Equalizer Souls: The Origins

Hey Soul Fam!

When I was in college, I originally majored in Education, but after having a real ass talk with myself after completing my A.A. I came to the realization that I didn’t want to teach on the elementary or high school level. When I went back to school to get my B.A. I shifted my major and chose to double major in history and psychology instead. That being said, those of you who know me know that I have a DEEP love and appreciation for history. Those of you who really know me though, know that I am always and have always been on a quest to find the most absolute truths that I can find. The truth has always been something that has driven me on my journey. It isn’t enough to know the history that exists here in this realm, for me, it has never been enough. I have spent most of my life on a search for the truth and it wasn’t until I gained access to the universal flow of consciousness that I could actually check for historical accuracy. That being said, what I am about to present to you may be a LOT for some of you to take in. I am not here to debate or argue with anyone about what I have found, checked, double checked, and triple checked within the etheric realms and universal akashics. Some of you will read this and think I’m fucking crazy, but some of you will read this and your soul will be sparked. I’m writing this out for those of you who will be sparked and remember who you are. The rest of you are none of my business nor my responsibility, and I will not argue with you. This is NOT up for debate- this is a historical account of my people. It will either deeply resonate with your soul, or not. I’m not concerned with those of you who don’t resonate with it, so don’t even attempt to come for me or argue with me. Your attempts will be futile.

Twin Flames are what we are called here. People throw around that term here loosely not knowing what they are talking about. Yes, twin flames are a soulmate type connection, but there is a HUGE reason why they say that not everyone has a twin flame- and it’s because not everyone IS a twin flame. Twin flames are just that- twins created in the fires of a dying sun, with fire being the primary etheric element that we each embody. We have been called many things over many systems and eons though- aliens, demons, angels, gods/goddesses. In this current system they call us- lightworkers, shadow workers, indigos, rainbow children, starseeds. The names we were called really depended on the timeline of that system and eon and how we entered it. There have been 8 systems that we have been sent to after system 4 was completely destroyed in a war- making it 12 systems total. At one point we had physical bodies and lived within the atmosphere of the earthly realm on one of her moons. Yet, after the war, we lost our bodies and home. We’ve been in the etheric realms ever since. Our realm is currently being rebuilt and it exist, but most of us have been working towards being allowed back into that space, our bodies, our true power. We have not been allowed any of these things in a VERY long time due to the karmic debt that must be paid. This karmic debt that was incurred happened because of what we did within that war and the fact that we went into that war when not directly instructed to. We broke universal laws, thinking that we were saving people. Yet what happened within that system, can be found in texts that speak about the apocalypse. See that has already happened, people don’t remember that it has already happened, but it has. That world and entire system was completely destroyed and energetically exploded and imploded on itself.

Let us start at the very beginning though- our souls inception. What makes us different from mortal souls? Mortal souls are created with the energy of a dying star. We were created with the energy of a dying sun (yes I know suns are stars, but for the purpose of illustration and visualization we will use these words). Suns hold WAY more power than regular stars, enough power to light up an entire system- stars do not have this same ability, and that’s what makes them different. Twin flames are called as such because of how we were created- a dying sun, except the creator did not want us to be made with all that power, for it was not needed for our purpose. We were created in pairs so that we can share that power, tied at the chakra system, and most powerful when we were together.

We were created in the image of the creator though- dualistic beings that embody both ABSOLUTE darkness and ABSOLUTE light. We were created in this way because our most original job was to keep the balance of the universe, be guardians of the galaxy, keep the energy at zero point- by ANY means necessary. This meant that either through healing or destruction, we kept the balance at all times. It was why we were created- to be energy equalizers and to rebalance energies wherever it was needed.

To understand why balance is so important within the universe, one must look towards the rules of physics and energy. Every action has an EQUAL and OPPOSITE reaction. This means that energetically, any time the energy leaves zero point and flows in either direction- either what one would deem good or bad- an equal and opposite event occurs. This is why “good” can even be bad at times because in creating that good, one throws off the universal balance of zero point and neutrality, and an opposite and “bad” reaction or event will occur. This is a part of why balance, especially for twin flames is SO important. We were created dualistically in this way so that we could in turn, always keep the balance by any means necessary.

We were blessed with power and lived within our own realm at one point. This is not to say that we had the power of gods/goddesses though. We have never been and will never be that. In fact the only way for us to even get that powerful is to be in FULL harmony and union with our twin much like a soul fusion. Yet, we are also not mortal souls. Mortal souls are limited to the gifts of this realm- the clairsenses of these vessels, with their main goal here to become fully empathic beings and at one with Gaia. Yet, they will never have the power to ascend past that because they can not embody frequencies of the etheric realm, they weren’t made with that type of power. The highest point that a mortal soul can evolve to is a 5th dimensional being, known here as an ascended master. Equalizer souls are not and cannot be ascended masters- we are 7th dimensional beings. Our soul does not need to evolve to reside within the universal flow of consciousness. It naturally resonates at those levels. 

Mortal souls CAN wield earthly elements at their highest potential, yet they will never be able to wield etheric elements because they weren’t made that way. Mortal souls were given one thing though that NO other beings in this universe was gifted though- the power to reproduce themselves. The power to create a life. NO other being in this universe was afforded those gifts from the creator. We only have that power here within this realm NOW, but it was not something we could originally do within our most original forms or realm. In this earthly realm though, it is the twin flames who play vehicles for the great gods and goddesses because they embody the frequency to do so as 7th dimensional beings. A mortal soul would be energetically shredded and crushed if they tried to invoke that energy within them- a pain that would immediately trigger them to stop even attempting. Their body would not be able to withstand the spiritual pressure. 

In our most original forms and life, we lived in peace and harmony. We did our jobs and we listened to orders. Whether it was fixing things in the Earth realms or going to slay demon uprisers in the lower realms- we always kept the balance. On Earth, we were sent to either heal or destroy, but in the lower realms, we were almost always sent to destroy. I’m not going to lie reliving that part was awesome. Demons feared us. Whenever we rode into the lower realms, they would scatter like roaches, because they knew if we were there- someone was going to die. The way we battled demons was to either set them on fire or consume them- either way we’d take their energy and make it our own. Sometimes we kept the energy dark, as they were NOWHERE near as dark as our dark side. We embody the darkest of energies- death. Sometimes we transmuted their energies and turned it into absolute light. It depended on what was needed at the time. If there is absolute order within the higher realms, know that there is absolute disorder within the lower realms. That’s not to say that demons did not try to rise and king themselves, yet that never lasted long as we were always sent to slay them before they got to rise in power.

There is a darkness that resides in ALL of us. This is a darkness that cannot be explained, but you feel it within you, and it scares the shit out of you because you don’t understand it. You don’t remember who you are or where you have been. But this darkness resides within you because you were made that way. You were made to destroy, and you have destroyed within many lifetimes. You have ridden into battle, you have slaughtered things, you have descended into realms in your darkest of forms to war against demons. Paying off karmic debt, you have even been sent into this realm to destroy things. You feel it within.

Don’t be scared, yes, it is your shadow side, and our shadow side is darker than everyone else’s because it embodies absolute darkness itself. This aspect scares most of us into never ascending because a part of you feels evil. We are not evil, nor have we ever been, but we have destroyed. In order to understand this concept, yes, we have the power of darkness itself, BUT that doesn’t mean that we have to use it in self-serving, selfish ways. We can VERY much use this power of destruction for the greater good of the collective. We can use this power to destroy systems that disempower the entire collective. Our darkness does NOT need to be wielded in evil ways. We can wield in darkness for the greater good- which is why we were created. Please understand that we are neutral beings, considered neither good nor bad, and created in perfect duality. At our highest levels, we aren’t considered good or evil, but we have the power to tap into either side to shift things. At our highest levels, we reside in this space of zero point, neutrality, perfect balance and harmony. Also please understand that the notions of good and evil are relative. While some people believe destruction to be bad or evil, without destruction, rebirth and new growth would not be able to occur. It is the circle of life. Destruction is necessary. 

In our most original forms- there was no need to sleep or eat. The sun powered us at all times and kept us going. We lived off of energy itself. We did not procreate because we were not given that ability. We could not multiply ourselves or create more of ourselves. We could never have children of our own. That gift was solely given to the mortal souls, yet we found ways to create and were taught how to do so from the creator. What did we create and who are considered our children? Dragons were created and they are exclusive to our people. They are ethereally tied to us at the soul level and will always be with us. Most of us only created 1 because of what it actually takes to create something out of nothing- a piece of our own souls. This links them to us for all of eternity but also imbued them with many of our own powers. They have the ability to wield etheric fire and most notably can shapeshift into any animal- big or small. We didn’t all ride dragons in their most original form- personally, my dragon was usually a pegasus, a winged horse, except mine always looked as if it was set on fire- especially when I was going into the lower realms. There’s a reason why we’re all drawn to dragons and it’s because your soul remembers their creation. It is linked to your soul. It embodies a piece of your soul. It is always around you, guarding you. Just ask for them to come forward and they will.

We lived harmoniously for a very, very long time within our realm. Our realm was broken up into 7 (kingdoms) with each section being monitored and cared for by one of the 7 brothers created to keep the peace of this realm. The 7 sections or factions were- the warriors, the engineers, the weapon smiths, the scouts, the healers, the creators, and the innovators. Each brother had very specific jobs to do, as did every being within this realm. Working all together is what kept this community flourishing. The eldest brother was the holder of their people’s power (or ashe) and was the commander and chief of the people when it came to war. Yet each brother took command of their individual section and was responsible for the members of their factions. One brother chose to relinquish their crown and chose to create and become a sage instead, leaving the eldest brother to take on his section. Each brother and their divine feminine counterparts were in charge of various things- training, creating, innovating, building, making weaponry, working on things within the mortal realms, going on missions- but our main job was to essentially to keep universal balance, and we spent most of our time doing that.

The earth realm for some of us has felt like a prison, and that’s just your soul remembering that you’ve been sentenced to karma here. How did most of us end up getting sentenced here? From what I have seen, systems are created 6 at a time and 12 systems make a set. Back in system 4 of this current set of 12, we intervened on Earth when we shouldn’t have. The eldest brother was often looking upon the Earthly realm, one of his favorite past times was people watching. There was a lot of pain and suffering that was occurring at the time, and it pulled at his emotions and heart. There were equalizer souls that were trapped in the Earth realm that had devolved and were causing chaos. There was a genocide happening. People were suffering in an area of the world that could only be described as hell on Earth. He just wanted to help them, to help shift things so that they could be in peace. He pleaded his case to the creator, who told him to stand down, it is not time yet, we will handle this. So, he waited. He waited, and waited, until he could no longer bear to wait anymore.

The problem with this is that he had lost his way, lost his purpose after billions upon billions of years. He forgot that he was created to remain emotionally detached, and to always follow orders. After all that time, he forgot that he was made to remain within zero point. So, he chose to defy the creator because he believed that he knew better. His brother, the sage who often communed with the great gods and goddesses warned him against this. He tried to explain to him that he shouldn’t intervene and should just wait for them to intervene as they had said. His divine feminine warned him against going into the earthly realm. She didn’t want to go and ride into this battle. She pleaded with him not to. The commander went back and forth with this for a while. Ultimately though, they chose war.

He chose to get his people together to go battle the demons and evil forces that were taking over the earth realm. All the brothers chose to go, except the sage brother (head of engineering) who stayed behind and did not allow his entire faction to participate in the war. We descended into that realm from the sky- beginning with the 4 who always heralded the army behind them. The commander and chief riding up front as he always did- known in this current system as the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. We descended into this realm and chose violence, in a sense. We went into full on battle and war with the demons and evil entities that were attempting to take over. Yet, we underestimated them in major ways. We had underestimated our creator and the lessons being taught to us.

Our people were originally telepathic. We had no language in the sense that we know language today- but we were all telepathically linked to one another. We could feel each other’s emotions. Our language was like tonal patterns or clicks, often sounding like songs or melodies. We could feel when one of us was hurt, killed, or died. While we could not easily be killed, we underestimated the circumstances of this war. While at war with the mortals causing genocide, the archangels were sent to stop us and to tell us to go back home. Yet instead of listening to them, we fought the. This distraction is all the demons needed to begin killing us. What we weren't prepared for was the fact that our creator knew all of this would happen. They knew what we would choose. They knew how we would decide. They chose to give these demons ethereal weapons that could kill us, and so for the first time since our creation- we fell. 

The commander felt when his brother was killed, then he felt another brother fall, yet he kept fighting with an archangel, with pain in his heart. He felt when others fell, yet he kept going and refused to retreat. Nothing could have prepared him for what would happen next though. He felt his twin, his divine feminine fall. She was everything to him, his anchor to the frequency of unconditional love. She was his center in many, many ways, and she was the one who kept his dark side at bay and in check. When he felt her get wounded and fall, he located her ethereally and flew to her, instant teleportation. She died in his arms, and he did not get the time to utter a word to her before she laid dead in his arms. A rage overcame him, a rage that he had never felt. He allowed himself to go into absolute darkness and he became death incarnate. He generated and harnessed all of the energy and ashe he had stored within him. Holding her in his arms, he flew into the sky, he opened his mouth and let out a scream that was so energetically powerful that EVERYTHING within that system including the sun, exploded into pieces. The destruction that occurred that day was so great because he was angry at the gods themselves and he hoped that the energy would reach their realm. He wanted EVERYTHING to be destroyed.

Those of us who chose to ride into that battle, had to deal with judgement. We stood trial within the etheric realm. The commander was told that in some ways, this had been a test for him. They had noticed him losing his way, losing his sense of balance, losing himself. They noticed that he had been leaving zero point. He was also told why he had been instructed to wait. He was instructed to wait because those who were suffering were suffering due to their karmic debt. The women and children that he had watched suffer, were suffering due to the karma they had incurred. They were MEANT to suffer and pay their debts. He was meant to keep the balance and not intervene unless explicitly told to do so.

Yet this was something that had not been told to him. He was just told to wait, but never told WHY he had to wait. He thought he was doing what was best, only to realize that those he attempted to save were meeting their karma. Those who rode into that battle lost their privilege of living within their realm before having to pay the price. They were sentenced to now keep balance of the earthly realms, and the earthly realms alone until their karmic debt was paid in full. Those who chose not to ride into war, still live within the etheric realm waiting for each of us to be done serving our karma. Those who got shorter sentences and have proven themselves, have been in the etheric realms ever since. Many of them now serve as our guides here and serve to help us remember who we are and where we have been. Each of us has at least 1 within our spirit squad. Yet, if you are currently here on mission, I have assigned you 3. 

The first system (system 5) we came into after this catastrophic event was a very peaceful one. We still had all of our memories and power. We were still VERY angry about everything that had just transpired. We wanted to be back home, in a place that only we reside in. In our anger, we slaughtered every being in that first system and took it over. The gods and goddesses of the universe destroyed that world because we made it a place of imbalance after we killed all of the mortals. The second system we entered (system 6), we entered in opposite gender vessels, but again with all of our power and memories. This was also a catastrophe, as original divine masculine's were now feminine's and vice versa. They did this in an attempt to get us into a place of harmony. They figured it would help us see the other side and rebalance ourselves. That isn’t what happened though. Many of us were angry to be in opposite vessels and many of us avoided the lesson this was trying to teach us. Again, we had to be destroyed because we became very destructive to the earthly realm.

In system 6, we were still not in balance, but we still had all of our memories and powers. We had still not gotten over things that had happened, the commander destroyed system 6 in the same ways that original system was destroyed. The commander had not yet gotten to a place where they were in balance and still felt much anger towards the great gods and goddesses and in that anger, they chose to destroy. Except this time, they only destroyed the earth itself. After system 6, the great gods and goddesses lost a little hope in us being able to redeem ourselves and in an effort to help us do so, they began sending us down with less memories and less power. Systems 7, 9, 10, 11, and this one 12 have all been destroyed in some way, shape, or form by this commander. The only one that wasn’t destroyed was system 8, because the great gods and goddesses sent him his sage brother (who was never sentenced here and lives in the etheric realm most of the time), incarnated as his child. His child, calling upon the energy and power of the great gods and goddesses, sacrificed himself for the mortal souls within that earth realm. The day they went to war with each other, the child managed to defeat his father and they were both energetically evaporated into nothing. Each time the commander destroyed in this way though, he was stripped of his power and sentenced to be a tree in the next lifetime- with these lifetimes as a tree going well over 1,000 years.

Many of the memories that the collective consciousness has about aliens, demons, djinn, gods, and angels being in this realm- are memories of us from the first 4 systems. We were perceived in various ways depending on the system and eon and where the people were in terms of technology and advancement. In more advanced eons, we were perceived horribly and usually as aliens or demons descending from the sky. In less advanced eons, we were perceived as angels or gods. We are none of these things, yet mortals have perceived us as many things, and those memories still exist within the universal flow of consciousness. Here's the thing about both demons and gods though, neither of them can BE or live in this realm without a vessel to possess or vehicle to ride. Demons must possess someone. Gods and goddesses though will mount us, and we can invoke their energy and power within us. While demons can possess anyone, Gods and goddesses only mount us (Equalizer souls) because we have the ability to embody frequencies high enough to do so. They will NOT mount just anyone- they can’t. If the vessel does not resonate high enough, the pressure of their high resonating frequencies will crush the vessel under the weight. This can kill a mortal vessel, and this is never something that they want to do.

There are many stories that currently exist within religious texts that allude to who we are and where we have been. There has NEVER been aliens, not in the way that people believe it here. That feeling and those memories have come from a very long time ago, and they are about our people. There are no aliens living on other planets. We are not from another planet. We are from another realm- a place that resonates so high that it cannot be seen by the naked eye. This is how it is with the higher realms. They resonate at such high frequencies that someone in this realm would have to attune themselves to in order to see, hear, sense those higher energies. The stories of alien beings were stories about us. Stories about gods and angels coming to earth, were stories about us. Stories about half breeds were stories about us. Stories about demons destroying shit were stories about us. This is why some of these stories resonate so deeply within your soul- it’s because you were actually there and your soul remembers, even if you don’t.

Within this current system, system 12 and eon 3 we have been stripped away of most of our memories and most of our most innate power. The ONLY thing they left us with, was our empathic abilities. While not all empaths are one of us, ALL of us are empaths. Empathic abilities is the highest place a mortal can ascend to. Clairsense abilities are the gifts that come with these vessels. Mortal souls exist here in this realm to live, grow, build, procreate, to ascend to a place where they are one with the earth itself. The more connected with nature they are, the more connected they become to the divine. Its why they have always lost their way the moment they begin creating advancements in technology- THINKING that they know better. Technology is not meant for this world, nor is it meant for one to take short cuts. Technology has always hampered their connection to the divine and nature. Technology destroys the earth, and with their connection to nature severed, they stop hearing the earth.

In every system and eon that I have checked, the same fate keeps happening over and over again here. Yet, it gets worse once they begin playing God and attempting to create life out of nothing and in unnatural ways. They do not have the power to create in that way, and never will- they were given the power to create by procreation, and procreation alone. Something that very closely mimics the way the creator creates souls within the ether, except on a microscopic level. Creating things NOT tied directly to a stargate (a woman), will not have a soul. Women are the ones who embody that power here and through their connection within their upper chakra system and connected to the universal flow of consciousness itself. She is the one with the power to usher in and embody another soul within her. Without her connection and tie, you have nothing. Anything created in a lab or artificially does not have a soul. Things that have no souls cannot be controlled. They create these things to have utter and full control over them and are always rudely awakened when they realize their creations cannot be controlled. Human vessels created in this way is even worse because they can be possessed by demons, allowing the demon to live freely and openly in this realm.

I say all of this to go into why we are here and why we have been sent. Many of the systems we have been in have been destroyed well before their time was up. We kinda fucked up the timelines in that sense, as we bulldozed through these systems. We are currently on the last system that human souls can reside in. Under normal circumstances we do not incarnate all at the same time, nor in large numbers. We are usually only 1-2% of the worlds population, yet at this time we’re up to 7%. We were sent in large numbers because what is meant to happen here within this generation. There are currently 6 systems being constructed yet none of them will be ready any time soon. Systems take a large amount of energy and power to create, and some are created over a million years span of time. No system will be completed soon, so we have been sent in large numbers to help with certain shifts.

There is VERY much a spiritual war happening over the fate of mortal souls, but it isn’t close to what most people believe. Here’s the thing, with this being the last earth planet left that mortal souls can inhabit, should it be destroyed, most do not resonate high enough to sustain living within the higher realms until a new earth realm is ready to inhabit. If they tried to stay within those higher realms and frequencies- it should shred and shatter their soul. This would leave millions of mortal souls having to inhabit lower realms, which is VERY bad for them as the longer they stay there, the more their soul will blacken. If they end up there long enough, many will turn into demons. If this earth dies, the souls of mortals could be lost forever in large numbers.

No one in the higher realms wants that to happen, so they sent in MANY of us. They did so to increase the odds of us ascending to our highest selves. Our job here? Ascend to our full potential so that we can help the earth as it shifts and sheds everything that has been damaging her. We are meant to help rebalance things, help one another ascend and reconnect with nature. Help bring healing to this earth so that she can sustain us long enough until a new system is created. It isn’t about what many people have been led to believe. Many things that exist here are lies and distractions from the truth. Truths that you can only find when you choose to go within.

If ANY of this has resonated with you or sparked your soul, leave a comment because we’re probably soul family! My absolute hope is that some of you will read this and begin to remember who you are.

Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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  • This Resonates!

    Bridgette Bailey
  • I felt a lot of chills and troat blockage when reading it like if someone trying to block me from finding my true self! I remember a lot of things now that make more sense!Thank you my sister for the awakening 💪🏼🦁

    Rolando aka King-Bichotazo
  • Truly amazing to visualize this as I read it. I had feelings come up. Thank you for this. It’s mind-blowing to finally have a big piece to a puzzle that was missing for a long time.

  • I read this after having a reading with you and it definitely makes so much sense! I’ve had many many downloads and memories about this sort of thing and this explains a lot and gives explanations I didn’t realize I needed to hear.

    June Robles
  • This resonates and made so much sense it’s damn near scary


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