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For those of you who are just starting your spiritual journey and reading my blogs as a resource, you may be wondering some things. Things like, what is a spirit squad? How do I communicate with them? Who is within my spirit squad? What does this all mean? This blog is going to bring you some clarity when it comes to these concepts. First and foremost, I want to make note that I truly believe that meditation is the foundation of all spirituality, so if you haven’t check out the beginners meditations and started practicing yet, then check them out here: Meditation for Beginners – Luna Estrellas Botanica (lebotanica.com) and begin doing some of the breathing exercises to learn proper technique.

This will be essential with moving forward. Make sure you read all about meditation to help bust any myths or misconceptions you may have about meditation and what it is. I also want you to get a journal or keep track of notes whenever you are communing with your spirit squad. Things may not always make sense or be clear and keeping notes will ensure that you can keep track of things and reflect in the future.


Your motherfucking TEAM. Your hitters. Your protection. Your guidance.

I like the term spirit squad because it acknowledges EVERYONE here within your squad. While there are some people that like to use the words guides or guardians, I know that there is a difference. While some people like to only acknowledge animals, or totems, I know that our squad runs SO much deeper. It isn’t just guides, guardians, animals, ancestors, but also the great Gods and Goddesses of the universe who guide and watch out for us. I like to acknowledge everyone that presides over me, and so I call them collectively a spirit squad. This is every being, both large and small, powerful or not, who care for you, guide you, protect you, and make sure that you are living within your most true authentic self. They are your voice of reason, your comfort, your guidance, your subconscious intuition, and sometimes that shouting voice you hear telling you to avoid that turn or to stay your ass home. For some of us, they are a part of the reason we made it in one piece into adulthood. I acknowledge them all, so to me they aren’t just a singular being, but a squad that moves in perfect unison to get us each individually exactly where it is that we need to be in this lifetime.


This will depend on whether or not one is mortal or equalizer soul. Everyone’s team will be different according to who they are at the soul level and some people’s squad have more members than others.

Equalizer souls will have an extra set of folks within their spirit squad whom I like to call the fire guards. There are 3 fire guards that have been assigned to each equalizer soul currently living in this realm and they are responsible for reawakening the equalizers and reminding them of who they are. They are also responsible for protecting them and making sure that they are taught the ancient ways of unlocking their innate power. I will leave this here and not elaborate on these beings though, because if you just so happen to have fire guards, they’ve got you covered.

Mortal souls on the other hand are more likely to have guardian angels over the equalizer souls. The engineer equalizers didn’t aggravate the angels so they are still in higher favor of them though. Yet, having a guardian angel is usually a thing of mortal souls. There are 72 angels that preside over the Earth, and there are 7 archangels who sit at the throne of God. They were created in absolute light to be the ultimate warriors and champions of the Earth realm. They help mortals navigate this realm, assist, heal, guide, and teach them. Mortal souls almost always have a guardian angels who presides over them. There are usually 3 angels that preside over the soul.


Our spirit guides, (who are mortal souls) that get assigned a soul to guide at that souls’ birth into this world. The thing about mortal souls is that many have not ascended to the levels of being able to withstand being in the etheric realms for long periods of time. So, upon death, mortal souls almost always come right back and get assigned to being spirit guides or guardians. There is a difference between guides and guardians. While guardians have chosen to come guard you and can potentially join your spirit squad at any point of your current lifetime, guides are assigned to you at birth. We each have 2 of these guides that have been assigned to us at birth- usually one divine masculine and one divine feminine. They are usually old souls who have had thousands of lifetimes on Earth and are adept at guiding souls here. They tend to take the appearance of a lifetime that will most resonate with you. They are with us from the moment we take our first breath in this realm until we take our last breath.

Then there are spirit guardians, which can be either mortal or equalizer souls. These are usually souls that we have known within a current lifetime. Once a soul gets processed after death, they get to choose a job depending on their karmic load and order. Many will choose to come back to this realm and become a guardian to one of their loved ones. These souls who have just passed are usually the ones who remember being on Earth the most. They are also usually the ones who will ask for special foods or drinks they liked. The longer a spirit hasn’t existed in the 3D sense, the more they forget what it’s like to eat and drink in this realm or partake in Earthly things. Sometimes friends or family members who were especially close to us choose to come back and become one of our guardians, like our guides, they will continue to be with us until we cease in this realm.

Then there are spirit animals or totems, which in my experience are animals from past lifetimes that you have formed deep bonds with. These are animals that you knew and cared for at some point in time. Once the animal died, instead of choosing to be reprocessed and born again, they chose to stay with your soul. This is an act of unconditional love by way of the animal and is usually due to a very deep bond of love that was formed. This deep unconditional love allows for this bond to be eternal. Some of you will have a few or a dozen animals, some of you could have well over one hundred animals. This is not a choice we get to make when the animal dies, this is a choice that they make. It’s almost like instead of being reprocessed, they choose to remain with their best friend for all of eternity. For some of us who have always been animal lovers across many lifetimes, you may find that you have many animals in your squad. The most interesting part of this though is the fact that we have existed across 9 different systems and the Earth as we know it did not always look this way. The vessels of mortals did not always look this way. Animals did not always look this way. Those of us who are ancient may have animals within our squad that are completely unrecognizable due to this. There may be animals that even look alien because they don’t exist anymore.  

Next in our spirit squad is our ancestors. While you may be thinking about people that have passed that you personally know, I’m talking about the ancestors you don’t know. Sometimes we have ancestors who choose to become one of our guardians. Other ancestors that aren’t within our direct spirit squad could potentially be accessed- if their soul hasn’t been reincarnated yet. While I am not against working with and calling upon ancestors, I know the dangers of this. During my studies I have read that people need to be careful about their ancestors. Some say to be very careful when calling upon them and using the words “my ancestors who resonate within my highest good”. It wasn’t until I began my astral and etheric travels that I found out WHY this is a thing. What people don’t realize is that we are all one. You, reading this right now- I AM YOU, AND YOU ARE ME- at different degrees. We all come from source and are all interconnected in ways many people couldn’t begin to imagine. Yet, we are all connected, and everything comes full circle. That being said, your ancestors, are my ancestors and vice versa. When we call upon ancestors, we call upon the “pool of ancestors”, and not just our individual ancestors from THIS lifetime- we’re actually calling upon them all collectively. This can be a bad thing if you don’t use the right words because we no longer hold our memories from past lifetimes in this realm- but in the etheric realms, all is known, and nothing is forgotten. That being said, you may have done something to someone 3 lifetimes ago and if their energy hasn’t reincarnated and is still in the pool, they can fuck with you if you call upon “all” of your ancestors. When working with ancestors be very careful and always make sure that you use the right words. While we have some ancestors within our squad who have chosen to play guardians to us, many of them have not. Many of your ancestors would have to be called upon if you wanted to work with them, just make sure to be VERY specific with words.  

The last kind of beings within our squad is our god parents- the great gods and goddesses of the universe, known here as avatars or GOD embodied. Personally, I have never and would never call upon one that has not come forward to me first. Seriously, they chose me, I didn’t choose them. This is how it has been for me since I was a child, and I don’t see myself changing that. I find it to be disrespectful as fuck to think you can just call upon their energy whenever you choose to. What gives you the right to demand their time? Do they even know you? Have they shown up in your life and called upon you? If they haven’t then I wouldn’t meddle. That’s not to say that we don’t each have “god parents” because we do, and they will usually make themselves known to you. You will usually carry some of their characteristics. They will resonate deeply within your soul, but how do you find that out? You go through your spirit guides! Ask them to guide you and show you how to reach your god parents. Ask your god parents to come forth and reveal themselves to you.



MEDITATION. I always say that meditation is the foundation of all spirituality, but it’s deeper than that even. Meditation is the divine feminine aspect of spirituality. It is how we listen to the universe, and are able to hear the inner call of our highest selves. That being said, please start with the beginner’s meditations, just so that you get a hang of properly breathing. That may sound silly, properly breathing, but you would be surprised by how many people don’t know how to properly breath. Many people keep their body in a state of hyper fight or flight mode and have no idea how to slow down their breathing through slowing down their exhale. Once you can relax yourself, it will be time to attempt this exercise. Don’t forget to keep your journal or notebook nearby.

Spirit Squad Communing:

Begin by finding a calm space where you can begin relaxing your entire body. You can choose to be sitting, standing, or laying down when you do this meditation. Next, choose the breathing pattern that you will hold during your meditation session. I prefer my beginners to start at a count of 636 but if this strains you in ANY way, please try 525. You will be starting off with the foundational power breathing, and you should also aurically shield yourself. These exercises should be practiced daily until you become adept at them. ALWAYS aurically shield yourself before you do ANY spiritual work of any kind, divination, or communication. This will ensure that you are taking command of your aura and calling in your squad to protect you and your connection.

SET THE INTENTION. Before you begin the meditation, in your mind you can say something to the effect of, “I would like to communicate with my spirit squad” or “I would like to speak to my spirit guides, can you please speak to me in as clear and concise a way as possible” or “I would like to commune with my spirit squad (guardians or guides), what messages do you have for me”. Whatever you choose to say, you will be telling your spirit squad that the purpose of this meditation is to establish an open line of communication between them and you. What you choose to say exactly is not important, what is important is the intentions and that they know you are attempting to establish communication. This entire conversation or setting of intentions does not need to be spoken out loud. You can choose to keep EVERYTHING in your head. They can hear you and are telepathic, so don’t worry.

  1. Begin by inhaling slowly through your nose for your chosen count.
  2. Hold your breath from your chosen count.
  3. Slowly exhale for your chosen count.
  4. Once your body has become relaxed you can stop counting and just breath. Allow the energy to flow within you and make note of anything that comes up. Make note of what you see, hear, sense, or feel.

Do this for 10-30 mins daily.

Notes: While you have read in beginner’s meditations that during this time, it is very natural (especially for beginners) to have random thoughts come into their minds. What wasn’t noted in those notes is that this is perfectly OK, normal and it happens to everyone. This is especially true for those of us who are clairaudient or are receiving messages from spirit. That being said, there will DEFINITELY be random images, words, thoughts, or feelings, that come to mind. This is your spirit squad communicating with you and relaying a message so be VERY mindful of everything that is happening during these types of meditations. When you are done meditating, journal, and date your experience with communing. Keep your notes to reflect on at a later date.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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