Misinformation that Exist here from Demons (Daemons)

Hey Soul Family,

For those of you who are new here or don’t know, it’s been about 30 years that I have been studying and researching. Whether or not people realize it, there is a lot of information that exists here, there are a lot of truths, there are a lot of things that will help you connect all of the dots, but there is also a LOT of misinformation. The reason why most people don’t realize this though, is because they have been lied to by decepticon demons. I have realized that most information in this realm is actually partial information. For the real shit, you have to do the chakra work to be connected to the universal flow of consciousness.

I will add more to this blog as I learn more as well.

What exactly is a decepticon demon? My spirit squad calls them Deceptor Demons, but I like Decepticons better. This is an equalizer soul who did not cross over at the time that their vessel died. Instead, they stayed behind and devolved into the strongest type of demon that exists in this world. Their devolution begins with being a ghost, then a shadow person, then once they get strong enough, they devolve into what I call a creeper, then a decepticon. The thing about them though is that they are tricky AF. They will lie their asses off to get what they want, which is to suck you dry of your energy. They do not care to help you as much as they care to help themselves. They also have the ability to mimic high resonating energies and will often do so to get you to believe that they are something that they are not. They love to present themselves as angels, saints, loved ones, ancestors, even God. While they can mimic that frequency, they can NOT steal or mimic the actual energy signature. Our energy signature is equivalent to our spiritual DNA. They can only mimic the high resonance of a beings “outer shell” known as the aura. These beings are called false light and are actually empty shells of that light. When you go beyond that aura, you can see them for who they really are. This is one of the main reasons that I train others to read energy signatures. If you can actually see beyond their aura, you will never be lied to or led astray.

Now in this world we have a LOT of misconceptions, lessons, and knowledge brought to us by way of decepticon demons. You may think that decepticons are always outright evil with what they do but they aren’t. They have learned that they can attach and continue to attack someone MUCH longer if they play the right part. This is why many of them mimic higher resonating beings, because if people knew who they actually were, they wouldn’t work with them. They are smarter than people think them to be and the longer they have been trapped here, the more they know this. Their survival in that state depends on the fact that they are never found out. They are more likely to try to befriend someone over dropping their frequency into death frequency and attacking outright.

Things such as the following:

  • Mirrors being portals (they are NOT), what CAN open a portal is a candle and the light of a candle. Conversely, a big part of the reason why there is so much fear around mirrors is because (especially for equalizers) people can see who they are and have been across time and space when they gaze at themselves in a mirror. Also, mirrors are reflective and mainly used to bounce things back and reflect it back to someone who may have sent you negative energies. They can NOT trap a soul because its very nature is to REFLECT. This is common sense.
  • You should cast circle when doing “magick”. This is also FALSE, because God, your spirit squad, and ancestors do NOT need you to open a door. They are with you always and can even telepathically speak to you and can hear you. God is everywhere. They do not need you to open a door. On the other hand, demons live in the 2nd and 1st dimensions where the air is so dense and thick you can’t see in front of you. They need the candle and a door open to be able to slip through. A candle sparks the light that guides them to you and opening a door can be disastrous. It actually doesn’t even make logical fucking sense as to why you would have to do this. This information was given to pagans and wiccans who carry this knowledge til this day. What you should do instead is to aurically shield yourself and space. With auric shielding you visualize while invoking the protection of your spirit squad and God. This is not the same as opening a door. This is placing yourself in your bubbles. 
  • How to meditate and the meditative practices used to gain more power. Many people get this one wrong because the western world has convinced you of some bullshit, yet a demon is behind it. Meditation is the foundation of all spirituality, yet some people fear it is a doorway to demons. Its not, it is a doorway to your highest self and God. Also, there is information that exists in this world that is actually partial information. This information was fed to people by decepticons and what’s funny is that when I see this information I can immediately pull out the truth. Yet the information is impartial and will not totally advance someone if they were to use those techniques.
  • The actual locations of your main 7 chakra gateways. This misinformation has been given to people by demons who were just being mischievous and chaotic. People stupidly believed them and now this information exists everywhere, from books to posters that all tell you the WRONG location points. Concentrating on the wrong points will automatically put you in misalignment, which is what they want.
  • There are “saints” that people pray to that are actually demons. This is interesting because many of these saints are actually what we would call ascended masters. In some religions they are even tied to Gods, which is even funnier to me. Did you know that beings within the etheric realms do not want or need NOTHING. Why the fuck would God or even an ascended master ask you for something when they do not even have earthly desires. In fact, the only people that MAY ask you for things are ancestors or people who died within like the last 20 years. I am being told that past that mark, souls settle and no longer want or need anything. Some souls get there quicker but they are capping it at 20 years max. Do you know who wants to make bargains with you? The devil. Well, really these decepticon demons. Again, they have the power to mimic higher frequencies, so people think they are working with higher resonating beings, but they are really consorting with demons.
  • Speaking of offerings, God has never wanted or needed for earthly items. People leave these things because demons have convinced them that it is necessary, yet it is not. Many people who go to God are like guilty parents who buy their children everything in hopes to placate their guilt. They attempt to buy love because they feel bad that they never give them time or energy. In many ways people in this realm are both parents and children. They act like guilty parents, yet they also act like whiney children who pout and throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want. When God wants an offering, it is often YOU that must be sacrificed. This sacrifice is symbolic AF because in order to get closer to what you want and have asked for, the old you must be put to death. This is all about death and rebirth- dying many times within a lifetime to be reborn closer to your most true authentic self. THIS is the sacrifice that God wants. How can you be your highest or most authentic self if you are not willing to sacrifice who you are now to be who you are meant to be? This is the sacrifice they speak of. It isn’t anything outside of yourself. It is you. It has always been you and it will always be YOU.
  • ALL known religions within our current society were created by or influenced by decepticons. I’m being told this as well as every sect (offshoots, factions, branches) of main religions were actually created because their leaders were led by decepticons. There are many parts of their “bibles” that were inspired by the decepticons that were talking to that person. Due to the decepticons frequency they thought they were talking to angels or God, yet they were talking to a demon. There are MANY clergy members, priests, deacons, etc that actually talk to demons, and they have no idea. The truth can be found amongst the indigenous practices of the world. They worship the divine feminine aspect of God incarnate and take care of her because this earth is the physical body of God. They also have taken the Goddess out of all religions and her actual presence as this earth. Even in Hinduism, the divine feminine is seen as subservient to the divine masculine. In all actuality, the divine masculine lives within the universal flow of conscious while as the divine feminine aspect of God is the earth itself. They are in absolute and perfect balance. This is also the concept of as above, so below. God is everywhere. 
  • Furthermore, there are many polytheism religions that would make you believe that there are multiple Gods or Goddesses, which is not true. God is God is God is God. ALL forms of God that will come to you in this world have the exact same energy signature- that of Goddess (shakti), and she comes as women, men, and children- she comes as young or as old. Yet in whatever form she comes, her energy signature is always the same and it is always Goddess. The truth is that God has worn many faces throughout time and space, yet their energy always remains the same. The divine masculine side of God is definitely our sky daddy and he spends most of his time in the “sky” or celestial realm, whereas the divine feminine exist as this earth. That being said, the closest you will ever get to touching God is when you swim in her oceans, lay in her grasses, or hike through the forests.
  • People believe that there is a hell due to decepticons. In all actuality, there is no hell. There is no dimension within any of the realms that even resembles hell. The hell that people think of (especially biblical hell) exist on earth itself. In these places on earth, people live out their karmic retribution. If you have ever wondered why God allows these places to exist, this is the reason why. People must live out the karmic retribution that they agreed to. God doesn’t sentence you; you do due to the weight of the guilt within your heart. In ancient Egyptian religions it is said that when you die, you must weigh your heart against the feather of Ma’at. That is where this comes from. The truth is that there is no feather but when a soul is processed, the weight of the guilt in their heart will determine the karma they choose for themselves.
  • There are NO demon kings within this current realm. In fact, there hasn’t been an uprising in the lower realms since the FIRST round of 12 systems. We are currently in round 8, which means that 12 systems have existed for 8 rounds. In the first system when God was just figuring things out, the lower realms were not the same as they are now. They made the lower realms dense AF for a reason and that is so souls stuck in limbo (2D or further in the 1D) could not even see before them. At one point there was an uprising and equalizer souls were sent into the lower realms to essentially clean up shop. This hasn’t happened in a VERY long time though and God has been since changed this to prevent any uprisings from decepticon demons. In our current world, it is quite impossible for them to rise to these levels of power. Decepticons would much rather parade around as something more higher resonating now to stay in this realm longer. They have learned that this is the easiest way to siphon energy.
  • That being said, the known name of daemons are all actually decepticon demons. Everyone from Lucifer, Lilith, Asmodeus, Paimon, Baal, Purson, and every one of the 72 Daemons (demons) are actually ancient decepticon demons who have been stuck here for quite some time. Many of them pretend to help people but they only want to siphon enough energy to root themselves into this realm so that they do not get sucked back into the 1D where they naturally now resonate. Personally, I was born into this realm to send all of these bitches home for processing. If you EVER encounter one of these, call upon God to cross them over, but be mindful that many of them are tricksters and they may evade you or try to scare you so that you stop.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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