Empaths: Disempowered vs. Empowered

Hey Soul Fam!

There are many people within this realm who are empaths. Being empathic is even a signifier of Equalizer souls, but like I’ve said before- while all Equalizers are empaths, not all empaths are Equalizers. Empathic abilities allow you to become one with the world around you and with nature itself. For mortal souls, it is one of the pinnacles of advancement. The more you are at one with the world and nature itself, the better off you are. Yet, there are many of you that walk around scared and disempowered of who you are and what you have the abilities to do. I get it, I used to be you- and growing up catholic didn’t help, it just made me scared of myself. Being indoctrinated into western religions will scare you when it comes to your abilities because these abilities are spoken of in negative ways. What is most interesting to me is that EVERY fucking story in western religions have been stolen from the east and Hinduism, yet Hindus do not see these gifts as demonic. In fact, they call the pinnacle of these gifts, the gifts of the Equalizers siddhis. These are gifts that are bestowed upon us by the gods themselves, yet in western traditions, they have been demonized and taken out of the texts all together. Why? I’ll let you all think about that notion freely and on your own. Either way, the truths have been hidden.

There are many of you who are terrified of becoming empowered because you are scared of what that means for you. You are scared of stepping into who you really are but know and understand that if you are blessed with empathic abilities, there is not stopping its growth or evolution. There is no way to turn off the switch and magically stop ascension. As time goes on, your gifts will grow and there is nothing you can do to stop this growth and awakening from happening. Like I always say, these gifts are like a raging bull. You can either choose to take that bull by the horns and ride that shit, becoming empowered in the process, or you can choose to remain disempowered and get trampled by the bull- the choice is yours. Yet, I highly suggest that you take it by the horns and learn to ride that bitch. Now, there are many empathic abilities and the most common that people think of is the Emotional Empath, but I’m here to tell you that there are 11 different types of empathic abilities that someone could possess. Some of these abilities ties in with the clairsenses, and some of them don’t. If you want to read up on this, check out my blog on Empath Abilities here: Empathic Abilities – Luna Estrellas Botanica (lebotanica.com) 

As an empath, it is very easy to become overwhelmed by certain things such as large crowds, rushing things, too much socializing, and chemical sensitivities. You may be an introvert and prefer to spend a lot of time alone. You may feel trapped when you attend social events. Then there are all the emotions and feelings that come along with being in crowds and being among people. Too much socializing in big crowds can feel especially overwhelming and draining. It can be extremely overwhelming because we constantly pick up on the emotions of others- which can also be dangerous for those of you who choose to internalize emotions that don’t belong to you. For some of us, there is sensitivity when it comes to loud noises or sounds- everything seems extra loud. Due to many of us being sensitive to sounds, we are extremely avoidant of arguments and loud speaking as well. For others, there are sensitivities that happen within the physical body like high blood pressure or chemical sensitives. Due to this, stressful environments can feel extra harsh on the body. Some of us also can’t eat or digest certain foods- especially processed foods, and many will turn to cleaner eating or become vegetarian/vegan due to this.

Personally, when I began reawakening my chakra system at 20, I experienced a LOT of shit. I couldn’t be out in public for long periods of time. My entire friend circle changed, and I released everyone who was chaotic in any way because I could no longer stand that energy. Then there were also the headaches I got from being in public places full of people. I couldn’t be at the mall for longer than an hour without a migraine headache coming over me. It was bad. I always knew when I was getting close to that because at around the 45 minute mark, I would start to feel it coming on. Needless to say, I learned how to become a VERY quick shopper, and that’s something that I still carry today even though I longer feel those symptoms. Then there were the waves I felt whenever I was sensing someone else’s emotions. It was an interesting time, but what helped me immensely was being extremely self-aware which is something each of you will have to develop in becoming an empowered empath. 

There are many characteristics or traits that unempowered empaths tend to carry such as:

  • being a people pleaser or a pushover
  • being emotional sponges to everyone and everything around them
  • having a hard time setting boundaries with others
  • not feeling seen or heard by others
  • attracting narcissist and energy vampires into their lives
  • having a hard time saying no to others
  • feeling drained all the time or constantly feeling exhausted
  • likely to carry co-dependency traits and behavior patterns
  • feeling confused or lost about who you are
  • may easily get sucked into negative friend groups with people who aren’t good for you
  • may easily get stuck in negative cycles with others
  • internalizes the emotions of others
  • does not practice self-love or self-care
  • is not aware of the energy that they carry that isn’t theirs
  • does not practice protection of their aura
  • does not spiritually cleanse themselves daily or weekly

While this isn’t a characteristic or trait, it should be noted that all underdeveloped empaths tend to internalize the emotions of others. It’s not that they mean to, but it just naturally happens when we aren’t self-aware. The problem with this though is that baby empaths usually feel lower resonating emotions that other people carry the strongest (while still unempowered and underdeveloped). I call this our built in defense mechanism though because we tend to feel the more negative emotions that people carry the strongest, we will usually avoid them. This is really meant to keep us safe and out of danger. Whenever we get around certain energy, our body hits that panic button and we go into panic mode- which commonly brings about anxiety or panic attacks. This is what keeps us safe and away from negative energies and people.

Yet, due to not knowing how to release and let go of those energies, baby empaths tend to internalize them and make them their own. This will often physically begin to manifest in your body, and it isn’t uncommon to suffer from neck, throat, shoulder, or back pains which are caused by carrying others emotions. This body pain will persist until you take control of your aura, and you cleanse it with a salt bath or shower. The lower the pain goes, the more you are carrying. This is a pain that begins in the neck/throat area and then moves to the shoulders, and then the upper back, and then it travels down the back, the more that you carry. The more your body hurts, the more cleansing will need to be done initially to break up and release those energies. Depending on how low your pain resonates, you will need to do baths back to back for 3-5 days straight to rid yourself of all of those energies. EVERY empath should practice self-care by taking control of their auras and cleansing them at least on a weekly basis. If you work in a horrible environment and have not perfected auric shielding yet, then I highly recommend carrying crystals and doing daily cleansing showers. For bath directions, you can visit my blog here: Preparing a Cleansing Spiritual Bath – Luna Estrellas Botanica (lebotanica.com) 

Now that we know what it is like to be disempowered, how is it when we become empowered empaths? When an empath is empowered, they tend to move much more differently. 

An empowered empath is:

  • full of energy and don’t allow themselves to be drained
  • they are great manifesters and know how to bring in the things they desire
  • they set clear and healthy boundaries with everyone around them
  • they feel balanced
  • they feel grounded
  • they feel clear-headed
  • they have a sense of confidence
  • they acknowledge their needs
  • they meet uplifting people who resonate on their levels (think Soul Family)
  • they attract respectful relationships
  • they do what they love which further creates abundance into their lives
  • they practice self-love and self-care
  • they are mindful of the energies they carry within them
  • they do not internalize the emotions of others- they acknowledge and release
  • they can not be lied to or led astray by others
  • their senses are impeccable, and they pick up on subtle emotional cues
  • they are the masters of their aura and do not allow it to be penetrated
  • they take care of themselves energetically and cleanse themselves 

What can an empath do to maintain balance within them? 

  • Detoxing the body and choosing to eat more healthier is a great way of keeping your body temple in a higher frequency.
  • Drinking plenty of water also helps with keeping your body generating that bioelectricity.
  • Doing auric clearing meditations is an excellent way to keep your aura clear of negative energies. For beginners meditations, see below.
  • Doing auric shielding exercises on a daily basis. For beginners meditations, you can go here: Meditation for Beginners – Luna Estrellas Botanica (lebotanica.com)
  • Doing a weekly salt bath or shower. For instructions go to my blog.
  • Burning herbs to cleanse your space of negative energies- rosemary or cedar is cheap and common. Avoid buying white sage or palo santo as they are endangered.
  • Carrying crystals with you whenever you leave your home (especially crystals for protection). I highly suggest black tourmaline or black obsidian.
  • Reenforcing the protection of your space with the use of trinkets, crystals, smoke, or salt. Though you can also do auric protection of your space which is best.
  • Saying positive affirmations on a daily basis.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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