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This special post is for the ladies who are interested in purchasing the Luna Estrellas V-Steam blends. Here's where you'll find a little information concerning the vaginal steaming!

Vaginal steaming is used as a natural remedy for cleaning the vagina, uterus, and the entire reproductive tract. Some would even call this practice a “facial” for the vagina. Some of the reported benefits of vaginal steaming include:

  • reducing menstrual symptoms: such as bloating, cramps, exhaustion, and heavy bleeding
  • boosting fertility
  • promoting healing after childbirth
  • reducing stress
  • treating hemorrhoids
  • increasing energy and reducing fatigue
  • increased blood flow to the vagina
  • treating headaches
  • helping to correct hormone imbalances
  • reducing digestive issues
  • reducing generalized pain
    The following is a suggested method of doing a vaginal steam at home. However, before you try it yourself, you’ll want to consider its supposed benefits and possible safety issues. Research for yourself before you v-steam, as you may be allergic to some of the ingredients. Chamomile for example is used in every one of the Luna Estrellas V-Steam blends, and some people may be allergic. Be mindful of your allergies before making a purchase. Also be mindful of any existing health conditions, including pregnancy. 
    1. Add a few handfuls of your herbs to about 2 cups of water in a pot and boil your herbs until it comes to a SOFT boil.
    2. Once it's at a soft boil, shut off the fire and put a lid on your pot. Let the herbs steep for at least 20 minutes. This will also allow the mixture to cool.
    3. Carefully pour your mixture into your v-steaming basin.
    4. Remove your clothes from the waist down.
    5. Test the steam with your hand. If it feels hot, wait a few more minutes before you test it again. When the steam feels comfortable enough prepare to sit!
    6. Stand or squat directly over the basin. Some people prefer to place the basin in the toilet and then sit on the toilet. (NOTE: if at ANY time you feel the steam get too hot, STAND your ass up! DO NOT continue to sit there because you could potentially burn your vag. Allow it to cool for a few minutes before attempting to sit again).
    7. Wrap a towel around your waist and legs to prevent the steam from escaping.
    8. The average steam session lasts between 20 and 60 minutes. Depending on how hot the water is, the steam may cool sooner. 
    9. When you are done, you can dump the mixture in your toilet and flush it. If you have delicate pipe systems you may want to strain the herbs out of the water before flushing the water. You can dispose of the herbs in the garbage.


    • PLEASE be mindful of how hot your steam is, you do not want to burn yourself when you sit down!
    • Test how hot the steam is by putting your hand up to it first.
    • When you sit down or squat, do so slowly just in case it's still too hot. 
    • If you sit down and it is still hot, stand up immediately! DO NOT allow yourself to get burned. Feeling burning sensations is NOT a part of the v-steam experience. If it feels too hot or feels like its burning STAND UP!
    • Sometimes it's quite typical for beginners to not get the water temperature right on the first try. That's ok. If you squat or sit over your basin and its still too hot, then give it another 5-10 minutes to continue to cool down.
    • You can light candles, burn incense, play binaural beats, or hold crystals while you v-steam.
    • You can also meditate, do energy work on your body, or do visualizations to make it a more spiritual experience.  


    If you are pregnant vaginal steaming is NOT recommended and should be avoided!


    While the Luna Estrellas Botanica blend is a secret and I will not disclose the amount of each ingredient nor the order of the ingredients blended, I will share the full ingredients list for the blends. This list is a compiled list of all the ingredients I use for the v-steams but not every ingredient is found in them all. For instance, my pre-moon blend has 27 ingredients in it, where as the post-moon blend is made with 25. Each blend was carefully researched and made with the moon cycle in mind and ingredients to help the body depending on where you are in your moon cycle. Fuckboy Banishment was also made specifically with blessed protection and banishing herbs! I researched ingredients that help the female body specifically, as well as those that would be most beneficial to womb health. I hope you ladies a enjoy these steams as much as I enjoy making them! Happy Steaming ladies! ❤

    Ingredients include: rose, jasmine, lavender, hibiscus, chamomile, calendula, motherwort, mugwort, wormwood, rosemary, basil, raspberry leaf, red clover, cats claw, yarrow, thyme, burdock root, lemon balm, slippery elm, sage, dandelion root, comfrey, shepards purse, saw palmetto, oregano, dong quai, mint, ginger, skullcap, black cohash, angelica root, nettle, salt, cinnamon, patchouli, bay leaf, lemon verbena, and hops.

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