Meditation: Grounding Exercise

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So many people ask me about grounding, so I made it super quick and easy to access this information. You should practice all of your beginner's meditations though. For the FULL list of beginners meditations, you should check out my other blog which can be found here:

Meditation for Beginners

For this meditation you will need to know where your root chakra is located. It is located in the perineum area of your body, which is the space between your vulva/testes and anus (also referred to as the taint). Focus on this area when you do your visualizations as the roots will grow from here. 

Foundational Grounding Meditation:

Begin by finding a calm space where you can begin relaxing your entire body. You can choose to be sitting, standing, or laying down when you do this meditation. Next, choose the breathing pattern that you will hold during your meditation session. I prefer my beginners to start at a count of 636 but if this strains you in ANY way, please try 525. Begin your foundational power breathing, and after a few minutes you should be relaxed enough to begin your visualizations practice. This will be the first real visualization practice you do that creates an extension from your body. This will be useful when doing chakra work and its imperative to master these visualization techniques before moving onto that.


  1. Begin with your foundational breathing and the counting of your breathes. Do this for a few minutes so that you can calm yourself and bring yourself into a relaxed state. Once you've slowed your breathe down enough, you can begin your grounding visualization.
  2. When doing this, you're going to imagine thick and strong roots of a tree growing out of your base chakra (located at the bottom of the spine) or the bottoms of your feet (depending on whether you're laying down or sitting in lotus pose OR you're standing or sitting on a chair). You're going to visualize that these roots extend from you (and your root chakra) into the Earth and dig it's way deep- entangling itself to the Earth and anchoring you to it.
  3. Once you feel yourself connected and anchored to the Earth you've completed grounding.


NOTES: This is a foundational exercise and once you master this aspect of grounding, you can do many things. You can visualize that all the extra activation energy in you gets sent through the roots and into the earth. You can take in light energy from the earth reversing that technique as well where you would envision light energy from the earth coming up into you through those roots. In the more advanced techniques, you would transmute your negative energy before grounding it, but let us not get ahead of ourselves. NEVER send your negative energy into the Earth, she has enough negativity being sent in her direction. There are other ways of cleansing yourself of negativity with the sun. Grounding is NOT a cleansing technique, regardless of what you have read elsewhere. The ONLY time you should send energy into the Earth is when you are receiving downloads and activations and the energies are resonating too high for your body, making you feel overwhelmed, disconnected, or dizzy. Grounding yourself helps with feeling more centered, especially during activation times. DO NOT send Gaia none of your negative energy, she has enough negative energy to deal with and if you could actually feel her, you would know better than to send her negative energy. Use the sun to cleanse yourself instead. Grounding is used to bring you back down to Earth after activations and back to center.

Here are some illustrations for your visualization. 


Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas


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