Vibrational Flu + Ascension Symptoms

Hey Soul Fam,

This year has been quite intense for the collective. With all of the drastic changes within the Earth’s vibration, we have all become vibrationally elevated. That being said, many people have experienced vibrational (or spiritual) flu this year as a result of this high vibrational energy. Vibrational flu tends to happen to people who’s physical body (temple) does not yet vibrate at the levels of the frequency it is receiving. This causes the body to react in sometimes very harsh ways, depending on how much toxins your temple has within it and how low resonating it is compared to the energy you have received. There are ways to mitigate the symptoms, but the main thing is listening to your body! This blog is one that you will want to refer back to time and time again on this journey. This list will be added onto as I progress on my journey as well. 

VIBRATIONAL FLU (also known as Spiritual Flu)

What is Vibrational Flu? A vibrational flu is a result of what can happen when we go through an energy shift and the increase in chi (life force energy) results in a clearing of toxins which have been held in our cells, chakras, nadis, and meridians. Similar to when it rains heavily and the current of a river increases, (which results in a rush of water clearing the debris in its path), so too when an addition of energy occurs in our body; the rush of this energy will clear any blocks being held in the chakras and nadis. This clearing results in a purge and detoxification, which our bodies are naturally designed for. On a daily basis several of our internal systems work to neutralize and eliminate toxins, which is matter that doesn’t serve our body.

How do we end up with toxins to begin with though? Toxins can enter our chakra system and nadis in two ways:

  • External environment:

Such as the air we breathe, the products we put on our skin and scalp, the foods and drinks we consume, the chemical products we use, what we read, watch, and listen to. Also, through toxic actions such as working too much, not getting outside enough, and not practicing self-care on a weekly, if not daily basis.

  • Internal environment:

For instance, all of the negative beliefs, thought patterns, perspectives, behavior patterns, and words we say to or about ourself. Negative emotions that we harbor. Also, toxic behaviors such as being a perfectionist, a savior, having narcissist traits, being critical, getting caught up in drama, or speaking ill of others.

While our body is designed to naturally detoxify, at times the output cannot keep up with the input. That’s just a fancy way of saying that your body can’t keep up with the high resonating energies that is being pumped into it. As the energy streams into the crown chakra, many people end up feeling the pressure in their heads. I have found that people who don’t transmute these energies by circulating it through them, or by grounding it into Gaia, often suffer from headaches. For some, the energy gets locked into the crown and 6th chakras, but for others, the energy will flood the entire system. This flooding will often cause the detox processes to become overwhelmed which results in our body trying to compensate for the discrepancy in frequency. This overabundance of energies can become energetically intense at times. The more out of alignment and frequency your body is to the energies it is receiving, the harsher the symptoms become.

I do want you to understand though that an energy shift will occur any time our vibration is raised, either consciously or unconsciously. From a conscious standpoint, the work we undertake, like when doing inner child healing, shadow work, energy healing or reiki, or in this case chakra development can cause energy shifts. Energy shifts can also occur unconsciously due to an emotional upheaval, changes in collective consciousness, major planetary alignments/retrogrades, cosmic energy downloads, or unseen forces (our spirit squad). In order for our vibration to shift, either consciously or unconsciously, a flood of energy enters our chakra system and causes toxic matter to move and release. The greater the backlog of toxins the more intense the purge and release and it is THIS which can cause vibrational flu.

Vibrational flu has very similar symptoms to a normal flu, it differs in that the symptoms are superficial, so generally despite their physical manifestations a person feels well and isn’t sneezing, congested, or coughing. In my experience a spiritual flu usually leaves a person feeling quite tired, in body pain, with increased temperatures to certain areas of the body or limbs (usually a chakra or chakra extension), cold chills, and even mild fevers. ALWAYS REFLECT BACK ON THIS LIST. There are SO many symptoms that you will find on this list, and I want you to get to know them all because the more you remember and reflect on this list, the less crazy you will feel when you begin to encounter these symptoms.


  • Changes in sleep patterns: Experiencing restlessness, insomnia, random hot feet, randomly waking up 2-3 times a night, the ability to get by on less sleep, or sleeping in 2-3 hour shifts but still being able to properly function.
  • Crown Activations: Tingly, itchy, prickly, or crawling sensations at the crown chakra and down the spine. Can feel like energy is vibrating, energy pouring into or pressure, like someone is pushing down on it the crown chakra point.
  • Random Sudden Waves of Emotions: Feeling like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. You can experience heart chakra activations that feel like pressure at that chakra center either at the chest level, within the center of the chest, or the heart chakra back reserve point may experience pain. Accept your feelings as they come up now and let it go. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, process them, and then purge and let it go. You will be releasing people, places, and things no longer in alignment with you. Allow this to happen and allow the emotions that come with this to also flow. Whatever sudden emotions you feel during this time, allow them to flow so that you can release and let them go. The more you practice the processing and releasing of emotions, the quicker this process will become.
  • Old Wounds + Memories Resurface: Old childhood and teen wounds come up now with the actual people who wounded you, or their clones. Completion of cycles will start to come up now. Release what must be released to continue. Memories resurface now which could take the form in various ways- such as body memories, suppressed memories, or even past life regressions. Allow yourself to heal and integrate these energies.
  • Changes in Weight: You can gain or lose weight during this time. With the  gaining of weight, this can happen due of fears that have been suppressed are now coming to the surface. Emotional triggers may also come up this time causing you to want to use food to comfort. Those who have issues related to food or weight may experience these issues being brought to the surface to be healed. Thing will get back to normal when you finally integrate your fears.
  • Changes in Eating Habits: You may experience strange or odd cravings (for you). Some find they have no appetite at all while others may want to eat more. It’s more common to lose appetite, although during times of spiritual growth you may feel like you want to eat more. Wanting to eat more food is usually what happens when we need to help ground our inner energies.
  • Food Intolerance/Allergies: Honor your body. You may find you no longer can tolerate certain foods. You may experience stomach aches or cramps when you eat things that you shouldn’t. You may experience random nausea. You can also experience nausea whenever you think about foods that you shouldn’t be eating. You may feel the need to detox your body of all toxins altogether. This is something we all experience at some point on this journey. The solar plexus, where your stomach is, is also the seat of your soul and at some point you WILL experience a deep and intense call to detox your body.
  • Heightened Senses: There will be amplification of all of your senses. Your empathic abilities and clairsenses may become more prominent now.
  • EYES: Vision may be blurry, seeing shimmering objects, glittery particles, may see auras, geometric shapes, brilliant colors, colors appear more vivid, or you may see things clearly when you close your eyes.
  • EARS: Pain around the ear, stabbing pain within the eat, or feeling itchy in the inner ear. Feeling like you may have an ear infection, but you don’t. Having your ears randomly get hot or beet red. Increased or decreased sense of hearing. May hear things that aren’t there or things just within the ear such as bees buzzing, ringing, rings, tones, beeps, roaring, whooshing, or water rushing. Your ears can feel like you are completely under water. Can experience audio dyslexia.
  • SMELL: You may randomly start to smell stuff with no source or nothing around you. This is usually due to an awakening of your clairsalience.
  • TASTE: You can experience random tastes in your mouth, without anything actually being in your mouth. Some will experience heightened sense of taste and will be able to taste all chemicals in processed foods. This is due to the awakening of your clairgustance.
  • TOUCH: You may be feeling more, but especially when you actually place your hands on something/someone. This is due to the awakening of your clairtangency. Be very mindful about old or antique items that may carry negative energies. You may become extremely sensitive to touching everything and anything really. Most things have an energetic signature to it and with this sense awakening and coming online, you will begin to be able to feel this.
  • Heightened Clairsentience: You may be becoming more aware about the energy around you. You may feel the presence of your spirit squad around you now. You may also experience psychic attacks and if that is the case then make sure you are aurically shielding. Some of you may feel energy balls around you. Some of you may feel a wave of energy around you. Some of you may just feel this as a subtle shift of the energies around you. Others may get to the point where they feel their spirit squad actually touch them, such as placing a hand on your shoulder, touching your back, or playing with your hair.
  • Seeing Visions, Illusions, Numbers, or Symbols: You may see things of spiritual importance to you. You may be getting messages and synchronizations now. May see actual beings if your clairvoyance is also in a place of being awakened. Some of you may be seeing more angel numbers or symbols. You may also be seeing signs everywhere that are letting you know that you are on track.
  • Increased Synchronicity: The confirmations and increased levels of synchronicities around you will show you that you’re on the right track. You may also witness small miracles randomly happening now.
  • Increased Intuition + Altered States of Mind: You may now randomly experience out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, intense knowing (clairintellect), channeling, clairvoyance, an awareness of your essence, thinking of someone and then hearing from them, or sudden insight (clairintellect).
  • Communication with Spirit: It may now be easier connecting with your spirit squad and even channeling messages from them.
  • Sense of Oneness: During this process you can experience a sense of being a part of the all and the collective. A sense of oneness and being at one with the entire universe can occur. This comes with self-actualization and reaching a state of transcendence. With this will come new levels of compassion and a love for all life. Unconditional love frequency may now be experienced.
  • Skin Eruptions + Rashes: As toxins get released and purged out of the body, this can happen in the form of rashes, bumps, acne, hives, or even shingles. Holding onto your anger or holding your tongue (and blocking your throat chakra) produces outbreaks and rashes around your mouth. When you work through whatever you are holding onto, it will clear up. When toxins and emotions come to the surface sometimes they express themselves this way due to you trying to repress yourself emotionally. Whatever you repress emotionally will express itself through rashes, acne, bump, hives, and other random skin eruptions. These eruptions commonly will happen around the chakra that is being related to it. Some of you may even experience itchiness of your skin, which is common as the old you sheds. This itchiness can become rather uncomfortable, so take yourself some soothing baths or showers with some oatmeal.
  • Intense Energy Episode: You may experience intense bursts of energies which leads you to be an insomniac. Sometimes this energy surge can even last for several days. A surge like this is then often followed by a shift into fatigue and lethargy. Shifts like these makes one tired but use these energies to your advantage. Usually when we experience bursts like these, especially at night, it is because our divine feminine energies are being activated. This can lead us to experience restlessness and insomnia as our vessel gets activated. Once these activation periods are over though, it is usually time to rest. Sometimes we end up even resting more than we would normally rest, but this is normal when we are undergoing spiritual growth. Much like a baby wants to sleep more when it is growing, once we spiritually grow, we also tend to want to sleep more.
  • Changes in Prayer + Meditation: The more in flow and at one you become with the universal flow of consciousness, the more your practices will shift and change. Becoming one with the universe means that you walk with spirit at all times and so communication becomes instantaneous. The more you spiritually grow the more the ways you commune with your spirit squad will shift and change. You may be in more instant and constant communication with your spirit squad now. Some of you may even see or hear your spirit squad more clearly now. The ways you used to pray or meditate won’t be needed anymore as you connection becomes stronger and more fluid.  
  • Energy Surges + Flashes: You may suddenly and randomly out of nowhere become hot from head to toe. You can experience heat or cold in different parts of the body. This most commonly happens within chakras that are being worked on. When the chakras in your arms and hands are being activated, it will usually get very hot. You may also experience heat in your head or even ears as they become activated. Some people can even experience random cold chills. Sometimes the energies activating you will be searing hot and other times ice cold.
  • Physical Pains: It is common to feel pain in the body wherever a chakra is being worked on. The clearing of stagnant energies is often painful. The pain that we feel related to ascension will often begin within the back chakra reserves. These reserves is where all of our traumas and pent up emotions get stored. Once these chakras become awakened, a clearing of these old energies begins. This clearing can be very painful as some of these emotions are deeply embedded within these chakra points and they must be dislodged. The pain you often feel, especially the sharper pains are associated with digging these things up that are deeply embedded. The digging of these things can feel like you’re being stabbed at the chakra point. As the energy starts to move though, it begins to dull, and the pain will subside. Headaches, migraines, back pains, neck pain and tension, shoulder pain, stomach cramps, cramps in your sacral space (womb for women), sharp pains in your taint, sore throats, random muscular spasms or cramps in the body, chest pains, pain in the limbs, and pain in the hand or feet. Then there is what I like to call the Diaper of Pain- this is a pain that happens when our entire lower chakra is being worked on. The root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras when worked on simultaneously create what can only be described as a diaper of pain. Imagine that you’re wearing a diaper, expect this diaper is made out of pain. Yea. This pain begins at the stomach and solar plexus, making its way down to the sacral, and then down to the root chakra. Once it reaches the root, it often sends a sharp pain that starts at the perineum and shoots right up to your asshole. This often feels like something is stabbing you in the ass. This pain then travels up to your lower back where it nestles to complete the diaper of pain.
  • Flu- Like Symptoms (vibrational flu): Those of you who experience a vibrational or spiritual flu may very well think you are actually sick. Common symptoms during vibrational flu include headaches, backaches, neck pain and tension, digestive or gastric issues, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, random muscular spasms or cramps, a racing heartbeat or heart palpitations, chest pains, changes in sexual desire, numbness or pain in the limbs, and involuntary vocalizations or body movements. Some of you may experience this in a form that feels like and seems like a stomach virus, or food poisoning but what you are really experiencing are spiritual ascension symptoms.
  • Childhood Conditions Resurfacing: You may even experience conditions from your childhood resurface for healing. Things like skin conditions, night terrors, sleepwalking, bed wetting, anxiety, or panic attacks. There can be a wide range of things that can resurface during this time for healing or release.
  • Looking Younger: The more toxins, old energies, emotions, and baggage that you release, the younger you will appear. This is also known as the glow up.
  • VIVID Dreams: You can experience lucid dreaming, deeply emotional dreams, or past life regressions dreams now. The dreams that come up now are very important and are usually an indication or sign of what needs to be addressed or healed from a subconscious level. Keep track of your dreams and look up key components to help you decipher the meanings of your dreams.  
  • Life Altering Events: You can experience deaths around you, divorce, change of job, status, the loss of home, illnesses and sickness, freak accidents, breaking bones, dislocation of joints, or other catastrophic events may occur. This is very much akin to what we call a Tower moment in tarot. This is an external force (mainly your spirit squad) that comes in to shake things up. Things get shifted in an effort to get you into alignment. These moments ONLY happen though when we aren’t in alignment or are being resistant to alignment.
  • Desire to Break Patterns: You will experience wanting to break free from restrictive patterns like work, people, or situations that make you feel trapped or like you’re suffocating. Some of you may feel the need to break free from the rat race or city living. Some will even yearn to release the 3D and mundane world.
  • Emotional + Mental Confusion: You may feel like your life is a mess and everything is chaotic now. Things can feel very emotionally and mentally confusing. It is likely that your cognitive dissonance is getting shattered and when that happens, people usually experience a dark night of the soul. Some of you may even experience dissociation. If you are having trouble with these things, check out my blogs to help provide you with tools- especially for dissociation. While things can feel confusing right now, I can promise you that you aren’t alone. You aren’t alone in this process, and I have been there myself. While emotions can be difficult to deal with at times, you will get through this. If you need help seek your support, your friends, your tribe, or a therapist.  
  • Hermit Mode: You will want to spend more time alone or may have loss of interest in extroverted activities. This is also a part of the self-actualization process. The more you work on yourself, the more you will enjoy your company.
  • Creative Burst: You can be receiving images, ideas, music, or other creative inspirations at an overwhelming rate now. Use these energies wisely and channel all of these divine feminine energies into your creative projects. Have fun.
  • Time Changes: The higher that you ascend, the quicker you may perceive that time is going. The higher realms that exist in this universe actually exist at a MUCH higher accelerated pace. The higher the frequency you embody, the quicker time will start to seem to you as well.
  • Sense of Impendingness: You may have a feeling like something is about to happen or is happening. This can also be tied to your precognitive empath abilities which is responsible for your ability of premonition. At its earlier stages this gift can manifest as a feeling or sense that something will happen. Once developed you will experience dreams or actual visions though.
  • Impatience: You may be impatience or uncertainty about all the changes that are happening now. Some of you may be in a place where you are living in the future already but not enjoying the process. As long as you are in a state of constant flow and evolution, you will always be in a state of change. As long as you are always changing, you will NEVER again in THIS lifetime be EXACTLY where you are RIGHT now. Enjoy the now.
  • DEEP Yearning for Meaning + Purpose: If you have no idea what your life purpose is yet, you may feel a drive to find out. You may feel the need to connect spiritually in deeper ways and find your life’s purpose. You may feel the need to find the purpose to life itself, which in my opinion, is just to live here and have this experience while here. Either way, for some this is a time of deep introspection as you begin to figure out who you are and why you are here.
  • Feeling Different + Rebirthed: Feeling like you have left your old self behind, everything feels new and different. During this process, there will be many times that you will have to sacrifice and put to death parts of yourself that are no longer suitable to carry. There will be many dark nights of the soul. You may even feel the loss of your old self and will have to mourn and grieve that part of yourself. This is a natural part of this process. Once you have let go of who you used to be, you may room for who you are becoming. This rebirthing can feel unfamiliar, new, and like you are in a completely different place. It’s OK. You are growing.
  • Teachers Appear: Teachers of all kinds will appear with perfect timing to help you on your journey. People, books, movies, events, and nature itself can teach you. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear but don’t get caught up on what the teacher looks like because sometimes our greatest teachers won’t even be a person. You will find that you are on the right track when your outside world starts to synchronize with what you sense, feel, see, or have heard within yourself.
  • Finding a Spiritual Track: You will want to find a spiritual track that makes sense to you and resonates with you. You’ll want to know and learn more. For those of you interested in spiritual comparative studies, check out my reference books blog. There are MANY paths that you could take and there is more than one way to skin a cat. What matters the most is that the track or path you choose reflects and resonates with you at the soul level. If it doesn’t feel good or something feels off, then that’s probably not the path for you. Do not force it. Ask your guides to help you with bringing you to the path meant for you.
  • Moving Through Issues Quickly: You move through your issues and learn now at a quicker pace. The more you have allowed yourself to flow through this journey, the more you have learned. The more you experience, the better you get at dealing with things. This shifts the dynamics of how you deal with, react, and even respond to everything (including your triggers). The more you practice this process the easier it becomes and the swifter you move through issues. You now choose to be in flow, instead of swimming against the current in resistance.
  • Increased Integrity: You feel this inner stirring that is happening. You want to stand up and speak your truth. You want to align now with your true and most authentic self. You want to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. You want to give back to the world. You want to be of service to the collective.
  • Harmony with Nature: You may become more attuned to the seasons, moon phases, or planetary shifts. You become more attuned to how these energies affect you mind, body, soul, and energy levels. You start to work with these energies and use it to your advantage.
  • Electrical/Mechanical Malfunctions: This gift is tied to what I call techno-empaths which only happen with equalizers. When experiencing this, you can touch any electronic and know what’s wrong with it. You can experience all kind of electrical issues as well such as lightbulbs may flicker and die out A LOT, computer shortages, the tv or radio goes haywire around you, or breaking down mechanical things like cars or elevators. With this gift you can also drain or charge a battery just by holding it in your hands.
  • Sense of Joy: As you progress on this journey you will get to a place where you have deep sense of peace, joy, and bliss.
  • Integration: It becomes easier to integrate energies as the mind, body, and spirit are integrated and aligned. This brings you clarity and a sense of alignment.
  • Living your Purpose: Your life converges with your life’s purpose, and you begin to align with it and live within it. You will become your most true authentic self through this process. This process will lead you to joy.
  • Feeling connected to plants and animals. You may feel more connected now to plants or animals. Some may even experience flora and fauna empath abilities and you will be able to sense their energies.
  • Seeing people for who they really are: You may begin to see people for who they truly are. Some may see people around them that they have known from past lifetimes, yet with different faces, the faces as you remember them from those past lives. You may be able to see or sense people you have known before easier.
  • Manifesting more quickly and efficiently. The higher you resonate the easier it will become, as long as you remain within those high frequencies. For those who have not reached unconditional love yet, the next best frequency to choose to embody and live in is the frequency of gratitude.
  • Left-Brain Fogginess: The left brain will shut down to sharpen the right. This can bring issues up with everything ruled by the left brain such as evaluation, order, focus, analysis, speech, problem-solving, or memory lapses. Memory and brain fogginess is common when the right side is being worked on. Not being able to construct proper sentences is also common. Don’t get down on yourself during this time, instead embrace it for what it is and learn to be in flow.
  • Dizziness: This most commonly occurs after activation and download periods. Those who have energy trapped within the crown and 6th chakras can experience dizziness. The best way to handle this is to ground yourself. Do the grounding meditation. You can also take a walk in your local park or go on a hike in nature, go hug your local tree, or put your feet in grass or sand. All of these help ground.
  • Falling, Accidents, Dislocating or Breaking Bones: Sometimes these things will happen when it is time for us to take a fucking seat. Sometimes we are out of alignment and these things happen to get us back on track. Sometimes they happen due to not being grounded or in balance.  Take this time to slow down, examine things within your life, and practice some self-care and self-love to heal.
  • Faster hair + nail growth. This is like the one about looking younger. During this time you are likely to eat better, which will also result in looking and feeling better. It is common to also experience faster hair and nail growth now.



  • MEDITATE DAILY. Learning proper breathe work goes such a long way in helping you with this process. The more you master your breathe, the easier it becomes to deal with the physical symptoms you will feel.
  • Take a cleansing bath. Take a spiritually cleansing bath to help you recalibrate your energies, while also helping you get rid of anything unwanted. This can also be a very relaxing experience and is an act of self-care.
  • Drink lots of water, particularly with lemon, limes, or ginger. Make sure to also replenish your electrolytes.
  • Take supplements that help to increase immunities such as vitamin C and B vitamins blends, a turkey tail, lions mane and reishi mushrooms supplement blend, zinc, or magnesium. To help with the detoxification process you can use teas made with ginger and lemons, turmeric and black pepper supplements, dandelion tea or supplements, raw garlic, beet juice, oregano oil, and spirulina, chlorella, or sea moss thrown into a smoothie.
  • You can use natural products to help calm the physical body such as essential oils like lavender. Some people are big on aromatherapy.
  • Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and drink cold-pressed juices.
  • Sit in the sunshine and do meditations while soaking in the sun.
  • Ground yourself by sitting somewhere in nature- a park, the woods, or a beach. If you can’t get to nature then try the grounding meditation exercise at home.
  • Journal your thoughts and emotions to get them all out.
  • Allow yourself to purge any emotions that come up. Allow yourself to cry and allow yourself to feel your emotions now.
  • Listen to healing frequencies. I love the Meditative Minds and Lovemotives channels on Youtube. You can figure out which chakra is being worked on by turning inwards and turning your attention to your body.
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system through massages and dry brushing.
  • Exercise. You can choose to do a some light exercises that will help release all the feel good endorphins. Try some yoga, biking, or walking.
  • Rest and sleep as much as you can and don’t feel guilty, sorry, or lazy for doing so. This is a part of learning how to listen to and honor your body.




If you end up with vibrational flu, it is important to support your physical AND energy bodies, otherwise the symptoms can worsen and become more substantial. Learning how to transmute the energy will be important and that can only be achieved through MEDITATION and breath work. You should be handling this both spiritually and physically. From my experience adding more toxins to your body will make it worse, so watch what you consume if you are experiencing this. I warn you against taking pain relievers like Advil, or putting more toxins in your body, as it can actually make your symptoms feel much worse, while some report feeling no effects from their pain relievers at all. Spiritually, meditation should be done every day while experiencing this. Please take the time to commune with your spirit squad, listen to binaural beats and use frequency to heal, take cleansing salt baths, and cleanse yourself and your space in whatever ways resonate with you. It is important to give yourself time out to process and appreciate the hidden gift in your vibrational flu, which is really just signaling a transition to a more aligned you. In most instances symptoms will last for 3 to 5 days, however sometimes due to a number of blockages there can be a damming effect causing these effects to last longer. If symptoms aren’t shifting after three days, I suggest undertaking additional energy work and/or stimulating your lymphatic system.

If symptoms worsen or if you are concerned, please see your medical practitioner.

I hope this information has helped you out Soul Fam, until next time!

Sending mucho luz + amor always.


Luna Estrellas

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