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Hey Soul Fam!

This week during Thankful Thursday we discussed gratitude in the workplace and why gratitude itself is so important. We also talked about how one should keep perspective while we are on our healing journey! My spirit squad has been kicking my back in lately when it comes to my frequency levels, thoughts, and emotions. They have been very adamant about telling me that I need to always keep perspective. I was struggling for a few weeks as I worked to get through my shadow work, and I was reminded of GRATITUDE.

I was reminded that my issue with releasing had to do with the fact that I forgot to be grateful. I forgot to be grateful for the fucking lessons. I forgot to be grateful for the experiences- both good and bad. I forgot to be grateful for the memories that had been created. It is so much easier to release shit when you don’t view it in a light of negativity. The thing about gratitude is that it helps you not only keep perspective, but you also keep a positive outlook on your situation. Always ask your spirit squad to specifically help you with keeping perspective while you are doing your shadow work.

The workplace is a stressful environment for many people- having to deal with both work duties and the energy of your co-workers can become extremely draining. Let’s go over the ways we discussed that one can practice gratitude in the workplace.

  1. At the end of the workday, make yourself a list of three things that went right! Even if it was a challenging day, try to find three positives, whatever they may be. Put this in a place at your desk where you’ll see it when you arrive the next day. This will help to remind you to be thankful for small day to day victories.
  2. Give your co-worker a compliment! Start by paying attention so that you can catch your co-workers doing something right. Then, give them a compliment on that shit! The positivity will be reflected back on your mood and productivity.
  3. Meditate for 5 mins! Whenever you feel yourself getting overly stressed, take the moment to stop and breathe deeply. Meditate for a few minutes and count your breathing pattern ( for beginners: inhale for a count of 6, pause for a count of 3, exhale for a count of 6… then repeat) so that you can relax your body. When you are calm, tell yourself 3 things that you are grateful for in your life. This will help you keep perspective when you are frustrated with your environment.
  4. Positive Affirmations! Affirm gratitude for your work. I am grateful for _____. Some examples may include: I am grateful for the ability to work. I am grateful for the ability to provide. I am grateful that I have my dream job and am doing what I love (affirm this even if it isn’t true yet!).

I hope these tips help you out Soul Fam, until next week! Sending mucho luz + amor always.


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