We are NOT Holograms: Transcendence

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So lately I’ve been pulled to write about all the misinformation and bullshit that exists in this world when it comes to spirituality, ascension, and the process of transcendence. There are so many people who choose to use words that aren’t clear or concise to describe this process- which only helps to keep the masses confused and in this space of stagnancy. So, my hopes today is to clarify some of these concepts so that you don’t end up dissociating and thinking this world or realm isn’t real. I can assure you that everything here is VERY much real and made out of solid matter. We’re going to explore these concepts though and what they actually mean.

Before we go into this though I want to go over a few definitions.

HOLOGRAM: a 3-D image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser of other coherent light source. In a nutshell, this is an image that is formed with the use of light.

SOLID MATTER: the molecules that make up a solid are arranged in regular, repeating patterns, held firmly in place- but can vibrate within a limited area. Solid is one of the 4 fundamental states of matter. Molecules are packed closely together and contain the least amount of kinetic energy. This definition describes what all solid matter is on a molecular level- and the more you ascend, the more knowledge you will acquire, including how to shift, change, and program every cell and molecule within your vessel. While concepts like your mind and soul are not solid matter, your body (your vessel) is VERY much made of solid matter.

POTENTIAL ENERGY: the energy possessed by a body, by virtue of its position relative to others, stresses within itself, electric charge, and other factors. For example, a demolition ball at an elevated position or a drawn bow, both store energy.

KINETIC ENERGY: the energy that an object has due to motion. It is the energy of motion, it is observable as the movement of an object, particle, or set of particles. Any object in motion is using kinetic energy, such as a person walking, a thrown ball, a crumb falling, or a charged particle in an electric field.

Kinetic energy is created when potential energy is released, spurred into motion by gravity, or elastic forces, among other things.

All this being said, there are some sources that speak about this being a hologram, as if nothing here is real. While I can see where this concept comes from because internally our soul is a light source, it isn’t accurate as to what everything actually is, nor does it account for solid matter. Solid matter, would obstruct a light source- think of putting your hand in front of a flashlight- does the light go THROUGH you hand or does your hand obstruct the light? Think about overhead projectors and old school movie projectors now. If someone were to stand up and stand in front of the light source, does the light shine through their vessel? NO. The persons body would block the light and you would end up seeing that persons shadow. That being said, we are NOT holograms and the things that you see in this realm for the most part are not holograms. They have been messing with holograms in the sky for some time now though, and project blue beam should be looked into. It’s not the first system or eon that they have used holograms to try to convince the masses that something is real (in this system its aliens). People on the other hand, animals, plants, inanimate objects of all kinds, are all made out of solid matter. They can be felt energetically and touched physically.

Solid matter also has the ability to VIBRATE. What is this vibration? That is the frequency that you resonate on. Every being in this world vibrates at a very specific frequency and those who are clairsentient can feel those vibration levels. They can feel that everything in this world is made of energy and that energy vibrates at frequencies that can be read. This is how they know if something resonates high, low, or neutral. The more developed a clairsentient is, the more they can lock on to the frequency and the deeper they go, the deeper they connect with the energetic signature of whatever they are trying to read. Everything has very specific energetic signatures that go beyond their outer shell. The outer shell is the aura, the inner signature though, that’s like the DNA of the soul. People who are clairsentient can lock onto both.

What are they REALLY talking about when they speak about holograms and shit? They are really talking about the mind and the constructs of the mind. That is not to say that your body wont experience transcendence as well, because our vessels definitely go through ascension and those of us meant for high levels of spirituality will experience many physical things to prepare their vessels. Yet, what ultimately limits us to this eon and system, these social structures (what some call the matrix), is our minds. Those who study the brain and neuropsychology know what I mean- our mind is the most powerful organ in our body, and it controls EVERYTHING. Our mind is so powerful, that if we believe something to be true, then it becomes true for us. The mind is so powerful that you can literally make yourself sick just by thinking that you are sick. The mind, our brain, is where many things begin and end.

In many ways, your sense of reality, what you deem to be real, begins in the mind. It is based on our experiences and our perceptions, tied up nicely by our egos and cognitive dissonance. When you enter your spiritual journey, you also enter a self-actualization journey. That’s the part that people tend to not really talk about, but it’s just as crucial. The self-actualization journey is all about the mind, emotions, and your psyche. Its all about getting those things into balance and harmonizing within so that you can emotionally and mentally transcend. Yet, this process happens completely in the mind. When you begin this journey, you are confronted by your shadow side- tied to your ego and cognitive dissonance. When your cognitive dissonance shatters (which is YOUR concept of reality), what you are left with is REAL reality. (For more information about this check out my blogs on shadow working and dark nights of the soul.)

For instance, when you were a child, it is very likely that you experienced trauma at the hands of your parents- neglect on various levels, abandonment, or criticism, just to name a few. Yet, in order to keep you mentally stable and moving forward, your cognitive dissonance stepped in and told you that what you were experiencing wasn’t that bad. Your cognitive dissonance mind fucks you into believing everything is OK and even normalizing the actions and words of others, so that you don’t emotionally or mentally break down and dissociate to the point where your personality shatters. Those who don’t have strong cognitive dissonance, end up with multiple personality disorder- the “strong” personality takes over to shield the weaker one. This happens within all of us, except most of us don’t form an entire other personality to shield us- its just already there built in and our cognitive dissonance shields us from the real reality of what is happening to us. This is what they mean when they talk about people living in different realities. Your reality is shaped by your mind, your cognitive dissonance and ego, your experiences, yet YOUR reality doesn’t always coincide with the REAL reality of things. Transcendence of the mind is what brings your mind into real reality, allowing you to see things for what they are instead of what you want them to be, or what will spare your emotions and psyche.

On this journey there will come a time where your entire emotional and mental processes will shift and change, but that can only happen AFTER your cognitive dissonance has been shattered. This is an awakening in a sense because that’s when you realize that the things you thought were real, weren’t real at all. For instance, while I always knew I was abused physically, it wasn’t until I got to college and took my first psychology class that I realized how much I was abused emotionally and psychologically. At that very moment in time, my cognitive dissonance was shattered- everything that I thought was real growing up, begin to morph and change. All the instances (and traumas) that I had endured and deemed normal, I found out they weren’t normal or healthy at all. This can make you feel like nothing you know is true or real. It can make you feel like your whole life has been a lie. It is in that moment that you will be truly ready to move forward, ascend, and transcend this lifetime.

When they talk about realities shifting and changing, they really just mean the mind. The mind shifts and changes, the mind is what transcends. It isn’t the body or the vessel doing so, it’s the mind. Again, that’s not to say that your body won’t also transcend at some point, but that isn’t where it starts, not everyone is meant to reach those levels even, as transcending the body is extremely difficult and takes dedication to accomplish. The FIRST aspect of ourselves that will transcend, is the mind, and no other aspects of yourself can transcend without the mind transcending first. What does it mean to transcend? To go beyond the range or limits. What limits us here in this world? THIS LIFETIME.

To transcend is to realize that you are WAY more than JUST this lifetime you are experiencing right now. You have existed across many eons within various systems. You have been hundreds of different people, coming from different families and bloodlines, from different cultures and continents. You are NOT bound to or by this lifetime. You realize that you are a part of the ALL- the entire collective, and you and I are the same, but just at varying degrees. Transcending means that you do not put yourself in a box because you know that you are far more ancient than any of the boxes that exist here and now. The boxes of religion, of race, of culture, of family, of emotions. None of it matters when you transcend, because all those things keep you confined to this system- this matrix.

To transcend is to release all of the emotions you have pertaining to this system. Releasing all of the lower emotions, the anger, the shame, the guilt, the doubt, the worries. It’s coming to the realization that everything and everyone has an internal map that guides them towards their highest selves. Realizing that everything in this world comes full circle, and because energy cannot be created nor destroyed, its coming to terms with the fact that those of us who have had the worst parents are really just rebalancing their karmic debt. As fucked up as they may be NOW, you were just as fucked up to them in a past life and now you are paying the piper. Its resolving all of the emotions you have towards your family when you realize that they are just your family in THIS lifetime. They aren’t necessarily your soul family, and so you can release those emotions knowing that you aren’t actually tied to these people or their bloodline. Its coming to terms with the fact that you aren’t actually tied to the ancestors of this bloodline either. Its coming to terms with the fact that you aren’t bound by the confines and boxes in this system- think about all the different ways they try to put us in boxes to divide us. Transcending takes you out of all of those boxes, above the boxes, so that you can see all the more clearer.

That is pretty much what I call the transcendental mental mind fuck. In order for one to transcend beyond the limits placed upon them in this world, they have to mind fuck themselves into it. We mind fuck ourselves into this space by realizing and respecting karmic cycles, and the universal laws. By realizing that the bad that has happened, happened with reason to rebalance karmic cycles and also prepare us for alignment with our highest selves. Its realizing that triggers are lessons, and lessons are blessings brought forth to help us align. Its shifting the way you perceive your emotions and the emotions of others, so that you can reach the space of emotional detachment. With emotional detachment, you realize that none of this shit even matters. None of the emotions you feel truly matter in the grand scheme of things, and that your emotions are feelings that come up based upon the way you perceive something. Its shifting your perception and the way you react emotionally. It’s coming into this space of absolute peace and unconditional love- not allowing yourself to be swayed by neither words of malice nor words of praise. You remain at zero point and in peace.

Transcending is scary for most because it’s the shattering of their cognitive dissonance at play here. Many people will go through a stage of dissociation where you may feel like nothing is real. I can assure you that everything is real, what may not be real though is your perspectives. When your perspectives are challenged (what you believe is real), it can make someone feel lost. I’ve watched people lose their minds to dissociation because they couldn’t reel themselves back in. I don’t want that to happen to anyone though. So I will say this, everything is real here and made up of solid matter, what can end up being false though is the ways in which you perceive your reality.

This is also why shadow working and inner child healing work needs to be done in very delicate ways, with a person only dealing with what they are ready to deal with. Pushing someone too hard to accept real reality can be damaging to the psyche and can cause them to dissociate to the point where they don’t think they are real or that the world is real. People need to have their psyche slowly unraveled during this process. Too much too soon can be detrimental to someone and cause them to want to shut down. Yet, this is also why this misinformation exist in this world, because they want people to lose their damn minds and dissociate to the point where they can’t actually ascend. For more information about dissociation, check out my blog. I even put some tips in there for those suffering from this.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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