Spiritual War + the Fate of Mortal Souls

Hey Soul Fam!

For those of you who don’t remember, we are now living within the 12th system and within the 3rd eon of this 12th system. For equalizer souls this is the 9th system that we have lived in since the apocalyptic war. Everyone who lives here are old souls who have the past imprinted within said souls. It's just a matter of learning how to access this information through our akashic records. Either way, many equalizer souls have been sent this particular lifetime on a mission. So many people talk about spiritual war but have NO fucking idea what that actually means. This isn’t a war between good and evil. This isn’t a war against demons. There is a war going on right now though for the fate of mortal souls. This is indeed happening, but in order to understand why this is happening, we will have to explore mortal souls and how they work.

Mortal souls all begin the same way, as dying stars preparing to enter into supernova. While all dying stars don’t become souls, every soul started out the same way- as a dying star. We really are made of star dust, so to speak. The kind of dying star will determine the soul type though. We’re going to stick to the mortal souls because their souls are the ones that are being protected and are the reason why this “war” is a thing. After a mortal soul is created, it begins its lifetime cycle which will not stop until they reach the level of ascended master. Some of the most ancient mortal souls have experienced 40,000+ lifetimes across the last 9 systems. That may seem like a lot to some of us, but it is the cycle of a mortal soul. The goal is to one day escape this cycle.

Mortal souls do not resonate high enough to stay within the universal flow of consciousness indefinitely, which is why they are in a constant reincarnation cycle. The main goal of a mortal soul is to do the work necessary so that it can ascend to the levels of what we know here as an “ascended master”. ALL ascended masters were once mortal souls. Ascended masters are souls who have done the work necessary to escape the constant reincarnation cycle by evolving their soul. Once a mortal soul reaches this status, they can indefinitely exist within the universal flow of consciousness. This status also comes with the ability to choose whether or not they will reincarnate altogether and when. Until a mortal soul achieves this status, they are trapped in a constant and immediate reincarnation process. The soul evolution of a mortal soul will occur the more they connect with and take care of Gaia. Their main assignment is to take care of and essentially become one with Gaia, which is a physical manifestation of God. Those who do so, find that their soul can evolve into developing empathic abilities. Ascended masters have done the work to connect deeply with Gaia, to the point where they can also wield earthly elements.

In this realm there are some who believe souls are processed within a month and a half (49 days). I was told that it depends on the soul, some can take longer to process, while some can be processed quicker- it really depends on the processing. Souls take an average of 50 days to be processed and that can be 50 days within the universal flow of consciousness (UFC) or 50 earth days. Depending on the soul type, this time frame will exist differently. Mortal souls are usually processed within 50 UFC days, whereas equalizer souls get 50 earth days. Within the universal flow of consciousness, time does not exist the way it exist here. Time there flows much quicker than time here. I am being told that 1 earth day is equivalent to about 10 days within the UFC. That being said, 50 days within the UFC can be compared to 5 days on earth. That’s about 5 earth days for a mortal soul to be processed before they are sent back down.

Mortal souls get processed and then they receive their assignment. They can choose to be a spirit guide, a guardian, or to reincarnate. Yet most will choose to either be a guide or guardian to help mitigate their karmic load before they reincarnate into their next lifetime. If they choose to be a guardian, they will be directly sent to that person’s spirit squad after they make that choice. If they have chosen to be a guide, there is a very good chance they will have to wait. There is a very special realm within the UFC that was created for mortal souls SPECIFICALLY to inhabit during their wait time. No mortal soul ever stays in this space for more than 3 months though. This space can be compared to what we know as “heaven”, but I call it the bullpen. While the souls who are in this space are experiencing what their heaven would be and are in a state of rest, they are also temporarily trapped in this realm. They can not freely move within the UFC because they don’t yet resonate high enough to do so. They will have to wait in the bullpen until their charge (assigned person) is born and then they get sent down for that souls inception (birth) into the earthly realm. These souls are present at their charges’ birth and are front row to watching the person be born.

Whether they choose to be a guide or a guardian though, they will remain with their assigned person until that persons death. When someone dies in this realm not only is their soul sent to processing, but so are the souls that are with them within their spirit squad. That’s right, we aren’t just processed at the end of our lifetimes. We are also processed in the event that the person we are guiding or guarding dies. Unlike the processing we endure at the end of a lifetime, the processing is different for our spirit squad. Those who chose to be with us to help us (and help themselves mitigate karma) will be evaluated on the work they have done for their charge.

This is necessary to explain so that you can understand why human souls in particular are at risk at the moment. For those of you who have read my Equalizer Origins blog, you will know that the Equalizers kind of fucked things up when it came to systems and the timelines of the systems. There were systems that were destroyed well before their time to be destroyed. This has skewed the timelines in some ways when it comes to the systems and in all actuality, if it weren’t for the destruction of previous systems, we wouldn’t even currently be living in system 12 yet. Being that a few systems were blasted through well before it was their time though, it has put us in a precarious situation. THIS is the last system that is viable for mortals to live in. While there are currently 6 systems being created- the creation of a universe, the terraforming of planets, and the creation of a perfect earthly planet within the system takes billions of years to happen. All 6 of these systems are at varying stages of development, but one thing is sure about them all- NONE of them are ready yet to be lived within.

Now let’s get back to mortal souls not being able to inhabit the UFC unless they are an ascended master yet because this is where the concept of war comes in. Like I told you in the beginning though, this is NOT a war between good or evil or against some demon. This IS a battle for the fate of mortal souls though. IF this current system ceases to exist, what would happen to the mortal souls who don’t resonate high enough to dwell indefinitely within the universal flow of consciousness? They would not be able to be in the bullpen for longer than 3 months. I was also told that the bullpen was not created to be able to hold nor withstand that many mortal souls at once. To create a new space would also take too much time and energy and would not be ready in time should the world as we know it cease to exist. If this Earth dies, Equalizer souls and old mortal souls who have evolved enough to dwell within the UFC freely will be fine, but MANY mortal souls would be completely lost- and THIS is what we are trying to avoid.

Souls can ONLY freely inhabit the spaces that are on their levels frequency wise. Many mortal souls have not ascended high enough yet to freely dwell in the UFC. If this earth died or became uninhabitable for us, mortal souls would gravely suffer. Mortal souls that have not evolved enough would end up in the limbo realm after processing, also known here as purgatory. Yet this realm is inhabited by all kinds of things, including lower resonating entities who feed off of the lower resonating emotions and energies of the souls trapped there. The souls usually trapped here are the ones who either missed the opportunity, ran from, or refused to cross over for processing when they died. Souls who die with anger, guilt, shame, fear, or doubt are usually ones who end up here. They are also especially likely to be targeted by the demons who come in and out of this realm. The demons will feed on these souls, which just serves to further darken the soul being fed from. While the mortal souls who end up here would be processed in case of earth dying, they would be entrapped in this realm for a VERY long time until another system is available. Being here for that long would be detrimental to many of the mortal souls and many of them would be lost while they waited. Many of them would turn.

When a soul has been in limbo long enough, it begins to darken, first turning gray before it becomes black. For reference, it took my best friend being in this limbo space about 5-6 years before she began to turn gray, and I had to rescue her out of this space for processing. Once a soul has become blackened, it is now considered a ghoul, a shadow person. Shadow person is the first stage of development towards becoming a demon. Once a soul becomes a demon, it is lost forever. There is no way to get that soul back or anything tied to that soul. Not the memories. Not the lifetimes. Not the work done. The soul would have to be “killed” and transmuted into pure light energy that is sent back to source. The soul as we know it though, as an entity or person, would be lost forever. There is no way to get that back once a soul turns into a demon. There is only death and reabsorption into source. That energy would then get recycled together with other energies and used for various other things.  

Mortal souls are a creation of what we know as Gaia. This is the physical manifestation of the divine feminine aspect of God. Gaia very much embodies this motherly energy and mortal souls are one of her greatest creations. The love that she has for the souls that she has created runs deep as fuck. This is why Gaia has been shifting into higher frequencies, because she is trying to awaken as many as she can. She does not want to lose her children, she does not want us to all perish. She has been trying to save us from this fate and so since 2011 she has been shifting in frequency so that all who dwell upon her also shift in frequency. God does not want all of these souls to end up lost forever which is why Equalizer souls have been sent here in these large numbers. Equalizers have been sent to help facilitate the shifts that are happening. They were sent to help the mortal souls with their shifts. They were sent to help with the shifts that will happen.

One thing is for sure, many of us have been sent on mission and the mission and “war” is over the fate of mortal souls. If technology continues to grow at the current rate, the world WILL be destroyed as it has already been in previous systems. Many of the inhabitants of this planet have long forgotten their connection with Gaia. Many are lost and have no idea what is coming because they choose not to connect with her or hear the call. Those who do not heed the call are likely to perish because they will not know where to go to be safe.

Many of you do not remember that we have already been here, we have already lived like this, the elite have already fucked the world up MANY times, across many systems. Mortals continue to make the same mistakes regardless of the system or eon. They always destroy themselves due to ego. They forget themselves. They forget to connect. They think themselves God and want to create outside of themselves. They have destroyed themselves every time they’ve done this. Once they begin to create life outside of a stargate (a female), it is only a matter of time before the world is destroyed. It happens every fucking time, expect this time the world can’t be destroyed. If the world is destroyed, mortal souls will be lost and so many of us have been sent to help. There is a purge coming. One that no one will be able to stop. One that will reset this entire system. There will be many who die during that time. The planet is going to purify itself before they get a chance to destroy her with their egotistical experiments. The only way to be safe now is to turn inwards and connect with Gaia. Those of us meant to survive the purge will know exactly where to go. You will be instructed. LISTEN. Meditate and connect with spirit. There is no other way.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas


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  • This was an AMAZING read as are all of your posts /blogs. Thank you so much. This answers a lot of questions for me thank you !


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