Preparing a Cleansing Spiritual Bath

Hey Soul Fam,

Taking cleansing baths is extremely important for empaths and folks with heightened clairsentience to do- although everyone can benefit from a salt bath or shower. If you are energetically sensitive, then I highly suggest that you do this at LEAST once a week. If you are in environments where there are many people, or you come into contact with many people, then I suggest doing this even more. These baths are important for releasing energies and emotions that do not belong to you. They are also beneficial for the realignment of your energies and chakra system- the most important thing here is your intention.



When preparing a spiritual bath, you can choose to program it any way you like. For instance, you could activate your salts for self-love or prosperity, it doesn’t always have to be about cleansing and banishment. The easiest way to make a bath for a cleansing and banishing though is to use plain Epsom salt. Epsom salt has sulfur in it naturally, which is an excellent banishing agent. If you choose to make a more powerful bath and use herbs, know that you will have to program each of the herbs that you are using. For beginners it is best to stick to one or two herbs. The more you practice activating herbs with your energy, the easier it will become, and eventually you will be able to use more herbs.

What you will need:

  • Epsom salt
  • Herbs of your choosing (optional)

This can be done one of two ways depending on whether you can take a bath or would have to take a shower. You can either put your salt in the bath or in a cup (for a shower). If you are choosing to add additional herbs, then you would activate each of them at this time and add them to the salt.

 This exercise relies heavily on visualization and belief, so believe in yourself and power every time you do this! If you are taking a shower, clean your body first, before you do the salt cleanse. If you are taking a bath, you can choose to shower first. Some people do not like to shower after this kind of bath, but instead allow the baths waters to dry without rinsing off, believing that to shower after will wash away the properties they just gained in the bath. How you choose to do it, is up to you. Remember, do what resonates for YOU, as this is just a guide. Get in the habit of listening to your gut and intuition when it comes to these things because it will never lead you astray.

  1. Before your bath, meditate on your intention which will be banishing low resonating energies. Know that you have the power to program this salt to banish all negative and low resonating energies from your mind, body, and soul (know that the salt serves as a magnet that will attract all the negative energies to it, drawing it into your bath water). At this time take the salt in your hands and tell it what it will be doing, in this case, cleansing all the negativity and low resonating energies from your mind, body, and soul. Feel the energy in your hands grow and glow. You can ask your spirit squad with help with this, or you can just concentrate and visualize what the salt will be doing. Some people even directly speak to the salt when telling it what it will do. Do what resonates with you when it comes to enchanting items.
  2. If you are taking a bath then throw the salt in the water, but if you are showering put the salt in a cup. You can also choose to say a prayer for protection, cast a circle, or choose to call upon your spirit squad. After you do that, get in your bath!
  3. If you are taking a bath, then visualize all the darkness and negativity being drawn out of your body and into your bath. If you are showering, fill your cup up with water and spill it onto yourself from the forehead (6th chakra) down, visualizing all the negativity dropping off of your body. If you are showering visualize the negative energies going down the drain, being washed away. If you are in a bath, you can visualize this when you release the water.
  4. When you are done with your bath or shower, pat yourself dry or air dry. Choose to wear something that will be light and airy. If you are a divine feminine, do not put on pants, choose a flowy, airy dress instead. Some people like to air dry before they get dressed but this is up to you. Ultimately, use your intuition when you do this.


I hope this information has helped you out Soul Fam, until next time!

Sending mucho luz + amor always.


Luna Estrellas

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  • Very informative and clear. Thank you, Goddess Luna.
    Planning on a Spiritual Cleansing Bath tonight ✌️

  • I’ve been experiencing a spiritual flu and I really needed this to assist my body in banishing any negative energy. Thank you so much for the guidance!


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