Twin Flame Relationships

Hey Soul Fam!

I wanted to touch upon twin flame connections because there is a LOT of misinformation that exists about these connections. If you’ve read my Equalizer Origins blog, then you know how and why we were originally created. Yet, within this system and eon people have many misconceptions about these connections and why we are brought together.

You see, being that we were created together within the same ovum of energy (like twins in utero), we are linked at the chakra system. We were created in pairs with one polarizing towards the divine masculine, and the other half polarizing towards the divine feminine. Yet, together when we merge and are in "union" we are one being. We also have the ability to split into two separate beings with each one taking the polarization of energy of their original half.

Due to the fact that this is very much our energetic twin and polarized other half, we have the power and ability to unlock one another’s chakra gateways and send that kundalini serpent up the spine. At this point in our history, the ONLY reason you will come across your twin in this earthly realm is when you are ready for ascension. Your twin will kick off your ascension and unlock the chakra system. Just by knowing them, communicating with them, or being in their presence you WILL be unlocked. Our twins cause this energetic ripple effect to occur within our chakra system. This is much needed for those of us meant to reach higher levels of ascension because we need that awakening to occur and only our twins can spark that awakening.

Yet, this is NOT a connection that often lasts. In fact, out of the 832 lifetimes that I have been here, I have only come across my twin flame in 72. Out of those 72, we were together romantically in 69 lifetimes and those were some of the WORST and detrimental lifetimes. Not only for ourselves, but for the ENTIRE collective at large. We chose to reside in our dark and chaotic side, which was NOT good for the collective. Our relationship was chaotic as all fuck and has been chaotic ever since we left our realm. 

There are deep ass issues that reside within the connection, that most have forgotten at this point. Yet, the issues that we have stem from that last war that we fought. You see, the divine masculines wanted to go into that war, yet their divine feminine counterparts did not. This caused strife between us. We went to war anyways, and many were lost on that field before everything was lost. The divine feminines still innately hold a grudge against the divine masculine counterparts because of this. They didn’t listen to them, and essentially those who chose to go to war, ended up sentenced here. This is one of the deepest wounds that the divine feminine counterparts have within them, and it has never been resolved.

This has kept us in a place where we do not have balance or harmony with one another. Those first few systems that we entered after the war on system 4 were chaotic and horrible as we turned against each other. This was bad for us all, because we truly are strongest when we are in balance and harmonic union together. Throughout the systems and eons, these issues were never dealt with and so many of us still carry them until this very day. That being said, if you happen to come across your twin flame- chances are this will be a very enlightening yet chaotic connection.

At this point, the only reason why we are even brought together is to awaken the kundalini energies within one another that will spark our spiritual ascension. Attempting a relationship with them will almost always end up chaotic as fuck because relationships with our twins are unnatural to us. Throughout our lifetimes here, our main mission has to get to a place of balance and harmony within ourselves, to recognize the past and make amends, so that one day we can be in harmonic union with one another again. Yet, chances are in this current lifetime, one of you has done way more work to come into a place of harmony than the other has. The best thing that you can do with your twin flame is allow the activations to occur, but to release them after apologizing for all the lifetimes before. 

What is harmonic union? It isn't even fucking close to what you think it is. In our most original form, (you and your twin) were ONE BEING. If you have ever watched Dragon Ball Z, this is the concept of a fusion, except we don't have to do a dance. We are at our most powerful when we are fused and are one being with our twin. On most occasions, we lived in this state. This is why we look like androgenous beings and do not have genitalia. VERY rarely did we ever leave this state of union. 

Personally, I’m an original divine masculine and I chose to go against the warnings of my divine feminine. In this lifetime, I have resolved my karmic cycles with my twin by apologizing. In one of our last conversations, I told him- “I am now speaking to my divine feminine, who resides within your soul. I am so sorry. I apologize for everything I have done. I should have listened to you. I was wrong.” I meant every word from the depths of my soul. I wanted the divine feminine soul that lives within him to be recognized and I wanted to right my wrongs- something I have not done until THIS lifetime, in hopes that in future lifetimes this can be resolved and that once we go back home, we can merge again without any issues.

Regardless though, those of you who are twins need to understand that many of us are NOT in a place of balance nor harmony within ourselves or each other. Yes, the connection with your twin will feel insanely intense- more intense then you have ever felt with anyone. This connection you feel though is really just due to the polarity you feel by being connected at the chakra level. Trying to be with them will only lead to chaos and turmoil though, so tread lightly with your twins. This connection is the same kind of connection that twins would have here. Twins in this realm are especially connected. Some are even telepathic and have their own language with each other. This mimics us entirely, and you have to understand that like earthly twins who are siblings, our twins are our siblings. When you fuck with your twin, you are committing spiritual incest. 

Your twin is meant to mirror to you your darkest aspects- your shadow. THAT is it. When dealing with your twin, you will have no choice but to acknowledge that this aspect of you exist. They will bring you to places and have you doing things to them, you have NEVER done to anyone else. They will bring the darkness and chaos out of you, like NO ONE has ever done before. But they are meant to do this and they are meant to trigger the fuck out of you so that you can acknowledge your shadow and grow. Your spiritual ascension and self-actualization depends on acknowledging and integrating your shadow. It is an extremely necessary step in this process, but it won’t be pretty at all- it will be chaos. Our twin is usually sent to us to trigger this chain of events.

Resolving certan issues with your twin also needs to happen, but in order for that to happen, homage must be paid to who and where we have been across various lifetimes. Apologies must be made for all of the past lifetimes where we did horrible things to one another. THAT is really the first step in healing this connection on the soul level. We can’t begin to come back into this place of harmony until we acknowledge every fucked up thing we’ve done to one another. Only then can this connection be repaired at the soul level.

In our most original form, we were NOT in romantic union with our twins. There were no romantic feelings- there was only unconditional love for all of our people collectively. We do not have or feel romantic love. The love we resonate within is the purest version of unconditional love that exist in the universe, and we feel it for all of our people. This is another aspect of our unions that must be addressed. While the connections and relationships we have with our twins in this realm are often intense as fuck, it's really due to this person being our spiritual twin. This person is YOU, in another body, and this connection is deep much like human twins who share space in utero. Unlike earthly twins that are only genetically linked, our connection is even deeper since we're connected at the chakra level. To attempt a relationship with our twin is akin to spiritual incest and that is why it NEVER works.

THAT is why it never works, because this type of union is completely unnatural to us. In our most original forms, we would never have done this. We would never have been in union with one another. We did not even have genitalia to have sex, but even if we did, our twins are NOT who we would be fucking because fucking our twin is basically like fucking ourselves. Our purpose is to return back to a place of harmony and peace, and this doesn't happen by being in romantic union with them. Attempting to be in romantic union with them only fucks shit up because it isn't meant to be this way. Its incestuous for us to attempt this union and that's a huge reason why these unions never flourish. They aren't meant to.

Our twin is the energetic polarized opposite of us. When you try or attempt to bridge the gap to those polar opposites, what happens is usually catastrophic because it is a reflection of ourselves. What we don't see is that these energies can't be close to each other for too long because they are not yet balanced within. From an unhealed space, the longer we are around each other in this realm, the more destructive and unstable the energies become. They are showing me the movie "Hancock", which was very much a movie about twin flames to a certain degree. We have to become one within ourselves and harmonize ourselves. The more we harmonize, the more it also harmonizes our twin. Eventually, we will reach harmony within ourselves and this will bring us back into a place where we can merge and fuse again with our twin in harmonic union. 

While people foolishly want union with their twins, that is only because they do not understand our nature. They do not understand the ways in which we always become destructive when in union in this realm. They don't understand that we aren't actually supposed to be in union here. Attempting to be in union almost always leads to destruction of not just us, but society as a whole. This union is often rooted in ego, and we tend to lean on our dark side here when in union. This has led to a lot of fucked up shit happening across time and space.

That being said, while there are people who wish for this union or connection, I'm here to tell you NOT to. While being around our twin will help us ascend, it can also be highly destructive to attempt a romantic relationship with them. Being in union with your twin is completely unnatural and always results in fucked up shit happening. Attempting a real relationship with them goes against the laws of our nature altogether. You will always feel the effects of this because it is unnatural to who you really are at the soul level. 

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

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