Tapping into Your Divine Feminine

Hey Soul Family,

If you are like one of the many people in this world who lives squarely within their divine masculine energies, you are currently being challenged to embrace and step into your feminine energies. Maybe you are finally noticing how much this imbalance has brought many issues into your life. Yet, in order to battle these issues, you will have to come to certain realizations as to where your issues are rooted. We’re going to go over some helpful information to help you navigate this, some excellent journal prompts to help get you started, and some great tips for tapping into the divine feminine.

YES, you are here to learn all about the divine feminine and the goddess energies that live deeply within you. Yet you need to come to terms with the fact that your inability to tap into your divine feminine is not a spiritual issue- it’s mainly an emotional and psychological one. Many of these issues will be found deeply rooted in how you grew up and related to the women around you in your own family. This is especially true of the first relationship you ever had with a woman, your mother. You may find that many of the issues you have with the divine feminine are really just issues created within the relationship you developed with your mother. That’s not to say that you won’t also find daddy issues while you’re here, but you will find most of your issues stem from issues with your mama or mother figure.

Check out these blogs to help you assess your inner child and navigate your shadow working journey. There are also additional tools that you can search for in LE Blog for free that can help you with your journey when you are ready. You can also invest in my books, “Shadow Working an Inner Child Healing Guide.” For women we also have “Divine Feminine Rising: Reclaiming Your Birthright Guide.”

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In order to get down to the roots of your issues, start with these journal prompts. Please take the time to answer the following questions. Be as open and as honest as you can possibly be when answering these questions. You can and should answer these questions whether you are a man or a woman.

  1. What does being a woman mean to me? What do you believe has shaped your definition of this?
  2. What does being a divine feminine mean to me? What do you believe has shaped your definition of this?
  3. What was the relationship like with women growing up? How was your relationship like with your mom, aunts, or grandma? Reflect on that.
  4. What does sisterhood mean to me? Does this concept make you feel good, or does it make you feel resistant? What do you believe has shaped your concept of sisterhood and how do you feel about this?
  5. What does Goddess energy mean to me? What does the concept of Goddess mean to me? What do you believe has shaped your definition of this?

After you have answered these 5 questions, take a moment to reflect on your answers. Your answers will be helping you with finding the roots to your issues so that you can forgive the women in your life and release any negative emotions you have towards them. How did these questions make you feel? Did you find any resistance to any question on this list? Which ones? Reflect on this and be observant of your feelings.

Next, we’re going to go over what tapping into the divine feminine means. Simply put, this is anything that would actually be right brain related. The right brain is the side of the divine feminine and right brain activities would be ways for you to tap into the divine feminine. Take a look at these pictures of the right brain versus the left brain. Notice the differences.

What are some divine feminine activities you can start doing today to help you tune into your divine feminine energies?

  • Prayer and asking your spirit squad for help. Be open to asking for help and then allowing yourself to receive your signs and answers through meditation.
  • REST in a guilt free and unapologetic way. Rest is not laziness. It is renewal, it is nourishment, it is revival of energies and spirit, it is a time that is allowing you to replenish yourself. Do not feel bad for resting because rest is necessary.
  • Practice visualization (try the flame meditation blog)
  • Balance your chakras: you can use sound frequency to help
  • Automatic Writing, also known as spiritual writing
  • Journaling
  • Allow yourself to follow your intuition
  • Allow yourself to reflect on your emotions and feelings so that you can learn self-mastery and learn emotional self-control
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable
  • Practice self-love and self-care daily or weekly which will allow you to nurture and nourish yourself which is essential
  • Relinquish control and choose to be in flow by surrendering
  • Wear clothes that make you feel amazing
  • Embrace your sensuality
  • Practice beauty rituals
  • AFFIRM EVERY DAY: I am beautiful. I am gorgeous. I love myself in every way. I love my body. I love my face. My vessel was perfectly made. My vessel is perfect just the way it is.
  • EMBRACE RECEIVING and learn how to say yes, unless someone is trying to push your boundaries, in which case learn to say no
  • If someone tries to give you something, accept it and say thank you
  • Brush your teeth with your left hand
  • Get creative and allow it to flow
  • Making art: adult coloring books, painting, drawing, sketching
  • Photography
  • Use clay or playdoh to sculpt or mold things with your hands
  • Sing
  • Dance (set intentions before you dance to release with your movements)
  • Watch something or listen to something that makes you laugh
  • Play musical instruments
  • Listen to music
  • Garden
  • Ground yourself into the Earth
  • Connect to mother nature and Gaia
  • Cook
  • Do a puzzle
  • Practice Qi Gong
  • Be open and receptive to new things
  • For women: find a sister circle
  • For all: find a support group

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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