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EVERYONE walking this Earth is intuitive to some degree. The truth is that everyone has some psychic ability, but it might just be trapped under some heavy expectations about what you think a psychic ability should look or feel like. Most people think that having psychic ability is actually bigger than it is, and that is their downfall. Everyone has natural intuitive ability, so it is not a question of whether you have it or not – it’s a question of how open you are to using it.
In this blog, we are going to explore empathic abilities and what that means, as well as the MANY empathic abilities that one could potentially be gifted with. 

Is it rare to be an empath? It IS more rare to be an empath, according to research which estimates that just 1-2% of the population possesses empath abilities. Empaths are highly sensitive people who have the ability to sense energy in physical, emotional, or intuitive ways. You may have traits in more than one category of empaths, and that is normal. After reading the descriptions of each type of empath, you’ll be able to determine which types are dominant in you. There are various types of empaths as well, we will be going over the 11 types so that you can see where your gifts may lie.

Empaths are classically known to be the kind of people who tend to everyone else’s needs before their own, but this does NOT always happen. Being empathic is NOT to be confused with gaining or even possessing empathy. There are plenty of empaths who do not develop empathy and usually become narcissist, who are empaths. Narcissist will often use their empathic abilities to gauge their victims and pick them. They navigate to their victims rather effortlessly because they can literally FEEL who will be receptive to them. DO NOT EVER confuse the words empathy with BEING an empath. Empathy is a feeling you have towards other people, and it is an emotion that is felt. BEING an Empath is a spiritual ability that allows one to tap into emotional frequencies and energies. BIG difference. To be an empath does not mean that one has empathy AT ALL. To be an empath simply means that one has the ability to sense emotional frequencies, but just because you can feel it does not mean that you sympathize or empathize with it. It simply means that you have a heightened sense of feeling energy by way of emotions. What one chooses to do with their abilities are solely up to them. Whether they choose to wield them in darkness or light will be a choice that they have to make. NO ONE can make that choice for anyone else. Understand that NO ONE has the right to overstep their boundaries and impose THEIR will onto anyone else's life (or universe).

Now, those who heal and choose to walk into the light with their abilities usually find that they can be very helpful to the collective. Empaths are usually known as good listeners and people often go to empaths with their problems, like we’re their therapist or bartender. Empaths are good problem-solvers, as well as caring and nurturing individuals. We come with the abilities to feel or read people, places, or situations (depending on your type). Empaths are also very receptive and perceptive to their environment and the energy that surrounds them and due to this, they are more prone to depression and chronic fatigue. I also want to note that for some empaths, life can become extremely overwhelming and some may choose to escape through addictions. This is why auric shielding will become extremely important to implement on a daily basis.

Baby empaths tend to internalize everything around them and bring it into them, which can often manifest in body aches and cramps- especially in the back and neck. The BIGGEST issue that baby empaths face is that at the most basic undeveloped levels, we tend to sense the darkest of emotions the strongest. This is in part to keep us safe from those energies, like a defense mechanism, you can sense when you are around darkness and your physical body will begin to react. The most common symptoms are nausea, getting dizzy, headaches, feeling like your skin is crawling, ANXIETY or panic. If you feel these things, it is your physical body alerting you to the spiritual frequencies around you. It is telling you quite blatantly to RUN away, run far the fuck away from that energy! Before you become more developed, these will often be the emotions and energies you sense the strongest. Now, the problem here lies in the fact that many baby empaths will also internalize those emotions, making them their own. THIS is where the real problems happen. The more you internalize these external emotions, the heavier they will weigh on your spiritual body. The more darkness will manifest within your aura, and then you will end up feeling the pains within your physical body. This is why it is EXTREMELY important to be mindful of your emotions versus the emotions of others, and train yourself to release the emotions that do NOT belong to you. 

Now that we know how to help with empathic development, let us get into these empathic abilities and what they all mean! Keep in mind that there are 11 different types of empathic abilities. People usually believe or assume that the EMOTIONAL empath (number 8), IS solely what an empath is. Yet, this just just not true. The emotional empath IS the MOST common form that people think of when they think of an empath, yet it is only 1 of 11 empathic abilities. Note that many of us are not restricted to only having 1 empathic ability, as many of us carry many at once. They will often vary to degrees depending on how much you choose to develop them down the line.

1. Claircognizant / Intuitive: Being a claircognizant or intuitive empath, you have the ability to just know something through your sense of heightened intuition. You know if and what needs to be done in a situation without any solid evidence or rationale behind what needs to be done. This type of empath has the ability to know whether or not they should do something depending on the context and circumstances. Claircognizant empaths are able to vibe off of the energy field of others and in having that ability, they are able to read people very easily. 
2. Psychometric: The psychometric empath has the ability receive information and energy from objects, photographs, or locations that are significant to a person. Psychometric empaths are also able to form impressions and relate situations or past events with inanimate objects of all kinds. They are able to use the energy from a place or an inanimate object to receive information, emotions, energies, and impressions about it. This type of empath is especially sensitive to historical locations, and old or antique items that have passed through many hands, as they can sense all of the energies that exist within a location or item. 
3. Flora: The tree hugger. This type of empath possesses the ability to communicate with trees and plants, and receive their signals. Flora empaths can sense what plants need and can even communicate with them on a more intimate level. They have the ability to converse in depth with the trees. They are able to use this energy and use it to help trees and plants stay alive, grow and prosper. If trees or plants are in danger, the flora empath is able to hear them and help them.
4. Fauna: The animal whisperer. The fauna empath has the ability to feel and the ability to telepathically communicate with animals. They can send messages to animals as well. Typically, communication is initiated by the empath and rarely by the animals. Yet, there are some animals who openly communicate as a cry for help- and those who can hear these messages may realize that the animal is asking for a change in their life.
5. Geomantic: A geomantic empath has the ability to read signs and get signals from the soil or Earth. This type of empath is especially sensitive to reading and feeling future natural disasters. They have the ability to connect to the Earth itself, and they can feel gravity, matter, the planets vibrations and shifts all beneath their feet. Geomantic empaths can also detect when natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes are going to hit by the earth’s energy signals and changes in that energy.
6. Telepathic: This type of empath is able to read another person’s thoughts and feelings even when they aren’t vocalized or expressed by the person. This type of empath is able to use the five senses to read the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of other people. Telepathic empaths can also take objects into their hands and form impressions on feelings associated with the particular object.
7. Precognitive: The precognitive empath holds the ability to feel a situation or see an event occur prior to it actually happening. This can be seen through dreams, which can extremely emotional and physical for the dreamer. Precognitive empaths may experience a sudden sense of anxiety and nervousness during their day, and their intuition becomes intensified or heightened alerting them to danger. This type of empath usually has heightened sensitivity and their ability is that of premonition.
8. Emotional: These empaths are able to read and feel the emotions of others. While this is a common trait among empaths in general, this type is especially sensitive to feeling and reading others' emotions without others having to explain what they are going through or why they are feeling a certain way.
9. Physical: This type of empath has the ability to feel another person’s pain and symptoms within their own body. This type of empath is also considered the medical empath. Physically receptive empaths are able to feel another’s physical complaints and know the amount of pain or discomfort they are in.
10. Medium: The medium empath is able to communicate, hear, and see various different spirits within all the realms. They are able to communicate with those who are no longer with us as well, and can often tap into someone's spirit squad rather easily.
11. Heyoka empath: The heyoka empath is the most powerful type of empath. Known in Native American culture as the "Sacred Clown," a heyoka tends to be unconventional in their thoughts and actions and act as emotional mirrors for those around them. Their ability to make people question themselves, often by playing devil's advocate, promotes emotional healing in those around them. This is also the most dangerous type of empath if one tends to lean towards narcissism. 

I hope this information has helped you out Soul Fam!
Sending mucho luz + amor always.
Luna Estrellas

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  • Just so crazy how things makes sense after reading this 💯 Thank you Luna 💕

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