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Hey Soul Fam!

I just wanted to take a quick minute to discuss a few aspects of frequency, especially healing frequencies. This is a warning to those of you who don’t have a trained ear or connection with your spirit squad. You should be extra mindful of the sound frequencies that you meditate to or fall asleep to. Every frequency is NOT the same and some people creating these youtube videos have no idea what they are doing. When all else fails, try to follow your intuition when it comes to these videos and using them as a tool to unlock yourself or chakras. Honestly though, you are probably safer listening to sound baths- either the metal Tibetan bowls or the crystal singing bowls over the frequencies created and meshed together by random people. Try to stick to these frequencies, as they are the more classical ones and there’s no way to fuck up the tones because each bowl plays a very specific sound and that sound alone.

Personally, years ago my musical ass used to love looking for all kinds of frequencies. I used to listen to all kinds of shit while I was meditating. One day I can across a channel that boasted about all these different frequencies for just about anything- including aligning with parallel lives or past lives, opening ancient powers, soul mergers, and all coming from “future frequencies”. I was told specifically by my spirit squad NOT to listen to that shit. They told me that those kinds of frequencies are dangerous. When it comes to merging timelines, that is also dangerous because people have NO idea what that actually even means in the grand scheme of things. If they actually work, then know that you aren’t just unlocking the power you possessed in the past, you would also be unlocking the ISSUES of that past life, the emotions, the imbalances, all of the memories that come with it. This can cause huge blockages and stagnancy if you weren’t ready to deal with all of that. It can also morph your personality to call in past selves. Be VERY careful if you do that. This is why the akashics exist, so that you can go THERE to recall past lives and not do so within this realm at all.

People really don’t know what they be asking for when they ask for something like that. Tapping into past lifetimes within this realm, will bring EVERYTHING with it. There’s no way to filter things out or stop it once it begins to come in. You will be faced with EVERYTHING from that past life and at that point it will be up to you to sink or swim through the challenges. Once you open that floodgate, there is no way to turn back or turn around, there’s no way to shut it down. I focus on power here because most people on this journey are on it for the wrong reasons, they egotistically seek power more than anything else. Yet what they don’t realize is that with power comes GREAT responsibility and heavy as fuck is the head that wears the crown. With power comes great challenges and responsibility to the entire collective. So be VERY fucking careful what you wish for cuz this kitchen is made of fire and you just may end up getting burnt.

This is also why I always tell people to be careful what they wish for or are trying to manifest. People really have NO idea what comes with this, what the process is, or what they are REALLY asking for. If you aren’t in alignment with what you have asked for- you pretty much just gave the universe a green light to align you. This can be a very intense ass road, depending on how far out of alignment you are compared to what you have asked for. Whatever is within you that has kept you out of alignment WILL be brought to the surface to be dealt with and released. Once EVERYTHING has been released, you will finally be in the space to receive. It doesn’t work any other way. People think they know what magic (magick) is- they think that writing petitions is all it takes, they think lighting candles is all that needs to happen, they think crafting spells is all the work that needs to be done- all of these people would be sadly mistaken. All these things- magick, prayer, petitions, spellcasting, it is ALL the SAME SHIT- energy work. Someone who’s good at this “magick” shit, is someone who is good at directing, raising, manipulating, draining, or wielding energy. THAT IS ALL THAT IT IS. Fuck all the other labels you want to place on yourself and the boxes you have put yourself in- fundamentally, it is all the same and it all boils down to ENERGY WORK. This is why I choose the word alchemist to describe myself and nothing else, because I do not place myself in the confines of this system.

There are universal laws at play here when it comes to energy, and everything in this universe is made of energy or frequency. Frequencies must be matched. What does that mean? That means that YOU must embody the frequency of whatever you are asking for. Abundance and prosperity resonate at very high levels- right up there with gratitude. The highest frequency one can embody is that of unconditional love, but most people in this world do not resonate there. The closest they can get to is the frequency of gratitude. The highest frequency is one that we should all strive to reach, but this is difficult work for most- it means going in deep, integrating the shadow, doing inner child healing, finding absolute self-love within, and then radiating that love outward. Most people don’t want to do the work necessary to truly love themselves, so the highest point they will reach is that of gratitude. Gratitude is the next best level though, and it’s where I tell most people to focus because self-love work isn’t for the meek or weak! Those of you wishing to attain the highest levels, your path will not be an easy one, but the rewards of this path far outweigh the work one must endure.

To wrap this all up though, just know that everything, including you, vibrates at very specific frequencies. Not all frequencies are good to listen to, and some will even fuck you up or keep you in a place of stagnancy. Stick to the safer sounds of sound bowls for when you are meditating or doing healing work. If you’re on this journey for the wrong reasons, know that you will be broken. There is no room for ego when you seek out the highest frequency of unconditional love. Your ego will be completely broken down and integrated well before you reach the highest frequency for they cannot co-exist together. Those of you seeking power and choosing to remain in your egos will NEVER reach higher levels- you cannot be trusted with that power and what you do with the little power given to you has been a test from the universe. Those of you who choose to stay ego driven will never acquire higher levels of power. Last but not least, be very careful what you wish for because the universe is always conspiring in our favor to give us what we want- we just don’t always realize what comes with what we’ve asked for. This journey can be very grueling, but those of you who choose to do the work and fully align with your highest selves will reap rewards that you couldn’t begin to imagine.

Choose wisely.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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