Shadow Working Tool: Trance Meditation for Beginner's

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First of all, if you've never meditated before, then I want you to back out of this blog and go find the Beginner's Meditations blog and start there FIRST.

We’re going to go over trance meditations in this blog and how to properly build that foundation. BEFORE you begin doing trance meditations and inner child meditations, you NEED to have built a proper foundation FIRST. If you attempt these meditations without a proper foundation and without guidance (like a verbal guide speaking to you), there is a very good chance that your trance meditation will not be successful. In order to go into trance meditations, we have to have focus and mastery of breath- knowing how to properly breathe. We must also have mastered the visualizations for grounding and auric shielding, as this will help you when it comes to the descending part of this meditation.

Trance meditations are all about turning deeply inwards and reaching the subconscious of the mind. You can’t really do that if you lack focus, so if you have not started practicing the beginners meditations first, then I highly suggest that you go on over to that blog and begin there. Trance meditations are NOT for beginners, yet this is also not the most advanced forms of meditation either- I would personally consider trance meditations to be intermediate exercises. Being that this is intermediate though, there NEEDS to be a base line, a foundation that has been set up BEFORE you begin attempting this. I’m not saying don’t try, but what I WILL say is don’t be surprised if you aren’t successful. Respect the order of this process though, and you will find that trance is quite easy to do when you have set a proper foundation.

What is trance meditation and why is it important to practice? A deep trance makes it possible to access the subconscious mind and to program it as we see fit. The active left side of the brain (the divine masculine side) blocks out any attempts to access the passive right side (the divine feminine side) where the seat of the subconscious is. This is like turning off the master switch to the electricity in a building in order to fix the wiring- it’s turning off that left side so that the right can be accessed. The right side of the brain is where we can program our minds to manifest what we want in reality, as well as the side that will need to be accessed to connect with higher levels of consciousness. To get into a trance state takes practice and patience with yourself. Persistence and consistency are everything here, so keep practicing and do not become discouraged. Mastery comes when you can place yourself in a deep trance within seconds at will. Yet, this will not happen quickly- so remain persistent and consistent. The more you do this exercise, the better you will become. Personally, the first time I ever tried this it took me about 10 minutes to get into this state, yet now I can get there in seconds. I can attest that persistence and consistency work wonders when it comes to our meditation practice and journey.

In order to also advance in psychic power, we must train our minds with trance meditations. Going forward with your spirituality and reaching higher levels will depend on your ability to reach this state of consciousness. When we are in a trance state, our brain waves slow down considerably. The right side of the brain is the seat of the subconscious and is the area of the mind that is open to suggestion and programming. It is also considered the seat of our astral power. When the left side of our brain is active in thinking, the right side cannot be accessed. Trance exercises shut off the left side so we can access and program the right side. It takes training to be able to induce a deep trance state. Deep trances are not always necessary, but for specific exercises, they will become very important. Once we train our minds to go deeper and deeper into a trance, this becomes easier and easier and takes less and less time as we become adept and master it. The mind is like a muscle and for most people, this exercise will be an introduction to a part of the mind that has never even been accessed before. Also be sure that when you are doing these exercises you are in the right environment. It is VERY important to NEVER be startled out of a trance state, especially a deep one- and especially for beginners. That being said, make sure you are in a room or area where you are left alone, and the phone is turned off. Make sure everything is basically turned off and that no alerts or alarms will go off while you are in this state. Being startled and pulled out of a trance the wrong way can be extremely painful and the pain can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days- especially if you are doing energy work in this state. It is normal when in a trance state, for any sounds to be very painful, especially loud sounds. This is because in this state, our senses are extremely heightened. Most people that I have worked with don’t end up with this pain longer than a few minutes or hours though, but it is painful, nonetheless.


Before you begin with this meditation look over the steps and the notes because you will need to decide beforehand what your visualization of descend will be. I cannot tell you which one to choose because this is personal, and you should choose a mode of descending that resonates the most with you (look at the notes for more about this). Once you know what this mode will be, you can begin this exercise by finding a calm space where you can begin relaxing your entire body. You should be sitting when you do this meditation. Next, choose the breathing pattern that you will hold during your meditation session. Begin your foundational power breathing, and after a few minutes you should be relaxed enough to begin your trance meditation practice. This will be the first real trance practice you do.

This exercise will be useful when doing past life regressions, shamanic journeys, soul piece retrievals, soul integrations, and inner child healing.

  1. Do your foundational power breathing until you are completely relaxed. Ideally, you should no longer be able to feel your body as if you are doing your trance meditation.
  2. Begin your descending visualization. Imagine you are descending- you can imagine that you are climbing down a ladder or down some stairs in the dark. You don’t have to  visualize a ladder or stairs, just imagine yourself doing it- going down or lower. On the exhale, feel yourself climbing a step or two down. On the inhale, feel yourself holding still. The main premise here is imagining yourself descending.
  3. Now, imagine you get to the end of the stairs or ladder. Imagine that you free fall backwards. If you get dizzy or disoriented, just bring your attention to the front of your body and this will stop. This mental falling effect, when combined with deep relaxation and mental calmness, will cause you to enter the trance state.
  4. Keep doing this for as long as it takes. The time it takes to enter trance will vary, depending on your experience with deep relaxation and mental calmness. While in trance everything gets quieter, and you may feel like you are in a much bigger place. There may be a very slight humming feeling in your body. Everything may feel different, you may feel the atmosphere change, or a sense of peace or calm. For some it may seem like everything goes fuzzy or slightly blurred. While in this state any sharp noises, will be painful and likely cause you to snap out of trance.
  5. To bring yourself out of the trance: Concentrate on moving your fingers or toes. Once you can move a finger or toe, flex your hands, move your arms, shake your head, move your body, and get up and walk around for a few minutes.


The above constitutes one round. Do this practice daily until you have mastered it.

NOTE: Why do we need a method of descend? It is needed for this exercise to be successful because it brings forth a mental falling effect inside of your mind. This changes the level of brain wave activity from the awake level (beta) to the asleep level (alpha) or the deep sleep level (theta). Once your level of brain wave activity reaches alpha you will enter a trance. Once you get the heavy feeling, stop the mental falling exercise. If you don’t like the ladder or stairs, imagine you are in an elevator and feel yourself falling on the exhale and holding on the inhale. You can also imagine you are a feather and feel yourself floating down on the exhale and holding still on the inhale. Some people imagine that they are flying down. Others imagine that they are in the depths of the ocean and are swimming down on the inhale and holding on the exhale. This visualization is up to you to choose, as I can’t pick that for you- you need to pick the method that resonates with YOU the most. The method that resonates with you, will be the right one for you to use. Either way, you will need a mental falling effect to lower your level of brain wave activity, this is an essential part of this practice. Please pick the visualization that resonates with you the most and then proceed with trying the meditation when you are ready. You can choose to listen to meditation music, but please be careful if you are getting your music from YouTube- read my blog on Frequency to get a better understanding of this.


Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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