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Hey Soul Fam!

So last year spirit was very adamant about me making the shift to the TikTok platform. I was reluctant to do so, but eventually I got my ass on there. What I found though was amazingly shocking. The amount of absolute fodder and misinformation that exist on that platform is ASTOUNDING. I try not to scroll on there because I tend to come across people who have absolutely no real connection to spirit, people who are being lied to and led astray by demons, people who have no access to the universal flow of consciousness but speak matter-of-factly, and people who are generally lost as all fuck. Yet, these people all have a platform and are SPEWING garbage to the masses. One subject in particular that equally pisses me off and makes me want to facepalm myself is the one on light codes. That being said, we’re going to delve into “light codes” and “light language” real quick so that we can understand what this even is. Now, I placed both terms in air quotes because we’re about to break down what these concepts REALLY are and not what these asshats think it is.

Light Codes: The markings made out of light that cover the entire mortal body (vessel) of Equalizer souls. These markings are reminiscent of both tribal designs and henna designs. Each line and marking is made out of pure light and these markings glow brightly for those who can see and have elevated high enough to see. These tattoos made of light are a marker of Equalizer souls. It is an indication and marker of their spiritual DNA. These markings also move. They shifts, they flow, they grow- much like Maui’s tattoos do in the Moana movie. Our tattoos also show us where we have been, and the work we have done with various Gods and Goddesses of the universe. Their symbols are carried on our bodies through these light codes.

Now, that being said- LIGHT CODES CANNOT BE ACTIVATED. Someone will either HAVE light codes or NOT. One simply HAS light codes or does not. This is a marker of soul type, not something that can be frivolously activated in someone. Furthermore, there is NO need to activate shit. The light codes that we carry are ALREADY activated. Furthermore, light codes are NOT fucking something that can just be activated in just anyone for that matter. THAT IS A CROCK OF SHIT LIE. ONLY EQUALIZER SOULS HAVE LIGHT CODES ON THEIR BODIES. PERIOD.

Light Language: The language of Equalizer Souls. In our most original form, there was no need for actual spoken word or language because we are telepathic beings. The words we spoke did not sound like words at all, but more like clicks and tones. If anything, our language was based on tonal patterns and our original names were also this way. Music was especially important to us and MOST of the time when are voices could be heard (because we chose telepathy instead) it was because we were singing. Some of the most beautiful tonal patterns in the world were sung by Equalizers. That being said, while we DO have a language and this language is ancient, it was NOT the way we even chose to speak because we would speak to one another telepathically. Most of us never heard our own voices on a daily basis. Again, most of the time when we actually used our voice, it was to sing.

Now, that being said, our language doesn’t activate a thing but memories. Now, those memories would ONLY be activated IF the right language was spoken. I can assure you that I have yet to come across someone doing a live for “light code activation” or “light language” who I found had accessed the real shit. EVERY person who I have come across though, I have found that they are being led to and have been consorting with Deceptor Demons and don’t even realize this. Deceptor demons have the ability to pass themselves off as any beings, and many people in this world are being lied to because they lack development or actual training. It is VERY easy to be lied to when you have not developed your clairsentience in particular, to its highest levels. DO NOT be led astray by these people or the being that they are working with.

So, to sum it all up, you either HAVE light codes or you don’t. This is not something that can be activated in us. It will either already exist in you, or not. Light language, the real form of light language was tonal patterns and clicks. The light language these people be channeling on social media comes from demons. You would literally be able to feel it at a soul level and would even have a physical reaction if you actually heard light language. That being said, be VERY mindful of these people and the work the do. Be very mindful of where you get your information from and what you believe. There are a LOT of people in this world who haven’t done real work yet but who know how to take advantage of people, and those people are everywhere. Be safe in these spiritual streets.

 Here’s a lil depiction of what light codes look like, although I will say that the designs are far more intricate and they are connected. These codes appear all over the bodies of an equalizer soul and in some ways is a marker of spiritual DNA.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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