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This week during Thankful Thursday we discussed Self-Love and mirror work. What the fuck is mirror work you ask? Well, it’s the practice of looking into a mirror and deeply into your eyes while you say positive affirmations. These affirmations should center around whatever it is that you’d like to change about yourself or reprogram within your psyche. There are wonderful resources online that explain the process for those who need more in depth explanations. The following sites can give you more information about what it is, the actual psychology behind it, plus tips + tricks to how its done, with the last link also including a Ted Talk about mirror work!


My experience with mirror work has been excellent. It has become one of the best tools in my arsenal for when I need to change something within myself or reprogram my thinking. Repeating affirmations to yourself in the beginner can be weird, and when you’re doing self-love work it can become emotional. I have never met someone who didn’t get emotional the first time they stared themselves in the face and spoke words of love to themselves. This is totally normal. It’s also normal to feel weird doing it, but get past that shit and just get it done anyways. My affirmation for beginners doing self-love work is: I love you. I will always be there and have your back. I will never let anything bad happen to you. Say these 3 sentences to yourself while staring deeply into your eyes in a mirror. You may get emotional, and that’s ok. Personally, I think the reason why some of us get so emotional is because we’ve never heard those words come from someone whom we knew actually meant it. It can get deep when doing mirror work, but again, it is such an amazing tool to have in your arsenal when doing healing and shadow work. I hope that you look into this more and expand your horizons. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your healing and you gotta get it done- by any means possible. Yes, that means even through the tougher and more emotional exercises like these. You got this! Sending you mucho luz + amor always!



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