Meditation: Auric Shielding of Self + Space

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So many people ask me about auric shielding, so I made it super quick and easy to access this information. For the FULL list of beginners meditations, you should check out my other blog which can be found here:

Meditation for Beginners

You should practice ALL these meditations, but auric shielding in particular is the most important one to master. This one will ensure that you are protected and energetically locked down. Do this daily 6-12 times a day. 

Auric Shielding Meditation:

This meditation is excellent for beginners as it helps to give one a feel for energy. This meditation also strengthens the aura when done regularly. I HIGHLY suggest that if you are empathic or clairsentient that you do this exercise every day, especially before bed at night as it will keep you protected from low resonating entities.

  1. Breath in and out slowly like you would with foundational breathing. Once you have calmed and relaxed your body, you can proceed to your visualization.
  2. Begin by visualizing your aura, bright and powerful, radiating around you. Think of Glinda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz. Imagine yourself in a bubble!
  3. This bubble is a fortress! It is strong and built upon several layers of light. Breathe in and feel its strength. Exhale and imagine it expand and get stronger.
  4. Begin imagining light around you, first golden light shining brilliantly like sun. This is the light of power, strength, and the light of the creator. Then imagine yourself in a bubble of silver light, which is the MOST important as it makes your light invisible through the realms. Then imagine yourself in a bubble of white light, the light of protection.
  5. Repeat this several times, each time visualizing the energy becoming brighter and stronger.
  6. Say your protection prayer. This prayer is very personal to YOU. It is something that you should write out for yourself and affirm on a daily basis. How you choose to pray or what you say is up to you, the only thing that you MUST say is something to the effect of: “I command that no low resonating energies are allowed to pass through or within my light.” Other than that, you can choose to commune with whomever you wish- guides, angels, ancestors but be mindful to call ONLY the ancestors who resonate within your highest good!

NOTES: This is the shit you NEED whenever you feel as though you are under psychic attack. If you ever wake up between 3am-4am with anxiety, do this visualization (imagine yourself in a silver bubble) immediately to cut off your light from the entities trying to attack you. This is also helpful whenever you need to cut your energy off from someone who’s giving you anxiety. Or if you’ve entered a place with low energy, you can protect yourself with this. To keep yourself and inner light protected at all times, please get in the habit of doing this practice! SO many issues occur due to a weak ass aura! This is probably the MOST important exercise that I can teach you and it is the one that I am a stickler about the most. It is extremely important to both protect your aura and strengthen it. A strong aura does not get psychically attacked only weak ones do. The stronger your aura, the less shit you deal with. Make your aura a fucking fortress!

When choosing to work with various colors for your aura, visualize the color becoming more and more powerful and vibrant. You will notice each color has a different feel to it. Colors can be used to attract according to their nature. Choose whatever other colors resonate with you! You can google aura colors or colors in magick, and to get a feel for what the different colors mean and how you can incorporate them in your auric protection.

Here is an illustration for your visualization. 



Auric Protection of Space:

Not only can you protect your aura and fortify it with the auric protection meditation, but you can also do this to your sacred space or home. You can do this to any space that you would like to turn into a sacred space as well. I highly recommend that you do this to your home, or at least your bedroom. It will help to raise the frequency of that space, while keeping you protected while you sleep. I recommend that you get in the habit of doing auric protection of your space whenever you meditate at home and are doing auric protection. There are two methods that you can use to achieve this. The first method builds upon the expanding aura exercise, but the other consist of you mentally drawing a circle around your space in a clockwise position. You can do which ever one resonates most with you. The visualizations are a bit different though so I will explain further how it is done. With both methods though, you would start with auric shielding of your aura first and build from there.

  1. Once you have finished your auric shielding, you can choose which method resonates with you and go from there. If you are choosing to expand your aura, then you would move onto the expansion exercise and begin expanding.
  2. If you are going with the circle visualization, you’re going to want to do a different visualization. In this visualization, you will choose a “starting place”. I like to imagine light coming from my pointer finger as I visualize the drawing of my mental circle. I go around once in gold, then silver, then white lights.
  3. As you are expanding or mentally drawing your circle, you should be saying the same protection prayer that you say when you are aurically protecting yourself.

Note: While some people like to expand their aura when doing this exercise and I think it’s great if you’re basically trying to make a place that isn’t your home a sacred space- like your workplace, I don’t like this method for protecting one’s home. When it comes to your home, I believe that it should have its own aura that you have created and fortified. The more you fortify your space, the stronger it becomes energetically, and low resonating energies won’t be able to stay in that space for too long. This is true of both spirit and actual people. Spirits are far easier to banish from your space than an actual person, but if the person resonates low, they can become visibly uncomfortable sitting in your space. At this point, a low resonating person can’t sit in my space for longer than an hour before they have to leave. They can’t stand my space, because it resonates too highly, and it makes them sick. They either feel it in their stomachs, or they feel anxiety from the higher vibrations hitting their physical body, either way they always feel like they need to get the fuck up out of my space and so they do. Every time. It never fails. The stronger the aura of your space, the more it can’t be invaded by low resonating energies. Think of your space as an extension of you. The same way you protect yourself, you also want to protect your space. If you are highly sensitive this is especially important to combat negative spirits from crossing your threshold.


Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

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