STOP Casting Circles + Opening Portals

Hey Soul Fam!

Last year while I was in the ether learning some things, I came across some very interesting information about spirits, demons, God, protection, portals, and casting circles. What does this all have to do with one another? I was told that God is everywhere and nowhere at once. Essentially, you could have an entire conversation with God in your head without anyone ever hearing it. God is everywhere, in everything, and is in you too at the genetic soul level- you are a part of the collective. Your spirit squad also naturally has this telepathic connection to you. What doesn’t have this connection (unless your current family line has demons attached to it) is demons. Demons need portals to enter this world from their lower realms.

How are portals to other realms opened within this realm? Through the casting of circles, magic doorways are opened to other realms of space. The art of opening these doorways was given to the mortals by demons themselves who convinced the mortals that they were higher resonating beings. People who have no idea about this type of demon can be easily lied to and led astray, especially if their clairsentience is not fully developed. There is a type of demon who have the ability to mimic the appearance, sound, and resonance of a higher resonating being such as an angel, ancestor, or god/goddess. If you aren’t fully trained, you can be lied to and led astray by these beings and you would never even know the difference. It isn’t until you look into this beings energetic signature that you find an empty shell, false light, or see the actual demon. These kinds of entities have convinced MANY people in this world that they are other beings. People who work baneful or ego based magick, chaos magick, or dark works against others are often being led by these demon types. God doesn’t co-sign dark shit. God doesn’t co-sign you being in your ego- EVER. Demons do though because they quite literally live off of that energy and they will often co-sign these things so that you remain within the emotions/energy levels they feed and siphon from you.

When I was given this information about this, I began to realize why I had moved away from protecting myself and space in these ways years ago. I was told that circle casting in particular, almost always opens a portal into the realms. Demons have given the mortals this technique so that the demons would be able to find these portals and enter freely into this realm. The thing with opening portals is that most people do not properly close the circle or the portal that they have created, which the demons count on happening. They count on people being lazy. They count on those who don’t follow directions. They count on those who miss crucial steps. They count on those who improperly close their circles and portals. The person who opens the circle and portal would then have to deal with all kinds of entities freely coming into their homes, and that is what the demons count on.  

Why is this important to know? Well, because you could pick up almost any book on magick and they will tell you about circle casting as a way of protection. As an alchemist though, I do not believe in casting circles- I believe in auric protection, period. Even more so now that I know that casting circles is really just a way that opens portals, I can whole-heartedly say that this step is NOT necessary. Your spirit squad and GOD is in everything and is everywhere. They do not need a portal to be opened for communication- they are everywhere and nowhere at every given point in time. Now this is not to say that I have never casted circles. Casting circles is something that I used to do, until I learned a better way. When you know better, you do better. Now that I know better, I don’t cast circles or open portals. I simply protect and take command of my own aura.

A best and most efficient way of protecting ourselves in this world is to practice auric shielding every day. We should be doing auric shielding of our home or sacred space as well on a daily basis. Auric shielding should be done before ANY spiritual work of ANY kind is done. It should be done before doing divination, writing petitions, or communing with your spirit squad. Instead of constructing a circle and opening a portal, you will visualize that your sacred space is in a fortified bubble of protection. Like auric protection, the more you protect your space with that visualization, the stronger the energy gets. The more protected your space is, the better. Get in the habit of not only protecting yourself but also your space on a daily basis and whatever you do, do NOT be out here casting circles and opening portals. It isn’t necessary.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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  • Hi Luna,
    Blessed evening, I give thanks for Olodumare and your Ori for enlightening U and allowing U to share this msg, I came across your page on tik tok and was drawn to this your blog, thank U for this wisdom here that I absolutely needed, as I’m dealing with something that my daughter interfered with Spiritually and now it’s affecting her and d Family, I would like to say more but it’s too much to go into, I just want to say thank U, this has enlightened me in so many ways, so thanks a mil, may Olodumare continue to Bless U, Guide U, keep U, Protect U Always, Ase Ooooo ❤️😊🤗🥰❤️ !!!


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