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In order for baby empaths to become empowered, they have to put in that work to develop themselves. With our empathic abilities, a big part of development is self-awareness. First of all, if you haven’t begun to look over the list of empathic abilities, and what they are, then start there. Take a moment to look over the list and think about whether or not that gift resonates with you on ANY level. Many of us don’t necessarily think highly of ourselves and many people don’t check off certain abilities thinking they don’t possess them, but they do. Think about what you are reading, and if it resonates with you in ANY way, then it’s probably one of your abilities. Knowing what your abilities are is an important part of this journey.

You can find the list here: Empathic Abilities – Luna Estrellas Botanica (lebotanica.com)

You should also look at the self-awareness meditation here: Shadow Working Tool: Self-Awareness – Luna Estrellas Botanica (lebotanica.com)

Becoming self-aware is extremely important, so practice the self-awareness meditation daily until you have mastered it.

Next, we will discuss emotional awareness because while many of us carry empathic abilities, the most common ability is the Emotional Empath. When people often speak or think about empaths, they are usually thinking about this type. This is the type of empath that has the ability to feel and sense the emotions of others. While this is the most commonly thought of, it is not where our empathic abilities start nor stop. Remember that there are 11 abilities that fall under the empathic umbrella. This is the most commonly carried though, and it is one that absolutely needs to be mastered and developed, but even more so learned how to control. Not having control of this ability often will lead you to internalize and carry the emotions of others. If you’ve read my other empath blogs then you know that this is a defense mechanism, but it can also be detrimental to baby empaths who will tend to carry these emotions as their own. The more emotions you carry, the more it will begin to physically manifest within your body and it will hurt like a motherfucker. That being said, becoming aware of HOW emotions come to you, HOW they HIT your auric field and body, HOW you SENSE them- will become extremely important. It will also be important for you to begin becoming self-aware of these processes as well as YOUR emotions versus the emotions of others.

All baby or underdeveloped empaths have an issue with figuring out how to decipher their emotions from those of others. This is something that must be practiced and them mastered over time, but the common factor here in an increased self-awareness and awareness of your overall environment. Turning inwards and thinking will be something you do often as you master these skills. This is also not something that you will have to do constantly or continuously, because once they become mastered, they become muscle memory. That’s something people rarely speak of, but your processes will change the more you develop. How you do things will change. How you access energies will change. How you process your energies and others’ energies will change. How you release other’s energies will change. The more you grow and develop, the more these processes will become ingrained in your mind, psyche, and soul. At one point, once these things are mastered, they become automatic, and you won’t even be conscious that you are doing it anymore. Which for my emotional empaths mean, you won’t have to actively release the emotions of others anymore. Your mind, body, spirit, and aura will know to release automatically once it has been acknowledged. Yet this is a process that you must be consistent with, and you must master in order for it to become ingrained. That being said, please be patient with yourself during this process.

Awareness and observation become your best friends during this process. Start being mindful of the cues you get when you are sensing someone else’s emotions. Personally, for me it always felt like being washed over by a wave of emotion for most of my life. It felt like a wave of water was hitting me or washing over me. Energetically this would even make me feel slightly tingly, if I remember correctly. I will say that this has evolved and changed though, and that I no longer feel like a wave is hitting me as I become more aware of other’s emotions and the process is more automatic now. Learn what it feels like for you by becoming more observant and aware. For some people it feels like they are just overcome or overwhelmed by emotions that come out of nowhere. Some people have more physical cues like I did though. What does it feel like for you? Do you know when you are being hit with the emotions of others? Does it feel like an energy wave is hitting you or washing over you? Does it feel strange or tingly? Do you feel a heightened sense of energy around you? Become very observant of your body and how it is responding to the energies that it is feeling and being hit with.

Whenever you are feeling emotional AF (especially out of nowhere) start asking yourself the discovery questions so that you can decipher if those emotions are yours or not. These discovery questions were formulated especially to help baby empaths become more self-aware. It is important to take a moment and ask yourself these questions whenever you are feeling emotional or whenever you become emotional out of nowhere.

Ask yourself these 4 question:

  • Why am I feeling this way?
  • What has caused me to feel this way?
  • Did someone or something just trigger me to feel this way?
  • Where did this come from?

STOP + THINK about it. Can you actually answer any of these questions? If you answered no or I don’t know to these question, then those are NOT your emotions. Allow yourself to acknowledge what you are feeling. What do the emotions feel like? Remember that for baby empaths, lower resonating emotions or negative emotions are usually felt the strongest. What does it feel like? Give the emotions a name so that they can be acknowledged- is it anger, sadness, doubt, or fear? Name the emotions and acknowledge that it is not yours, for example, I am feeling fear, but I know that these emotions do not belong to me. Once you have acknowledged the emotions, then say I release all the emotions that don’t belong to me. Get in the habit of doing this every day and becoming observant and self-aware of how you are feeling, and when you feel it. Get in the practice of asking yourself these questions when you feel emotional out of nowhere. Some of you have even formed soul connections and ties with people through your clairsense of Clair-empathy and you can feel people you are deeply tied to, even when they are not around you. For others, your empathic ability of precognition allows you to sense things emotionally before they even happen. These abilities can alert you either ahead of time or in real time of emotions that are affecting others. These soul ties though can bring in the emotions of others constantly and you need to be mindful of this as well. Become observant and self-aware and you will be well on your way to becoming an empowered empath.  

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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