Gender, Sex, the Fall of the Divine Feminine and the Rise of Patriarchy

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The universe has recently been pushing my ass to write about and speak about what I know. What I have seen. What I have experienced. What this process has been like. What I have learned while sitting in the ether and within the universal flow of consciousness. What I have learned while sitting within the universal akashics. What I have learned while taking notes for my Exit the Matrix sessions. In an effort to do as I’m told and be obedient when it comes to my life’s purpose, I’ve decided to shed the fears. The fear of being persecuted. The fear of judgement. The fear that I will be called crazy, as I have been called in far too many lifetimes. It’s time to walk in my purpose and share what I know. That being said, this very first “notes from the ether” will center around the topics that were discussed in my very first Exit the Matrix session. The topics we will cover- duality, male/female relations, and the rise of the patriarchy as the fall of the divine feminine occurred.

EVERY being within this universe was made in the image of the creator- who is within itself a dualistic being encompassing both the divine feminine AND the divine masculine. Within this current system and eon, there are many people who feel distraught when it comes to their gender. Many people have an issue with the body they are born into and say it doesn’t feel right. Those who feel the most distraught are often in a vessel opposite of their most original form. For instance, someone being a woman within this lifetime, but being a man was their most original form. Being a woman will almost always feel foreign until there comes an acceptance and resolution- that acceptance comes from realizing and accepting that we are all dualistic. Many of us are learning these lessons because of past lifetimes and our views concerning the opposite gender. The main lesson being tied to learning how to appreciate and accept that side of yourself and being within that form. This is a lesson that many of us have to repeat over many lifetimes until these aspects are resolved.

NOTHING within this universe goes to waste. All energy is ever flowing, and ever changing. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. When souls are created within the universal flow of consciousness, the creator uses the energy of a dying star. The dying star goes into supernova and the creator infuses it with a strand of its energy- sparking the soul into creation. This process reminds me of the way humans procreate- except on a bigger and vaster scale- but it reminds me of a sperm cell meeting an egg. Either way- souls truly ARE made of star dust. When it comes down to the microscale within this world and realm- the divine feminines are the star gate and the divine masculines are the ignitor, the spark. Each plays a very important role in the ushering of new souls into this realm. Without this paradigm, the world as we know it would cease to exist. It is the one aspect given to human souls that was not given to any other creation within this universe- the ability to create life as the creator creates souls. While human souls do not and cannot encompass the levels of power of the creator, they were given the ability to create which is something exclusive to human souls.

In the western world, MUCH has been controlled but none as insidious as our sexual identity, how we have sex, and how we orgasm. In the western world, people are kept in this state of perpetual stagnancy. Women have been robbed of their orgasm, while men orgasm all the time. This is something that should be reversed! Women become invigorated by orgasms, while men become depleted. Men have been controlled with free porn, bringing them into a state of sexual addiction- thus losing any control or mastery over their sacral space. This keeps men dumbed down and stagnant in SO many ways, but even worse is that life force energy is depleted EVERY time he ejaculates. While women are very special in this realm- naturally connected to their higher chakras, and thus the universal flow of consciousness, men are equally special. Women are connected within their higher chakras because she plays the stargate- the one who has the ability to connect with, call down and within, and carry another soul. Her job isn’t an easy one and from a spiritual standpoint, carrying another soul can be extremely taxing on the human body. On the flipside, divine masculines are connected within their lower chakra system and that’s because he carries a microscopic, big bang in his balls. Now in eastern traditions, this is well known, and its why they practice semen retention, because they understand that their ejaculation is LIFE FORCE ENERGY. It has SO much energy that it can quite literally spark a LIFE into existence out of nothing. This is why divine masculines should guard their seed with their lives and never spill it unless they are creating. In eastern traditions, this life force energy that exist within the males sacral space, is often drawn back in and used to awaken and unlock the rest of his chakra system. Using this energy in productive ways will help divine masculines become connected to the universal flow of consciousness, as they push that energy from sacral to crown. This is a VERY important process to the ascension of divine masculines.

In Taoism, there is a lot of talk about semen retention. The orgasm originates within the brain. It is something felt in the brain and NOT within the penis or vagina. Orgasms happen in the brain and signals then get sent to your lower regions. It is possible to become multi-orgasmic but that takes practice. For men, this is even harder to achieve because they basically have to forget everything they know, empty their cups, and start from scratch. For women, they have to do they work to rectify the damage society has done on her when it comes to her self-image. Women who don’t orgasm, don’t orgasm because of their psyche, their emotions, and mental processes. They’ve convinced themselves they aren’t sexy, or desirable, or that they look stupid doing certain sexual acts. A woman who does not orgasm has mind fucked herself to that place. Healing and connecting to her sacral will help this immensely.

Sex Magick is something that gets thrown around this spiritual community a LOT. First of all, sex magick was created by men, men who had no connection to the universal flow of consciousness and were trying to get there. Men who are “spiritually gifted” usually feel the energy flowing and activated within his root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. He uses these energies to connect or heal, but don’t be fooled, this is VERY low resonating energy. If you look at my chakra information, you’ll see what kind of energy resides in this space, what kind of low resonating emotions dwell here. This is NOT a space to be healing people from. There’s a reason why women were the original healers, timekeepers, and oracles of our villages, tribes, people. Sex magick and connecting to the divine through your sacral is NOT it. In fact, it can even lead you to commune with lower resonating energies and entities. This is not to say that you cant use this energy to manifest with, but it often does NOT last long because sacral energy isn’t as powerful as the energy within your high chakra system. I often warn against sex magick and going this route, it’s the quick and easy route. As the say, easy come, easy go. The sacral must be mastered, healed, and balanced- NOT extorted. The sacral is your seat of creativity, the place where you are connected to creation within the 3D, but it is not a space to work magick from. Women in particular need to do the work to become empowered and balance this space, but not because you’ll be working from this space, but because this is the space you create life in. This space must be energetically balanced for the sake of any child you would create and carry within it. You aren’t healing this space to call energy from it, to work magick from it, to pull energy from it. You are healing this space to find your orgasm, to invigorate yourself and power, to invigorate the life force energy that resides within that space, to connect with your power of creation as a star gate. Those who choose to stay or dwell within this space will remain energetically stagnant until they choose to move out of it. Sacral energy is NOT high resonating.

Within our current society, much can be said about the blatant role reversals that have been occurring over the last 100 years. Men have become more like women, and women have become more like men. In some ways, this very occurrence is helping to usher in the reemergence and awakening of the collective divine feminine. In this current eon, divine feminines were at one time in perfect balance within themselves and within the universe itself. Throughout the ages though women were robbed of their access to the divine, controlled, demonized, and killed. Men rose in power through sheer brute force. Yet, we are now living in a society where the role reversals they tried to instill within us to control us, have become the gateway to duality itself. MANY women live squarely and deeply within their divine masculine energy, which is kind of fucking awesome. They didn’t set up for that, they didn’t think or expect this to happen, yet here we are. Women will ALWAYS be connected to the divine, they’ve just forgotten that aspect. Yet, to be a divine feminine who lives deeply within and knows her divine masculine energies well, it will be all the more easier to seek balance once she awakens her divine feminine side. The women who live within their divine masculine only need to awaken their other side and BOOM, instant fucking connection. They weren’t fucking expecting that, yet the universe has set this shit up with reason. There is always a reason within the bigger picture, even if we don’t always see it immediately- its there.

Originally divine feminines were in power and we lived within matriarchal societies. About 5,000 years ago there was a huge and catastrophic event that occurred within our society- ushering in the patriarchy. Once they killed all the women in power- burning us all at the stake, they took our knowledge and corrupted it. NOT having access to the divine, meant NOT having access to the universal flow of consciousness and thus universal knowledge. Within the society I lived in there was a council who ran things within the tribe- ONLY the men who exemplified high levels of spirituality were allowed to join. There was an underground faction of men who had issues with this system. They collectively began holding rituals themselves, where they were met with a demon. This demon promised them glory and power. A deal was struck, and those men ascended to power never meant or intended for them. They chose to skip the system, a system that had been created to ensure those who rose into power spiritually, also possessed BALANCE within themselves. These men never came into balance with their divine feminine energies, they were enraged and jealous believing that the divine feminines were hoarding all the power to themselves. This is what sparked this slaughter and war against the divine feminine. Once we were all slaughtered, history was rewritten in the image of man. How did they do that if we were so powerful? They targeted women who had not fully ascended yet for knowledge. They wooed these women and used their sacral to control them emotionally. This caused strife within the sisterhood. They targeted the weakest of us and turned them against us. While we had the power to stop them though, we also knew that this had been written. It was meant to happen and meant to occur. I burned at the stake screaming and laughing like a crazy woman and threatening their children’s children’s children. Being that connected to the universal flow of consciousness means falling in line with universal rules, regulations, and orders. Which means that if you know that you’re meant to die, you accept your fate without trying to intervene or change it. We DID collectively curse the lands that we were burned on though, and many deserts were created the day we burned. While we knew that we would be written out of books and no one would ever know who we were or that we even existed, we left our mark on this world and left the land we burned upon BARREN. Nothing would ever grow there ever again.  


Sending mucho luz + amor always.
Luna Estrellas

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