Gratitude Journal Prompts

Hey Soul Fam!

When it comes to manifesting and doing spiritual work, unconditional love is the key. This is the key that you will need to get into MANY doors in spirituality, but what can you do when you haven’t reached this frequency yet? Practice gratitude! Gratitude for many of us is where we will begin on our journey through higher emotions and higher frequencies. If you’re having a hard time with embodying these emotions and frequencies, use these journal prompts to get you started in the right direction. There are 36 journal prompts on this list. You can choose to do as many or as little as you would like. Work your way through these prompts, taking your time, and allowing yourself to really think about the questions and how you feel before you answer. Be patient with yourself. The premise of this exercise is to shift your perspective into one of gratitude.

  1. What am I currently grateful for in my life?
  2. What is an accomplishment I have made in the last year that I am proud of? How does this make me feel about myself?
  3. Name a difficult situation I was in that ended up a hidden blessing. How did this situation make you feel while you were experiencing it? How do you feel now?
  4. What is the biggest gift in your life right now?
  5. What is your most favorite guilty pleasure? How does it make you feel?
  6. What is the best gift that you have ever received?
  7. Name a challenge you faced over the last year that you are grateful for.
  8. Name three good things that happened to you this month.
  9. Name someone that you are grateful for that helped shape you today. How did this person help you and how has this affected your life?
  10. Tune into your 5 senses- seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting. Name something that you are grateful for each of your senses.
  11. What book were you grateful to read? What did it teach you?
  12. What songs are you grateful for? How do they make you feel?
  13. Name 5 everyday things or objects that you are grateful for.
  14. What are you grateful for when it comes to where you live? Your city/town or country?
  15. What are you grateful for when it comes to existing during this period of time (2023)?
  16. Name three people you are grateful for outside of your immediate family. Why?
  17. What discovery have you made about yourself in the last year that you are thankful for?
  18. What aspects of nature are you grateful for?
  19. Write down five objects found in nature you're grateful for.
  20. What is your most cherished memory? How does it make you feel?
  21. What do you love the most about life?
  22. What is something that you take for granted?
  23. What family traditions are you grateful for?
  24. How has someone recently helped you? How did that make you feel?
  25. Describe the last time you helped someone. How did that make you feel?
  26. Name one thing you are grateful for regarding each member of your family or household.
  27. What is your favorite gratitude quote? How does it make you feel?
  28. Name one luxury that you enjoy on a weekly or daily basis.
  29. What activities in your day are you grateful for?
  30. Describe something that you are grateful for in the room you’re currently sitting in.
  31. Describe a hobby that you are grateful for because it brings you joy.
  32. Name 10 things you are grateful you learned over the last month.
  33. What are 5 personality traits you have that you’re most grateful for?
  34. What are 5 things about your appearance that you’re most grateful for?
  35. What about your parents are you most grateful for?
  36. What about your upbringing are you most grateful for?


Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

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