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The United Alchemist of Gaia (UAG) is a spiritual based religious organization, and we are launching our weekly fellowship and training sessions in May 2024. We hope to become a non-profit and are planning on establishing our first ashram in New Orleans, LA as soon as possible. 

We will be holding all of our Friday Fellowship sessions and our Saturday Training via zoom. Even after we open the ashram, we will always keep this option for our brothers and sisters who live around the world who cannot be with us in person. The event links will be posted under the event's page, which can be found in the events tab of this site.

Our first Friday Fellowship will be on Friday May 3rd from 7-9pm EST and our first Saturday Training Session on Saturday May 4th from 9am until noon. We will continue meeting in this way every Friday evening and Saturday morning.   

Check back here for all UAG information. 

We are accepting new members, and you can reach out to me directly concerning membership at with the subject "UAG Membership". I will send you our new members packet and then you can decide as to whether or not you would like to apply for membership.

All will be considered for entry, but this is a private organization and membership cannot be guaranteed.