Fasting and Detoxing

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There are certain times of the year that fasting and detoxing the body is VERY necessary to do in order to avoid vibrational flu. The two times of the year where these energies begin their journey to culmination is at the turn into the Spring and Fall seasons. The beginning of these seasons starts activation season. During this time, we are being primed for the activations that will come in with the eclipse season. Now eclipse season USED to coincide with the solstice energies- not anymore. We no longer get a break and I have watched over the last few years as our window for a break has gotten smaller and smaller. Next year we won’t get a break between ascension periods at all. It is important to know about this and prepare yourself for ascension.

You should also be doing meditations and affirmations EVERY day (if you don't know how to meditate, go find my beginner's meditations blog). You may endure rapid ascension as the spring and fall times are a ripe time for this due to planetary occurrences- especially the eclipses. This means that you need to keep your vessel clean and ready to receive the high resonating energies that will be lighting your chakra system up. That being said if you want to AVOID vibrational flu and feeling sick AF, please make sure that you are keeping fast, please make sure you keep to your daily schedule, and make sure you’re being consistent. During this time, you should be doing daily meditations and communing with your spirit squads while fasting and detoxing your mind, body, and spirit at this time.

This fasting and detoxing serves various purposes. Yes, it will keep your vessel high vibrational which will ensure you don’t feel sick, but there is also discipline happening with this exercise. Discipline of the mind and emotions on higher levels will be needed for spiritual ascension to happen. We learn how to discipline and control those aspects of ourselves by learning how to first control and discipline our body vessels. This is why fasting and detoxing is really so important to master. Mastering this aspect of yourself will lead to self-mastery in other ways. If you can’t master and learn how to control what you put into your body, it will be difficult to master more advanced concepts and teachings that spirit teaches you later on. If you can’t control what you are putting in your hands and then into your mouth, you will have a hard time grasping other concepts of self-control on this journey. This is one of the simplest things to start with.

So, what does this fast look like?



The most common question I get is: Is dairy OK? Yes, dairy is ok. If you wanted to do a cleanse for health though, I would also cut out dairy AND sugar because both of those things contribute to feeding bad bacteria and disease. The reason why eggs aren't OK is because of the life that it could have been. When I have my students fast, another aspect is that they cannot take a life- no matter how small. They aren't allowed to kill bugs even. That being said, if you had your own chickens, that you knew for sure were virgin chickens that had NEVER been around a rooster- you could eat your eggs. Yet, we cannot tell where our eggs come from when we buy them. There is a slight chance that an egg can be fertilized and if it were, that would be breaking of fast because you took a life.

Also, be mindful of the ingredients list of everything you buy. Some products may have animal byproducts in it that you may not realize are animal byproducts- for instance, gelatin, unless specified that it is vegan, is often made from animal byproducts. Be mindful of the ingredients in everything you buy. There are so many things we CAN eat during this time so do not get discouraged. Try following some vegan or vegetarian pages so that you can get ideas for meals. There is so much goodness to try, if you just know where to find those recipes. For inspiration, check out the Black Rican Vegan on IG- she just put out a cookbook which you can get on Amazon for under 20 bucks! Here's some of my favorite resource books for fasting and detoxing. The Juicing Bible has SO much awesome information, I highly suggest that you get a copy of that one too. 

Here's also one of my favorite youtube channels, but the possibilities are endless! 

Sauce Stache - YouTube

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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