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Last week during Thankful Thursday we discussed the Law of Attraction, vision boards, and goal planning. In keeping with the theme, this week we discussed Affirmations and Life Mapping using various tools. Here, we will be going over various tools and tests that you can take that will give you a better picture as to who you are fundamentally. The psychological tests that we’ll be going over are excellent sources, but only if you are explicitly honest when you are answering the questions. Psychological tests often rely on your absolute honestly so that the results are the most accurate to the individual. So, if you’re ready to learn a little more about yourself and what makes you, you, then read on!

So for those of you who have never been into astrology, you may be surprised to know that we have multiple charts depending on which system you're using. Here we'll be going over Natal and Vedic (also known as Sidereal) charts. Both of these charts are astrological, but they are on different systems and you will often find that you are a completely different sign in this system. Personally, when I change the system to Vedic my Pisces stellium turns into an Aquarius one. It is important in the grand scheme of things to learn about all these things, as well as where the asteroids were. The main thing that you will need for this is your time and place of birth. This will calculate precisely where the entire fucking galaxy was above you at your exact date, time, and location of your birth. Knowing these aspects will give you the most accurate Natal and Vedic charts. Numerology on the other hand relies on your date of birth and name at birth to give you a numeric breakdown of who you are. Those of you wanting to get more into numerology, google is a great source.

For Natal chart with Asteroid placements and houses:


For world map charts (astrology for location) and more in-depth asteroid placements once you become a more season astrologer check out:


For the Natal, Vedic, and Numerology charts for beginners:

This site is fucking great when it comes to explaining all of these aspects to beginners. Those of you who may be interested in learning more about astrology on a deeper level though can look at some book to help dissect and break down your chart even further. These books are awesome reference books and can help you gain a better understanding of your chart!

“Inside Degrees”, “Inside Planets”, and “Inside Star Vision” all by Ellias Lonsdale

“Predictive Astrology” by Bernadette Brady


You should also look into your human design chart. You can do this by going to:

Once you find out what your chart is looking like, then you can use this site to help break it down for you:

Those of you interested in learning more about psychology, but don’t want to actually take a class can pick up a copy of “The Psychology Book” by Catherine Collin is a great place to start.

Those of you interested in psychology will find that this book is a great resource and reference book that’s been written in a digestible way without all the psychology jargon. About psychology though, while some may not realize, it is a huge aspect of our spiritual journey. Carl Jung, one of my favorite psychologists pretty much became a fucking shaman and wrote all about shadow work. Yet, my other favorite psychologist, Maslow spoke about the hierarchy of needs and self-actualization. In my opinion, self-actualization goes hand in hand with spiritual ascension, if not it being one in the same in some aspects.

Where does this journey start though? Let’s start with your personality. Did you know that there are according to the Briggs-Meyer scale, 16 different personality types? Each type runs on a scale of how turbulent or assertive they are within their type. The more turbulent, the more shaky you are within your personality so to speak. The goal is to become more assertive in who you are! To check this though you will need to be completely honest with your answers. The more honest you are, the more accurate your results.

Check out your type here and read up on the various personality types.

To check your levels of depression or anxiety:

To check out your attachment style, go here:

These tests were made to check your biases of 15 various topics:

To check your levels of moral development:

This link speaks upon the four stages of development which we’ll be discussing at lengths soon:

I hope these tips help you out Soul Fam, until next week! Sending mucho luz + amor always.


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