Practicing Self-Care

Hey Soul Family,

With so many people feeling all of the shifts happening and being called to show up for themselves, I have decided to share some self-care tools. So many people feel bad or guilty about practicing self-care. Some of you may think that it’s being indulgent. Some of you may think that it is selfish. Some of you may think that self-care is something that you only do once a year or only when it has become absolutely necessary. Some of you may skip out on it altogether because you believe it to be time consuming. Beloved, self-care is none of these things. It is very necessary in order for us to practice balance though. In order for us to be in this space of balance within, and a great tool to combat burn out is to be mindful of practicing self-care.

Taking care of yourself is not selfish. If you aren’t at your best self, feeling refreshed and renewed, how can you be helpful to others? We have to be mindful not to get to a point where we are pouring from our reserves instead of our excess. Self-care isn’t something that you should be waiting to do either. I believe in daily and weekly self-care, and you should get in the habit of taking care of yourself on a daily and weekly basis as well. I promise that it doesn’t take that long either. Self-care can be as simple as saying affirmations in the mirror every morning or making yourself your favorite tea. It doesn't have to cost much, and it doesn't have to be time consuming at all- what matters is that you are showing yourself care and compassion. If you are still having trouble with self-care, check out the following. Pick a few ways to practice self-care!



 Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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