Timelines + the Multi-Verse

Hey Soul Family,

We’re going to get into timelines today, timeline jumps, quantum leaps, and the multi-verse cuz this is another one of those topics that people talk about all the time yet have no fucking idea what they are talking about. Is there currently another Earth out there somewhere, where people just like us are living? Nope. At least not physically and not in the ways that most people believe. The multi-verse is not something that is even physically tangible. It cannot be physically touched, but it can be psychically accessed. In order to understand these concepts though we’re going to talk about the akashic records and what I call the akashic realm.

For the purpose of clarity, we’re going to go over some terms that will be discussed in this blog.

The Universal Akashics (UA): this realm is where the akashic records are held. This realm accounts for ALL records of time and space, for every creation and soul that has been born. All accounts exist here. If you were trying to find your akashic records, you would be going to the UA realm to access your records.

The Running Chronological Timeline (RCT): time is recorded within the UA for ALL time and space. Within the UA you will find the actual running chronological timeline of all time and space in its entirety.

Personal Akashic Records: when you look over your personal akashic records, you may notice some gaps in time or space. The gaps that exist in your personal akashic records will account for the lifetimes you have had. The way that personal akashics read is that it goes from lifetime to lifetime. It does not account for your time spent within the universal flow of consciousness. It ONLY accounts for lifetimes. Equalizer souls are not incarnated rapidly like mortal souls and will most likely find these gaps within their personal akashic records. To find out what has happened within an Earthly realm you did not exist within, you must look for the UA of that Earth.  

The Multi-Verse Realm (MVR): exist within the UA and is a simulation realm. Within the MVR you can watch multiple timelines play out. It is a realm that you would go to when you have a decision to make. This realm allows you to view all possibilities simultaneously so that you can make the best decision. Within this realm, all possibilities exist and can be accessed and watched play out before it happens. You could potentially view all timelines playing out and choose the best outcome. People who have a strong sense of clairintellect AND claircognizance naturally access this realm, but they don’t realize it.

That being said, from my studies within the UA and from what I have seen occur over the last 12 systems, at no given point in time did human souls exist on more than one Earth at a time. Gaia (earth) is the divine feminine aspect of God incarnate. It is the closest you will ever get to physically touching God when you put your feet in the grass or sand or go into the sea. The spirit and essence of Gaia goes from one earthly planet to the next. I was told that only when an earth is dying does the next one become activated and prepped for life. ANY collective memories of aliens or invasions are really just equalizer souls who were called that by the mortals of that land (read the Equalizer Origins blog for more information on equalizer souls).

I was also told that time cannot be manipulated. This is a universal law. There is no way that timelines can be split or manipulated. People who want to do such things, only want to do so out of ego. Yet from what I have seen in the UA, time manipulation isn’t even something that equalizer souls are naturally gifted with. GOD is the only being in the entire universe who has that ability, and it is not an ability afforded to any of us because we cannot be trusted with that power. The technology has never existed, and God will make sure that it never exists. There has never been a time machine and there never will be. We are not meant to ever go back into the past, we are meant to learn to accept the natural order of all things.

When people talk about timeline jumps, quantum leaps, and bullshit like that, the only fucking thing they are really talking about is you aligning. Ultimately ALL choices that we face in life can be boiled down to this here: does this align me with my most true authentic self and life’s purpose, or not? Control is an illusion and so is free will. There aren’t a million choices to make or a million paths to follow. Before we began this lifetime, we set up our contract, mission, or karmic path (whatever you want to call it). Either way, this path has already been written and accounted for. It is the path that will lead to neutralizing any karmic load you may be carrying. The ONLY choice that we get when we get here is: am I going to follow the path laid forth, or not.

When people talk about jumping timelines, what they are really talking about is alignment. They are talking about how you are basically aligning with your purpose and why you are here- jumping from the current timeline where you’re wounded and not living within your purpose to your actual purpose. It isn’t some sci-fi thing going on with timelines nor are there actual quantum leaps. That’s a bunch of bullshit. What they really mean is that you are aligning with the timeline that is meant for you. The timeline where you will find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. THAT’S IT.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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