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Hey Soul Family,

I've been hosting past life regression classes at least once a month lately. Spirit has had me taking you guys on a journey, yet I also wanted to share this quick and easy meditation that you can do for past life regressions. This exercise is something anyone can do at any level and does not depend on your connection to spirit or the universal flow of consciousness. This exercise relies on you accessing your soul and the memories that are stored within your soul. Like I always say, you may not remember, but the soul never forgets. That being said, if you have missed out on our classes but wanted to still go on a journey, use this exercise to get you there. I also suggest listening to shamanic drumming when you do this exercise. You can either find my spotify playlist or look up a video on youtube. My spotify meditation playlist link is here:

If you have ZERO meditation experience, then please go check out the beginner's meditations blog and the beginner's trance meditation. You can find those blog here:

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This will be the first deep trance practice that you do. It is extremely necessary to have practiced your trance meditations and that you have mastered that falling sensation. So many deeper meditations depend on your ability to fall into that trance state of mind. Make sure that you are adept at putting yourself into trance before you continue or attempt this meditation as it builds upon that ability. Be patient with yourself and remember consistency is key.

Begin by finding a calm space where you can begin relaxing your entire body. You should be sitting when you do this meditation. Next, choose the breathing pattern that you will hold during your meditation session. I prefer my beginners to start at a count of 636 but if this strains you in ANY way, please try 525. Begin your foundational power breathing, and after a few minutes you should be relaxed enough to begin your trance meditation practice.

  1. Do your foundational power breathing until you are completely relaxed. Ideally, you should no longer be able to feel your body.
  2. Begin your descending visualization. Imagine you are descending- you can imagine that you are climbing down a ladder or down some stairs in the dark. Don’t visualize a ladder or stairs, just imagine you can feel yourself doing it- going down or lower. On the exhale, feel yourself climbing a step or two down. On the inhale, feel yourself holding still.
  3. Now, imagine you get to the end of the stairs or ladder. Imagine that you free fall backwards. If you get dizzy or disoriented, just bring your attention to the front of your body and this will stop. This mental falling effect, when combined with deep relaxation and mental calmness, will cause you to enter the trance state.
  4. When you have reached a deep trance state, visualize yourself walking towards a door in your mind. As you walk towards the door, tell yourself when you walk through the door, you will enter into your past life. This should be the life that preceded your life now. Walk through the door, look around at your environment. What do you see, hear, or sense? Keep track of this.
  5. Within each lifetime you can choose to watch it play out in the ways that you want. You can either watch it play out and only see what spirit is showing you, but you can also "will" yourself forward or backwards within each lifetime. So, in this step you will attempt to go forward or backwards. Will yourself forward or backwards by asking your mind to take you to a specific stage of your life or year. Take the time to look around and ask your mind questions. This is like hitting the fast-forward or rewind button when playing a movie.
  6. Once you are done looking at that lifetime, you can then regress further through each past life. To do this, will yourself backwards by telling your mind to take you back further until you can regress no more, and again, walk through another door, telling yourself you are entering the lifetime before this life you are observing. You will be further back in time.
  7. From this place you can also choose to look into future lifetimes. To go forward into your next lifetime, we use the same technique. You will yourself forward by telling your mind to take you further into the future, then walk through the door, telling yourself you are entering the lifetime after this life you are currently living. Yet be aware this is only one of many possible futures that could happen depending on what happens within this current one, whether or not you fulfill your soul's contract or end up in karmic debt.
  8. To bring yourself out of this trance space, whether you have gone backwards or forward, imagine a new door. Walk through the telling yourself that you are walking back into now- present time.
  9. To bring yourself out of the trance: Concentrate on moving your fingers or toes. Once you can move a finger or toe, flex your hands, move your arms, shake your head, reanimate your body, and get up and walk around for a few minutes.

The above constitutes one round. Do this practice whenever you would like to go into your past lives, this is considered the initial stages of past life regressions.

NOTE: When doing any forms of trance meditations, be sure that when you are doing these exercises within the right environment. It is VERY important to never be startled out of a trance state, especially a deep one. That being said, make sure you are in a room or area where you are left alone, and your phone is turned off. Being startled and pulled out of a trance the wrong way can be extremely painful and the pain can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days- especially if you are doing energy work in this state. It is normal when in a trance state, for any sounds to be very painful. This is because in this state, our senses are extremely heightened. Get in the habit of doing your trance meditations in a place that you will be undisturbed by anyone or anything. You can choose to do this particular meditation as much or as little as you would like. This is the beginner stages of past life regressions, yet once you become one with the universal flow of consciousness, you will have direct access to your akashic records and will be able to view lifetimes from that space.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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