Creation of Dinosaurs

Hey Soul Fam!

Dinosaurs. Why haven’t they been able to find the bones of more than 100 of any one dinosaur species? Why is there about 700 types of species? Species that baffle current scientist because these dinosaurs seem to be a cross of various species. See people believe that dinosaurs were created by God, but what if I told you that they were created during this systems 2nd eon. What if I told you that dinosaurs were made in a lab as a result of DNA and genetic coding and splicing. What if I told you that these experiments led to the demise of humans in that eon. What if I told you that the dinosaurs were set free from the lab and began to fuck everything and everyone up.

I lived within that eon as a genetic scientist. My brother and I were within the same field and we worked on many projects together. One of the main projects we worked on began with a noble reason, but it was this work that would evolve into catastrophe. We began the work, the research, the experiments because we were trying to cure all ailments. We were trying to cure all sickness in the world. We achieved this in that lab and used genetics to recode, to splice, to shift things from within. We found a way to remove the code of a sickness so that it was no longer read by the cells.

Once we achieved this though, my brother became extremely ambitious and curious. He wanted to know what else this could do. He was determined to find other ways to use this research and knowledge. At one point, he chose to begin his work in creation. He was a genetic engineer and he found ways to genetically code and splice two or three species. What he created in that lab was what we now know as dinosaurs. His work got the attention of the “powers that be” from that eon. They funded his research. They moved the lab. The new lab was bigger than a football stadium. They encouraged his experiments. While I did not agree with the work he was doing, I stayed on as an assistant.

At one point though, we realized that these beings had no consciousness. I quit because my brother decided he would attempt to create a soul in that lab. I wanted no parts of that, especially because it was dangerous. His experiments were taken over though by the elite when he decided to do this. They ended up killing him and taking over his lab. Eventually they released the dinosaurs from the lab because they were trying to cause peril in society so that they could “fix” it and become the savior. They did this as a way to try to control the world. What they didn’t account for was that these animals answered to no one. They killed with zero discrimination. They did not care who you were. The predatory species tracked and killed many people in this world. Many of you may even have memories from this lifetime and trying to hide or avoid dinos.

I saw the creation of many things in that lab, but we were stupid. We had forgotten that things like this had already been attempted in other systems and eons. We had forgotten what happens to things created this way. We forgot that beings that are created this way are unnatural to this world. We forgot that in order for a being to have consciousness, a soul, that soul MUST pass through a stargate (female). It is the stargates of this realm that are connected to the universal flow of consciousness. This innate connection allows them to play vehicle for another soul. This innate connection allows them to ferry the soul from the universal flow of consciousness and into this earthly realm through their bodies. Any being that is made outside of a stargate is unnatural and will not have a soul. It is the stargate that provides a being, a creation with their soul.

Anything that does not have a soul, does not have consciousness. Anything that does not have consciousness cannot be reasoned with nor controlled. It is the equivalent of an empty vessel. The lights are on, but no one’s home. This is VERY dangerous because empty vessels in this realm tend to become vehicles for demons. God and other being that resonate highly, resonate too high to embody these vessels. If God tried to enter the vessel, it would likely explode. Demons resonate in low enough levels to embody these kinds of vessels and they usually do. In the systems I have existed in where this happened, because creating things in a lab we had NO business creating, has happened more than once. On the occasions this has happened, demons have possessed the vessels and used them as vehicles to cause havoc.

The last time this happened was with the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs have only been created once though and are specific to this current system. The other things created in other systems weren’t dinosaurs. In fact, this is where your memories of the antichrist come from. In another system, humans were cloned, and they made babies in labs. These babies had no fucking souls or consciousness. Demons possessed the bodies and were then able to walk freely in the earthly realm. There was an uprising that did not end well for the humans of that system, and they perished.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

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