Spirit Notes: the entities of the universe

Hey Soul Fam!

A couple of years ago, I experienced a new level of ascension. This level came with what I can only describe as “demon battle training”. I won’t even go into the details as to what my spirit squad put me through in order to get my clairsentience to its highest potential. Let’s just say that this was the first time in my life seeing, sensing, hearing or really being able to tap into demonic energies. Being highly protected, I have never experienced attacks from any demons. Demons tend to run from me if anything, and no demon nor shadow person has ever tried to even try me. That being said, it wasn’t until I went through battle training that I began to see, hear, and sense all the kinds of beings that actually exist in this universe.

There are creatures or beings that live within their own celestial realms, that under normal circumstances are pretty neutral, yet when summoned into this realm they become very malicious and hostile. There are demons of all kinds, and the kinds of demons that exist depends on that souls evolution. There are many beings within our spirit squad, from guides to guardians. Then there is God which connects with us in many forms and frequencies. For those of you who haven’t checked out my blog get on clairsentience and why that’s the most important sense, you can check it out here: Clairsentience: the MOST important sense – Luna Estrellas Botanica (lebotanica.com) and I highly implore you to do so to get a better understanding. Either way, this blog right here will be dedicated to explaining ALL of the beings I have come across on my spiritual journey and any spiritual notes that I have gathered about them. This will be an ongoing blog that will change with time as I gain new knowledge. I have ranked these entities according to their kill-ability levels so the lower the rank, the less energy it takes me to smoke them, so to speak. The levels indicate how a soul can evolve or what being it can evolve into once it reaches full demon status.

ALL souls, regardless of whether they are a mortal soul or equalizer soul starts off the same way in this process. This process begins once they choose to stay here in this realm, instead of walking into the light upon their death. Souls who miss their opportunity to cross over and get processed unfortunately get stuck here. What happens to souls who get stuck here? Well, that depends on their emotions at death because if they died within lower emotions- sadness, depression, worry, shame, guilt, or grief- the quicker their souls will darken. The higher their emotions at death, the more of a chance their soul will have to be rescued before it begins to darken. Once a soul misses their window to cross over though, they become ghost here in this realm. They will then slip between this realm and limbo until they are rescued and crossed over, if ever. Ghosts are the very first level of a soul left in this realm, after the soul darkens completely though, it evolves into something else and will continue to evolve over time.

Entity Name: Ghost
Entity Type: 2 types of Lost Souls- the ones who know that they are dead or have died and the ones who have no idea that they are dead
Entity Rank: None
Elemental Class: Mortal or Equalizer Soul
What are they? They are the souls of those who have died, yet who did not cross over when their soul was called in for processing. Souls that stay here and do not cross over end up trapped here between this earthly realm and what is known as the limbo realm. 
How do you know you are being attacked or targeted and/or have attracted one to you? Ghosts come in two varieties- the ones who know that they are dead and the ones who have no idea that they have died. Truth be told, the ones who have no idea that they are dead, usually tend to be the ones who have the ability to turn on or off lights, open cabinets, or move things. The fact that they don't know they are dead actually empowers them. The other type is the ones who know that they are dead and are seeking help to cross over.
If a ghost makes itself known to you, it is usually because it needs help being crossed over though. It will only come to those who have the ability to hear, see, or sense them because those people are the ones who would be most likely to be able to help them. If you come across a ghost then, the best thing that you can do is help them. This is as easy as calling upon someone to help you with this work. Depending on the pantheon you follow, you would go to the God or Goddess who is associated with the crossroads, or the dead. If you work with angels, then you would call upon archangel Michael to help with this. When calling upon then, you would be asking them to help with ushering this soul to where it needs to go. 
While I know that this may be scary for some people, I have crossed over many souls and I will say that there are souls that I have helped free that were trapped here for hundreds of years. It has truly broken my heart at times to see what these souls have had to endure and go through as they spent decades and some even centuries waiting for help. Some souls have reached out to many who are gifted, only to be ignored or feared. Ghosts are NOTHING to fear. They are merely lost souls who are trying to get home. If you ever come across a ghost, please do what you can to help it get back home. If you're too scared to do it yourself though, send me an email or message and I'll do it. 
LEVEL 1: SHADOW PEOPLE or GHOULS (ALL souls that don't cross over)
Entity Name: Shadow People or Ghouls
Entity Type: ALL KINDS- Lost Mortals and Equalizer Souls who's souls have turned black and are beginning the process of becoming a demon
Entity Rank: Low-Level Entity
Elemental Class: Earth elemental
Entity Eats: Fear energy
What are they? When a ghost feeds on the lower resonating energies of others, the ghosts' soul begins to blacken. They become addicted to feeding in this energy and will continue to do so until they are finally free.
Souls that died but failed to cross over when the window was open for them to do so may end up devolving into a shadow person. The mortal and equalizer souls who have become lost and have stayed within the earthly (3D) and limbo realms (2D) for far too long because they were never helped with crossing over or got stuck here can potentially all become shadow people. These souls devolve into a different type of being and are no longer considered a ghost- they are now a ghoul.
Their souls have completely blackened, they have devolved into an earth elemental being, and they have shape shifting abilities. They are still bound to the land in which they died though, but only until they become full-fledged demons and break out of their confines. In order to become full-fledged demons though they have to feed on others, and they will primarily consume fear energy. They have the ability to shapeshift as well and will often take a form that will strike the most fear into their target. 
How do you know you are being attacked or targeted and/or have attracted one to you? These assholes are bound to the land in which they have died, and so they cannot be so easily removed (or banished) unless you cross their soul over. They aren't fully demons yet and so there is still a window here to cross them over before they become absolute darkness- leading to their soul becoming irredeemable. Some people do entrap them into spaces but honestly, I would prefer to cross their asses over. 
Now since they are not yet actual demons, it is quite easy for anyone to tell their asses to get the fuck out of here. The thing with these entities is that they can NOT actually attack you UNLESS you fall into the frequency of fear. Once you fall into fear frequency, it is then quite easy for them to siphon your energy. 
These types of beings most commonly attack in the nighttime. If you didn't already know, most dark entities and demons definitely come alive in the nighttime and are nocturnal creatures indeed. The most common way that they attack people is through psychic attacks known here as sleep paralysis. Some people describe the entity sitting on their chest or stomach, not allowing them to speak. Some people say that the entity holds their throat, and they can't scream. Either way, the entity usually strikes first by making itself known to you. Depending on a person's sensitivities and what clairsenses are turned on, the entity will attack accordingly. If you have open clairvoyance, it will appear to be something you are scared of. If you have open clairaudience, you may hear something snarl or bang on things. If you have strong clairsentience, you may feel a wave of anxiety and panic wash over your body as you become alerted to a low resonating being around you. You may smell or taste something that smells or tastes foul. This type of entity will do whatever they can to get you scared and bring you down into fear frequency. DO NOT BE SCARED. You have the power to send it away and tell it to leave you and your home alone. You have the power to tell it to stop fucking with you. If you're brave enough, you even have the power to help this soul cross over and finally get processed. 
Entity Name: Weeping Women, Llorona, Banshee, Wailer, Harpee
Entity Type: Souls of women who evolve into demons 
Entity Rank: Mid-level Entity
Elemental Class: Water elementals
Entity Eats: Fear and Pity energies
What are they? These types have evolved from shadow person into full-fledged demon based upon the emotions that they carried at death that have amplified within them. These types in particular tend to be women who died within certain emotions or frequencies- usually pain, guilt, shame, self-pity, resentment, and anger. Regardless of what form she takes, (because this form is known as different things around the world), one thing is for sure about them ALL- these bitches all wail and/or cry. 
How do you know you are being attacked or targeted and/or have attracted one to you? These forms of demons have evolved to the next stage so they are usually no longer bound to the land in which they have died, yet some of them stick around depending of the circumstances of their death. These bitches tend to knock or scratch at windows or door, and they await for people to let them in. If you ever randomly hear a scratch or knock on your doors or windows and no one is there, DO NOT OPEN THE WINDOW OR THE DOOR. Do not let them in or invite them in. They are not fucking friendly, and they do not need your help. 
They also like to target those who have clairaudience and can hear their cries or wails. These bitches do NOT NEED YOUR HELP. They cannot be helped. Their souls have now become demons and they can no longer be helped or redeemed. They will also not easily be banished once you invite them into your home. This is the kind of entity that you would need a demon slayer for because it will not easily become unattached from someone. Once attached, they will often try to feed upon someone's pity for them. Once they have worn out their welcome and the person, they have attached to no longer pities them, they will begin to scare the shit out of the person and then begin siphoning fear energy. If you ever hear a woman crying outside of your window, tell that bitch to shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of here. Whatever you do though, do not talk to her or engage in a conversation, and do NOT let her in.
LEVEL 2: INCUBUS or SUCCUBUS (Mortal Souls or PK energy)
Entity Name: Incubus or Succubus 
Entity Type: Sex demons that come in either male or female forms
Entity Rank: Low-level Entity
Elemental Class: Fire elemental
Entity Eats: Sexual, Lust, and Fear energy
What are they? These types have evolved from shadow person into full-fledged demon based upon the emotions that they carried at death that have amplified within them. These types in particular can be either women (succubus) or men (incubus) who died within certain traumas, emotions, or frequencies- sexual traumas surrounding rape, pedophilia, molestation, or incest, and lust. Their addiction to any one of these things at death is carried into their death form, and as their soul remains here their perversions will evolve over time as they evolve into this demon form. 
How do you know you are being attacked or targeted and/or have attracted one to you? This demon type usually become attracted or attached because of one of two ways. The most common way of attracting this demon type is just by walking around at night in places where it's dwelling, with an open aura. Those who walk around with an open aura are easily seen by all kinds of entities and tend to attract them quite easily.
The other way that these demons become attached to someone is because they stupidly summoned one into their homes. There are some people who are stupid enough to actively engage in sexual activities with these demons. Here's the thing about pretty much every demon though- they lie. These demons in particular attach themselves to someone at the sacral chakra level. They will indeed attempt to have sex with you, either in dreams, or in a way where you can actually physically feel it (even if you can't see it). Those of you who are tempted enough to engage in sex with a demon will likely end up having that demon attached to you. Once they become attached, they will drain you of your life force energy the way that ALL demons do because what do all demons eat? LIFE FORCE ENERGY. The way these demon types prime people for siphoning is by feeding off their sexual or lust energy. Once they have moved beyond that point though and you realize you can't get rid of them, then comes the fear energy, which they will also happily consume. 
LEVEL 2: CREEPERS (Equalizer Souls)
Entity Name:
Entity Type:
Entity Rank:
Elemental Class:
What are they?
How do you know you are being attacked or targeted and/or have attracted one to you?
LEVEL 2: DECEPTORS (Equalizer Souls)
Entity Name: Deceptors ( I call them Decepticons)
Entity Type: Demons that can mimic high resonating entities
Entity Rank: High-level Entity
Elemental Class: Fire elemental
What are they?
How do you know you are being attacked or targeted and/or have attracted one to you?
PARASITIC ENTITIES (Made from PK energy) 
Entity Name: Parasitic Entities 
Entity Type: 3 types- leech, tick, or squid types 
Entity Rank: Low-level entity 
Elemental Class: Earth elemental
Entity Eats: Life-force energy 
What are they? Creatures created with the PK (psychokinetic) energy of someone intending to hurt another- they are usually created with anger and rage energies. They are the most common entity type (next to shadow people) that are experienced. 
How do you know you are being attacked or targeted and/or have attracted one to you? These parasitic entities can attach themselves to you easily if your aura touches the aura of someone who has one. This is why auric shielding is SO important because if the entities can see you and your light, it can also jump onto you. It is easiest to attract these kind of parasites when you are also having sex with someone who has one or are constantly in the environment of someone who has one. Be mindful of the energy around you and always remember to aurically shield!
While these are the most common entity type sent by low level spiritualist who do hex and curse work, I don't usually come across people who have acquired their parasites that way. It is much more common for people to attract them while walking around in public with an open ass aura. Parasitic entities will often attach themselves to one of your chakras. Once attached, you may feel tightness or tension at that site. I commonly find them attached to peoples back chakra reserves- especially at the throat chakra. Once they attach, they cause a disruption of your life force energy which often leads you to feel energetically drained no matter how much you rest or sleep. There are different types that I have seen, some look like huge leeches or slugs, some look like huge ticks or spiders, and some look like squids or octopus. Regardless of what they look like though, they all have tentacles that they tend to wrap around the chakra they are attached to. The longer this type of entity is on you, the longer its tentacles becomes and the more it begins to wrap itself around other chakras. The only way to make sure that you stay protected against these kinds of entities is to aurically shield on a daily basis. 
What are the most common symptoms that you have one on you?
  • Feeling drained and tired all of the time
  • Feeling brain fogginess, memory loss, or confusion
  • Feeling sad, angry, or depressed
  • Feeling pain or tension at the location it's attached
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself or the world
Entity Name:
Entity Type:
Entity Rank:
Elemental Class:
What are they?
How do you know you are being attacked or targeted and/or have attracted one to you?
Entity Name: Goblins
Entity Type: 2 types- ones that appear on fire and ones that do not
Entity Rank: Mid-level entity 
Elemental Class: Fire elemental
Entity Eats: Fear energy
What are they? They are short and pudgy mischievous fire elementals that live within their own realm. They are capable of also wielding fire. They also do not walk, they hop, much like a frog.
How do you know you are being attacked or targeted and/or have attracted one to you? They usually do not bother humans unless they are called upon, invoked, or invited into this realm. If you do so though, they will make you pay for taking them from their home. By nature, they are highly mischievous creatures who love to stir up chaos wherever they go. When they have been invoked into a space, things will often go misplaced or missing, things may get lost, there may be accidents of all kinds. They even go as far as setting things randomly on fire and can cause house fires. The longer they stay in one place, the more destructive they will become. They will remain attached to the one who summoned them until they are sent home. If the one who summoned them happens to die, they will remain with the family and continue to be passed down the family line until it gets sent home. SOME families who seem "cursed" are really just afflicted with this kind of entity. 
Entity Name: Fairies, also known as the Fae
Entity Type: there is only 1 form of the Fae
Entity Rank: high-level entity
Elemental Class: Air elementals
Entity Eats: Fear energy
What are they? Neutral beings who live within their own realm. They appear as small, winged creatures who can take on the appearance of either beautiful or scary forms.
How do you know you are being attacked or targeted and/or have attracted one to you? You have stupidly called them forth into this realm. Once they have been called forth into this realm, they are often trapped here, which turns these usually energetically neutral creatures into highly mischievous and naughty ones. They can become pesky nuisances if they are not returned to their homes. 



Entity Name: the Gods and Goddesses of the universe
Entity Type: the avatars of God
Entity Rank: the highest forms of entities in the universe 
Elemental Class: they embody both absolute darkness and light and can come to you in either form. 


Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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