Clairsentience: the MOST important sense

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I want to take a moment to touch upon the MOST IMPORTANT clairsense that you can possess and the one that you should be developing to its highest potential- clairsentience. What is clairsentience? Let’s go over my definition from the Clairsenses blog.

Clairsentience: is a clear sense of feeling, ie, being able to detect psychic information through your body. This psychic sense is very common in everyday life, and with people who would never self-identify as spiritual – but can still recognize when they’re having a ‘gut feeling’ about something. Investors use this. Doctors use this. For people who are very clairsentient, their antennae are finely tuned to pick up on a lot of vibrational energy. There are two ways that clairsentience can manifest: internally and externally. Experiencing clairsentience externally is when you feel something cold, prickly, or goosebumps in one part of your body. For some people, you feel this as a wave of energy that may feel like an energy washing over your body. For some the energy feels like a crawling sensation. This usually means that there’s a spirit nearby. Depending on the levels of sensitivity, some can even feel how spirits have died- like a heart attack or an accident. Internal clairsentience is more commonly known of as that ‘gut feeling’ about something that you can’t explain. When you get this gut feeling, it can make you feel like your stomach is turning or that you are sick to your stomach. This can also manifest as anxiety hitting your stomach, or panic even. This is often a warning that is alerting you that you are around negative energies or that something bad is going to happen. This can also be a good feeling about something to come, which helps you to know that it’s going to be the right thing for you. When it is something that is good, it usually feels light and airy- like freedom in a sense. You may also feel a good or safe feeling within your stomach.

The interesting thing about this is that the stomach is where the solar plexus is housed, which is also the seat of your soul. There is reason why gut health accounts for 70% of your body’s health- it is where your soul resides. It is the source of many of your abilities, but not all. Clairsentience is one that should be developed to its highest point because it is the only one that will truly keep you safe within the spiritual world. Many people have no idea how to develop their senses, and even worse, many do not meditate. Meditative exercises are the way that we develop ourselves and our senses. Many people do not know how to, and so they never actually do the practical work necessary to develop their senses.

Why is this one so important though? At its highest potential this gift can be used to lock onto energy, any energy really. This gift is used not only to read the outer aura, but also the inner energetic signature of anything. The outer aura is what most people pick up on when they are not fully developed. The outer aura resonates at 3 levels- high, low, and neutral. Under MOST circumstances, someone with this ability will feel that most people will resonate at neutral levels. People who are within your soul family tend to resonate higher than most you will encounter. The great gods and goddesses of the universe, angels, guides, guardians- they will also resonate at higher levels. People within the earthly realm who are negative or that you shouldn’t be around will resonate at lower levels. Demons of all kinds as well as low resonating energies, residual energies, and entities, will feel like low energy or negative energy. Yet this merely accounts for the outer signature of what a being naturally resonates at. Why is it important to know this? Because there are a special and specific breed of demons (called deceptors) who have the ability to mimic this outer resonance. They also have the ability to mimic appearance and even voices of other beings, in particular, higher resonating beings.

Deceptors can be found all around the world and many people who are spiritualist have been communing with deceptors and don’t even realize it. Deceptors are especially good at convincing people that they are an angel, alien, orisha, god or goddess, or other high resonating being. Deceptors can even make you think that you are speaking to a loved one who has passed. They will usually come to you in a form that they KNOW you will be deceived in. Their job is to deceive you into working with and communing with them. Deceptors will usually feed your ego, because they feed off of low resonating emotions- especially anger, pride, vanity, and greed. They will convince you to work darkness against others because they want to siphon your negative energies as it empowers them. They will continue to siphon your energy and deceive you for as long as you allow them to do so.

My spirit squad is constantly putting me through various types of training, and they talk to me as we train so that I understand what is happening. Last year when I went through demon battle training and was learning about all kinds of demons and how to slay them, I came across this demon type. I am not going to lie, I was initially deceived on 3 separate occasions because of how they resonated, the appearance that they took, and how they spoke to me. Yet each time I was told by my spirit squad to move past that outer aura and to look WITHIN them. How did I look within them? By using my clairsentience. Last year my clairsentience was developed immensely as I went though this training. I had to learn how to move well beyond a beings outer resonance and aura and into their inner spiritual body. That inner body is composed of our spiritual DNA and is like a spiritual fingerprint. It is the one aspect of the soul that can NOT be mimicked or changed. It is the one aspect of us that stays the same no matter what form or vessel we take over lifetimes. That inner energetic signature will always remain the same. When I started to go past the deceptors outer signature and move into their inner signature I always found an empty shell- and once I went INTO that shell I would see the demon and be able to read its signature and see it for what it was.

That being said, understand that when you are on this spiritual work development is of the most importance. Without taking the time to not only develop your empathic abilities, but also your clairsense abilities, and especially clairsentience, there is a good chance that you can be deceived. I have come across many people who claim to speak to spirit yet are being deceived. This is especially true of people who have been generationally trained within their families or have been trained in traditions that may teach theory and rituals- but have NOT taught development. Learning the theory, the words, the books is all fine and dandy but it will only take you but so far without proper development. The same can be said for those who ONLY learn ritualistic aspects yet have not been taught theory at all. This is common in many families who come from long lines of spiritualist. Personally, this exist in my family, where they were taught rituals and ritualistic aspects, yet they barely have any knowledge of the spiritual world and what it all means or is. They are also severely underdeveloped when it comes to their senses and so are not entirely accurate with how they read peoples energies. They also work with deceptors and have been deceived for many of years and have done negative working towards others while sitting squarely within their egos. Honestly, its quite sad to see because with proper training they could have been great, instead of becoming enslaved to demons.

Personally, I work with 24 gods and goddesses from across many various patheons. They have come to me and communed with me since I was a child- yet I was in fear until 2018 because I was not sure about ANY of it. It took me 25+ years of studying theory- religions of the world, history, psychology, spiritual schools and practices from the world, and doing hella comparative studies, before I even felt comfortable practicing. Now that I practice though I can tell you whole-heartedly that when you actually are working with high resonating beings, not only will they NOT greenlight chaotic or dark workings- they will NOT allow you to. The great gods and goddesses who watch over me would NEVER allow me to sit in my ego and conjure darkness against ANYONE. In fact, anytime I even slip into a low resonance and am upset, one of them will come and ask me what is wrong. What has upset you? I will then tell them, and they will tell me- give it to me and think of it no more. I will handle this for you, do nothing, but sit and watch. They will then tell me to please release any negative emotions I have and give it to them and so I do. They would never allow me to actually work chaos or darkness towards anyone though, they handle that for me, and they do not allow me to get my hands dirty or to even stay within low frequencies. I can attest that not one of the 24 of them would greenlight me for chaos or dark workings. NOT ONE. That being said, if an entity is greenlighting you to do chaos or dark workings- that is NOT who you think it is.

Development of your senses is SO fucking important on this journey. If you’re going to be stepping into this kitchen, then not only is it extremely important to learn how to properly aurically shield and protect yourself, but it is also extremely important to put in the work necessary to develop yourself past the baby stages. Clairsentience, in my opinion, is the MOST important of the clairsenses because it is the one that will keep you safe as you move forward on your spiritual journey. It is the one clairsense that will ensure that you are not being lied to or led astray by demons. It is the one that people need to spend the MOST time developing and developing it to its highest potential. Please do yourself a favor and work on your meditative exercises and develop yourself.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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