug trees and tap into their wondrous and ancient energy.

Thank you for reading and I hope that this is a helpful list to those of you who are having issues with feeling disconnected or in a lower frequency. I'll see you guys next time! Sending you mucho luz + amor always!


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