Major Arcana Tarot Cheat Sheet

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Many people are now turning to divination tools as they awaken. Beginners tend to gravitate towards pendulums, runes, and tarot cards. For those of you interested in tarot, there are SO many awesome resources and books for tarot reading.

Some of these books are the following:

The Tarot Bible by Sarah Bartlett

The New Tarot Handbook by Rachel Pollack

The Language of Tarot by Jeannie Reed

For those of you who are already playing with tarot, here is a cheat sheet I have created for the Major Arcana cards! Enjoy!

0: The Fool: (Uranus/Aries): freedom, risk, immature, spontaneous, reckless, acting on instinct over thought, impulsive, infatuation, blind to the truth, childlike, pure + innocent, the eternal optimist, ready to leap into anything, going on a personal quest, impulsively going into the unknown. Reversed: caution, maturity, anxiety, needing to plan before action, can be losing touch with instincts, overly cautious.

1: The Magician: (Mercury/Virgo-Gemini): creativity, magic, active principle, consciousness, light, transformation, masculine energy in its best sense, magic being present, a positive new beginning, project or phase, will aligned with higher purpose, initiative, persuasion, action, ability to manifest, realizing your potential, knowledge is the key to success but don’t think you know it all, focusing on a goal. Reversed: blocked energy which can result in you feeling weak, a misuse of power, you may need to realign with what is pure and true, there may be something you need to do or a decision to make, you may have doubts.

2: The High Priestess: (Moon/Pisces-Cancer): secrets, hidden feelings, intuition, the healer, wisdom, stillness, being with yourself, sensing mysteries + truths that don’t need to be explained, sometimes a style of leadership that helps others find their own way rather than directing them, feminine power, silence, potential, the unconscious, hidden motives, mysterious influences, developing talents. Reversed: the need to get involved in outer activities or be with people, communication, sharing ideas + knowledge, there may be a need to express passion + take a stand or commit to something, for some it may indicate pressure from others.

3: The Empress: (Venus/Taurus): passion, love, motherhood, abundance, emotion, love of life + nature, may indicate your mother or you as a mother, sometimes pregnancy, satisfaction, pleasure, sensuality, action, development, feminine vitality, creativity, compassion, nurturing, feeling good, focusing on beauty + art, in harmony with the natural world, extravagant, luxurious living, sexual awareness. Reversed: thoughtfulness, caution, the intellect rather than the senses, problems with a harsh or domineering mother, possible infertility.

4: The Emperor: (Aries): rules, structure, fatherhood, society, authority, responsibility, sticking to the rules, government, boss, someone in power, your father or as a father, taking charge of your life or defending something important, power, leadership, the power of reason, insensitive to others + their feelings and passions, assertive + structured thinking, orderly chaos, establishing laws or family values, taking control of a situation. Reversed: immaturity, freedom from responsibility, gentleness, a loving parent especially a kind or benevolent father, alternatively with one or more reversed kings a misuse of authority.

5: The Hierophant: (Taurus): tradition, conforming, spiritual blessings, spiritual teachings + laws, education in general, following a path laid out by social roles or family expectations, possibly a marriage, holding back, respect, traditional rules + ceremony, fitting in with the status quo, accepting discipline, peer pressure, studying higher values, sharing a belief system, knowing how to act, a mentor or teacher. Reversed: non-conforming, rebellion, making your own way, original thinking but also gullibility, possibly a cult.

6: The Lovers: (Gemini): love, a deep relationship, a choice to be made, choice, desire, good partnership in business or creative work, the rational + the emotional journey, completeness, temptation, commitment, the power of love + how we deal with it, your definition of love, seeking wholeness, being true to your own values, sexual harmony, made in heaven relationship, romantic desire, feeling drawn to one another, wanting union, knowing what is right/wrong for you. Reversed: not a time for relationships, especially if with the hermit or high priestess, difficulties in a marriage or relationship, conflicts between emotions + ideas or values.

7: The Chariot: (Cancer): strong will, success in the world, power, achievement + respect of others, showing calm exterior while keeping feelings inside, travel or maybe a new car, diligence, honesty, perseverance, control over feelings + thoughts, being pulled in 2 directions, learning to stick to the right path, sexual prowess, determined to win at all costs, wanting victory, high adventure + taking risks, being in the drivers seat, mental + physical journeys. Reversed: weak will, delays or setbacks, difficulty holding it together, contradictions, allowing your true feelings to slow, freedom of leaving something behind, a canceled trip, car troubles.

8: Strength: (Leo): personal strength, transforming negativity, emotional openness, overcoming destructive impulses, the ability to do something difficult with grace + courage, a person who loves animals, self-awareness, compassion, facing reality, taking control of your life, learning to take responsibility for your actions, ability to forgive imperfection, being tolerant of others faults, awareness of instinctive response. Reversed: weakness, doubt, destructive desires being hard to contain, knowing your limits.

9: The Hermit: (Virgo): being alone, wisdom, guidance, maturity, discovering self-truths, time to look inward, possibly a spiritual guide or mentor, discrimination, discretion, detachment, knowledge is a burden, fear of revealing a secret, needing the truth at all cost, self-searching questions, withdrawal from relationships. Reversed: a time to be with people, to involve yourself in society after a period of isolation, possibly immaturity.

10: The Wheel of Fortune: (Jupiter/Scorp-Aqua-Leo-Taurus): luck, fate, karma, traditionally a turn for the better, things hidden that will be revealed in time, taking a risk especially if with the fool, destiny, there is no certainty in life except uncertainty, each moment is a new beginning, the only constant is change itself, synchronicity + coincidence, seeing patterns + cycles repeating in life, feeling you’re being swept with the tide, taking advantage of chance, opportunity knocking, unpredictable events. Reversed: a change we cant predict or control but possibly of less consequence than thought, looking behind events for a meaning, possibly a gambling problem.

11: Justice: (Libra): truth, self-honesty, a just welcome, self-examination, balancing different issues in your life, a moral choice, a just outcome in a legal case, fairness, harmony, equality, cause + effect, objective thinking restores balance, interaction + communication are essential, accepting the truth, taking responsibility for your choices, making decisions, looking at both sides of an argument, sexual equality. Reversed: unwilling to look at self or part played in a situation honestly, possibly an unjust or unfair situation, unjust outcome in a legal case.

12: The Hanged Man: (Neptune/Pisces): attachment to deep values, suspension, seeing things differently than those around you, joy or revelation, alternatively being stuck or a sacrifice, transition, readjustment, limbo, paradox, sacrifice may be necessary, bored with life, anticipation of progress, stagnant relationship, changing priorities, relinquishing control, taking a step back to move forward. Reversed: overly influenced by social expectations or others’ opinions about you, possibly untying yourself from a situation + being ready to move on.

13: Death: (Scorpio): change, something that needs an end or the end of something, the need to release without fear or regret, new beginnings + endings, transformation, the end of an old cycle + beginning of a new one, letting go of the past, a parting of ways, accepting the inevitable, accepting change. Reversed: fear of change, rigidity, stagnation, sometimes fear of actual death, but doesn’t mean a person will die soon.

14: Temperance: (Sagittarius): calm, balanced, sober, moderation, sense of inner balance, committing to a new life, creative problem solving, self-control, compromise, virtue, the blending of ideas, harmony + understanding, alchemical process, recognizing cooperation, healing energy. Reversed: self-indulgent, losing control, excessive behaviors or going to extremes which isn’t always a bad thing, with other cards like the 9 of cups or devil it may be an addiction.

15: The Devil: (Capricorn): bondage, toxic relationships, low desires or beliefs, sexual life energy, oppression, addictive behaviors, bad relationships, illusions, mistakes, living a lie, materialism, temptation, ignorance in relationships, thirst for money or power, unconscious reactions + childlike responses, being obsessed, relinquishing control, chained to addictive patterns of behavior, manipulation of others, negative thinking, limited perception, more lightly- wild times, rebellion, sexual adventure. Reversed: steps towards liberation, recognizing free choice, seeing through illusions, being serious + responsible especially in a relationship.

16: The Tower: (Mars/Aries-Scorpio): dramatic upheaval, release, revelation- whether spiritual or a shocking discovery, an explosive situation, sometimes extreme conditions + possibly violence, liberation, the end of a long standing problem, external disruption, unexpected events, breakdown of the old for the new, acceptance that no defense is secure, learn to adapt + adjust quickly, suddenly seeing the truth of the matter, having a change in fortune, unexpected challenges, chaos all around you. Reversed: the same to a lesser degree, situations are not as extreme or people hold in their reactions, there may not be a sense of liberation + release.

17: The Star: (Aquarius): hope, miracles coming, openness, calm after a crisis, peace, healing + regeneration, being a star, letting others see the real you, sensuality, physical confidence, inspiration, ideal love, truth revealed, realization of a dream, insight + self-belief are essential for happiness, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, knowing you are going to be successful, freely giving of yourself in love, idealization of a person or goal, visionary progress, new trust in a relationship, guidance. Reversed: doubt, pessimism, possibly false hope, shyness, sometimes a genuine need to hide something about yourself at least in a particular situation.

18: The Moon: (Moon/Pisces-Cancer): deep instinct, intuition, lunacy, mystery, imagination, strange + possibly disturbing energy, psychic abilities, strong dreams, stories, creativity, alignment with nature, fears, self-deceit, illusions, tricky love affair, blind to the truth, unrealistic dreams, feeling confused, feeling worried + apprehensive, losing touch with reality. Reversed: waning, on the way out, not knowing how to handle emotions, mood swings or depression, if with the sun or other lunar or solar cards like ace of wands things will get simpler.

19: The Sun: (Sun/Leo): communication, sharing, clarity, freedom, openness, joy, simplicity, clear thinking, the rational mind, good health, brightness, positive energies, creativity, growth, accomplishment in love, new friendship, feeling enlightened, positive accomplishment, believing in yourself, self-confidence, being center of attention, shining in spotlight. Reversed: the same to a lesser degree like happiness may be mixed with sadness or an issue becomes less clear.

20: Judgment: (Pluto/Scorpio): great changes, restored relationship, family or group happiness, a fresh start, renewal especially of a relationship that had seemed dead, outer realization of great change that’s happened internally, liberation, judgment, inner calling, transformation, accounting for past actions, reevaluation and revival, dropping old values + embracing new ones, accepting things for what they are, there is no one to blame not even yourself. Reversed: fear or doubt that holds a person back from accepting change or opportunity, the trumpet sounds but we don’t trust it.

21: The World: (Saturn/Aquarius-Capricorn): completion, fulfillment, freedom, cosmic love, freedom from fears, reward for hard work + effort, time for celebration of self + others, feeling the world is your oyster, traveling physically + mentally, accomplishing what you set to achieve, discovering a solution, feeling at one with yourself + the universe, success, understanding, breakthrough + powerful understanding, sometimes indicates recognition of the outer world. Reversed: stagnation or delays rather than failure, possibly life or situation becoming more structured or stable, less susceptible to sudden changes.


Hope this was helpful for those of you interested in tarot! Maybe I'll do the Minor Arcana next? We'll see, there's over 50 cards and it might take a long while to finish with everything I have going on. If you guys enjoyed this cheat sheet and want me to make one for the Minor Arcana, let me know! Comment or send me an email! As always sending you all mucho luz + amor!


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