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It’s been a while! I’ve been deep in training and preparing for another year of the sister circle- which I’m super excited for. While I was preparing the syllabus for my year 2 sisters though, I was doing some research about chakras and the chakra system to see what was out there. The information that I found was all wrong in so many ways. Even the best of sources that I found had at least 1 crucial piece of information that was missing from it. This information is especially crucial because it’s the ACTUAL location points of the main chakra system. Without this crucial piece of information, no one will ever be able to actually unlock their chakras. How can you unlock something when you aren’t working on or concentrating on the proper placement? You can’t. There’s a reason why the information doesn’t exist. I’ll let you think about that, but I wanted to take the time to educate the masses on this because it will be necessary for your spiritual growth to know the actual locations of these points. Even if you never take my chakra development master class, everyone should at least have this bit of crucial information.

Some say that there are 114 chakra gateways, others say there are hundreds within one’s chakra system- yet in my studies within the ether I have found that there are 108 in most. While mortal souls have 108, I have found that equalizer souls have an additional 6. There are the 7 major chakras that are most famously known about, yet there are many others that are not usually discussed or even thought of. I have found that there are 21 minor chakra gateways, and 80 micro chakra gateways located throughout the entire body. Among the chakras that exist within the body, there are a number of them that are said to exist beyond the physical body, both beyond the feet and beyond the top of the crown, but I don’t believe that either. From my studies with the ether, I have found that chakras do not exist beyond the physical body nor our auras. While you can connect your chakras either below or above your physical body- this is not the same as an actual chakra extension. All of the chakras within your system are usually not opened, and many of them even lie dormant. For the purposes of trying to explain this as plainly as possible, I will be calling the 7 major chakras just that, while I’ll call all the others chakra extensions. Now in order to understand how this works, imagine that the 7 major chakras (which run down the center of the body) are the start points, the place of origin, for all of the other chakra extensions. All chakra extensions come from one of the 7 major chakras.

Now, let’s talk about each of the individual chakras. It is not only important to know where they are actually located, but it is also essential to know what their purpose is. The following will clarify some of these things. I have included the characteristics of a balanced chakra, an overactive one, and an underactive one. I also included what the physical symptoms may be when they are not in balance or awakening, and where this imbalance can stem from. Also included is the ACTUAL location of each point, though I have also included a diagram so that there is no confusion as to where the points are located. Lastly, I added in the mantra chant for each point. If you use the humming breath meditation when using these mantras and vibrate the sounds properly, this can assist in opening and balancing of the chakra.


  • 1st: Root Chakra: (survival): I AM:

Balanced: grounded, centered, belonging, trusting, independent, good health, stability, able to relax, comfortable in your own body

Overactive: bossy, domineering, big ego, greedy, violent, obesity, over-eating, sluggish, fear of changes, addiction to security, material fixation, chronic disorganization

Underactive: unloved, sexually inadequate, frustrated, fearful, shy, unsure, anxious, can’t settle, poor focus or discipline, financial difficulties, chronic disorganization

Physical Symptoms: intestinal disorders, issues with feet/legs or spine, lower back pain, eating disorders

Imbalance Can Stem From: birth trauma, abandonment, unstable home, survival fears, or poor bonding with mother figure

Location: about two inches above the perineum, (also known as the taint or gooch), which is located between the anus and vulva or balls 

Chant: LAM

  • 2nd: Sacral Chakra: (sexuality/emotion): I FEEL:

Balanced: friendly, passionate, sexually fulfilled, good moods, playful, emotionally intelligent, experience pleasure, able to change, able to nurture self and others

Overactive: need of power, manipulative, craving, pleasure addiction, excessive emotions, poor boundaries, very sensitive, emotional dependence

Underactive: shy, guilty, afraid to interact, feeling lost, overly concerned with what people think, fear of sex, rigid body, poor social skills, lack of passion or desire, denial of pleasure

Physical Symptoms: reproductive disorders, menstrual dysfunction, low back and hip pain

Imbalance Can Stem From: social abuse, neglect, denial of feelings, emotionally unavailable parents

Location: For women, where your womb would be located. For a man about two inches or so into the pubis bone area.

Chant: VAM

  • 3rd: Solar Plexus Chakra: (power/will): I DO:

Balanced: respect for self and others, confident, outgoing, calm, problem solving, integrity, responsible, reliable, strong will power and discipline, confident, able to meet challenges

Overactive: judgmental, stubborn, cynical, bully, aggressive, domineering, need to be right, power hungry, manipulative, superior/inferior complex,

Underactive: low self-esteem, apathetic, procrastinating, not knowing what to do, feeling taken advantage of, low energy, emotionally cold, addiction to stimulants, poor follow through

Physical Symptoms: poor digestion, eating disorders, chronic fatigue

Imbalance Can Stem From: shaming, inherited shame, authoritarian environment, physical abuse, repeated failures

Location: about two inches in from the naval

Chant: RAM

  • 4th: Heart Chakra: (love/relationships): I LOVE:

Balanced: loved, loving, empathetic, contagious good vibes, altruistic, peaceful, compassionate, balanced

Overactive: entitlement, overly jealous, blaming others, in some cases giving too much, co-dependent, poor boundaries, demanding, clingy

Underactive: feeling unloved, self-pity, fear of rejection, neediness, clinginess, uncertainty, antisocial withdrawal, critical, isolated, lonely, fear of intimacy

Physical Symptoms: heart or lung disorders, circulation issues, chest pain, breast problems

Imbalance Can Stem From: rejection, betrayal, abandonment, shaming, abuses to the lower chakras

Location: about two inches in from the center of your chest, between your pectoral muscles or breast

Chant: YAM

  • 5th: Throat Chakra: (communication): I SPEAK:

Balanced: can express self, can express thoughts and emotions, clear communicator, speaks truth, creative, strong voice, good listener

Overactive: speaking too much, boring others, seen as criticizing, stubborn, not a good listener, likes to gossip, interrupts others when speaking or talks over others, has a dominant voice

Underactive: can’t express self, afraid to speak in public, can’t express creative side, seen as timid, fear of speaking, weak voice, difficulty expressing feelings, afraid to be authentic self, has dependency issues

Physical Symptoms: disorders of the throat, tightness in the neck or jaw, problems with voice or ears

Imbalance Can Stem From: mixed messages, verbal abuse, excessive criticism, authoritarian parents, substance abuse within the family

Location: two inches in from the center of your throat

Chant: HAM

  • 6th: Chakra (known as the 3rd Eye): (intuition/imagination): I SEE:

Balanced: perceptive, intuitive, good memory, wise, able to visualize, able to think symbolically, able to meditate with ease, imaginative, charismatic, knows one’s purpose

Overactive: spaced out, feeling lost, worrying, difficulty concentrating, mental fog, confusion, delusions, obsession, hallucinations, seen as living in a fantasy world

Underactive: can’t see the bigger picture, can be easily influenced, confused about your purpose, doubting oneself, poor memory, lack of imagination, being closed minded, difficulties with visualizing and meditation

Physical Symptoms: headaches or migraines, amnesia, cognitive delusions

Imbalance Can Stem From: invalidation of intuition, having a frightening upbringing, when what you see isn’t what you’re told

Location: located at the center of the brain, the pineal gland. It is thought that this point is located at the center of your forehead, but that is your third eye (one of six responsible for clairvoyance) which is actually a minor chakra point and extension of the sixth chakra point.

Chant: OM / AUM

  • 7th: Crown Chakra: (awareness): I KNOW:

Balanced: joy, wise, compassionate, being aware, able to perceive and assimilate information, broad understanding, being open minded, feeling spiritually connected, connection to source while being aware of ones’ individuality

Overactive: addicted to spirituality, religious zealot, craving attention, needing to be popular, overly erotic imagination, confusion, dissociation from body, over intellectualization

Underactive: feeling misunderstood, can’t have fun, unaware or denial of one’s spiritual connection, spiritual cynicism, rigid belief system, controlling others, materialism, greed

Physical Symptoms: headaches or migraines, amnesia, cognitive delusions

Imbalance Can Stem From: withheld information, forced religion, blind obedience, spiritual abuse, invalidation of one’s beliefs

Location: center of the top of your head and about two inches below the skull

Chant: OM / ANG


NOTE: The following picture is a picture of the human brain. It's going to show you the EXACT location of the pineal gland. Where is the pineal gland located from what you can see? In the CENTER of the body! This isn't bullshit. The 6th chakra is the pineal gland. It is NOT the 3rd eye, as I wrote in the 6th chakra/3rd eye notes, the 3rd eye is a CHAKRA EXTENSION of the actual 6th chakra. The 6th chakra, the pineal gland is located in the center of the brain and runs along the main chakra system line. When doing chakra work, work on the proper points and you'll be far more fruitful. 

WARNING: Opening and awakening your chakra system can lead to some serious ass ascension symptoms! Physical and emotional things will happen when you awaken. Be prepared to deal with your shadow and inner child if you're doing the work to awaken your chakra system because things WILL come up! For more information, check out our master class.

I hope this information has helped you out Soul Fam! If it has, drop a comment!
Sending mucho luz + amor always.

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