Burnout: What is it and How to Cope?

Hey Soul Family,

The collective has been feeling super icky lately and I’ve realized that this is due to so many people currently feeling burnt out. The way we burn ourselves out is really due to our inability to tap into our divine feminine energies. These are the energies of resting, renewal, rejuvenation, restoration, and receiving. Without this crucial balance, what happens is that we tend to get burnt TF out- usually feeling depleted, stuck, and resentful. Once we begin getting burnt out, we experience symptoms that can range from mild to severe. These symptoms are not just physical either, they are more often than not emotionally based.

On my journey I have had to learn how to allow myself to rest, without guilt or shame for doing so. This balance is so very necessary to our growth and evolution as well. Without this phase, the resting phase, we do not allow ourselves the time or space to build any more new energies. People who burn themselves out are always going and going, never allowing themselves to replenish their energy reserves. Eventually, the energy reserves run out and you begin to pour from an empty cup. At that point, symptoms will usually begin to heighten and get worse until you realize that your real issue is that you have not rested or renewed yourself.

This is a balance that you will have to continue to be mindful of as you journey towards your highest self. You will have to become even more vigilant about getting burnt out once you begin to walk in your purpose. I have learned that it is SO much easier to lose yourself and retain this balance when you do feel fulfilled. This is due to the fact that work starts to feel fun, and not very much like work at all. This is when you have to be even more careful about balance. It is when work becomes fun that you must remember even more so to get the rest that you need and deserve. Balance is something that we must be mindful of and cultivate within us as we continue on our journey.

What does being burnt out mean though? Burn out by definition, means “exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.” Burnout is a very normal thing that most of us go through, again many of us have issues with embodying the divine feminine. Yet, we can end up experiencing adverse effects if we allow this to continue or it is left unchecked. Initially, the symptoms of burnout are quite subtle, but as time passes, it can worsen. Each person who reads this will need to become mindful of what it feels like to get burned out. What does this feel like for you? What are your most common traits or coping strategies?

There can be various reasons for us to end up burnout. This may be due to your work environment or personal life. Here is a list of the most common factors that lead to showing symptoms of burnout:

  • feeling emotionally exhausted
  • stressing out over every little thing
  • taking on too much at once
  • not knowing how to say no
  • not knowing how to set boundaries with people
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • trying to live up to everyone’s expectations
  • suffering from insomnia
  • leading an unhealthy lifestyle
  • being more negative or having a pessimistic perspective
  • stressing more over perfection
  • lacking a proper schedule or routine

What are some symptoms of being burnt out?

  • Increasingly feeling irritable and as though you’re on a short fuse
  • Less enjoyment of activities you previously liked
  • Procrastination and stagnation
  • You may feel useless or worthless
  • Becoming increasingly cynical and negative
  • Lack of concentration and motivation
  • Unhealthy eating and drinking habits start to form
  • You start believing things will change, rather than having a plan to change them
  • Your motivation levels are dropping, and productivity is low
  • Physical symptoms such as: physical exhaustion, chest pain, shortness of breath, headache, heart palpitations
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Feeling less engaged than normal
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling disconnected from others
  • Not sleeping well or experiencing insomnia
  • You stop taking care of your health
  • Low immunity
  • You may feel sad, disappointed, or frustrated
  • You may begin to get depressed
  • At the very worst- suicidal ideation

How do you overcome burnout?

  • Get down to the nitty gritty of why you allow yourself to get burnt out- is it perfectionism, is it your inability to delegate, is it that you don't allow yourself to receive any help? What is making you overextend youself?
  • Don’t strain yourself or take on more work than you should 
  • Take frequent breaks while you work so that you don't get overwhelmed
  • Only schedule what you need to do, do not overwhelm yourself, and set limits on the amount of work you will do when
  • Do things that make you happy, in fact make yourself a joy list ( a list of a dozen activities that bring joy to your inner child, teen, or adult self)
  • Make time for your hobbies
  • Make time to socialize with your friends or support group
  • Make some time to connect with nature
  • Take back control by making a schedule
  • Prioritize having work-life balance and actually stick to this- if you have a problem sticking to this, set an alarm or a weekly event on your calendar to help remind you to keep balance
  • Choose at least 1 day a week to practice self care
  • Choose at least 1 day a week to REST and do NOTHING else on that day

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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  • This one really hit home. I am grateful Luna for all you do! Mucho Amor!!


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