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I’ve been in deep ascension work and training, so I haven’t really been keeping up with blogs. There was a HUGE shift at the end of the year that came in with eclipse season and the winter solstice energies. Many of us are still feeling the effects of these shifts. With that being said, there have been many of you that have been dealing with activations and downloads pummeling your crown and 6th chakras. There have been so many times where I have tapped collective energies only to feel the migraines, headaches, and spiritual pressure people have been feeling due to these activations. Other common symptoms have been dizziness, feeling disconnected, spiritually high, like your head is going to float away, or disassociation. For those dealing with disassociation, please check out my blog for more information and tips to help cope and combat that. You can check out that blog here: Dissociation + Your Journey – Luna Estrellas Botanica (

For those of you feeling dizzy and disconnected though, and those of you feeling pressure building up in your heads, this is due to the overflow of activation energies trapped within the upper chakras. To help with mitigating these symptoms there are 2 options that you can go with, depending on what you would like to do with the energy. For those of you who don’t care about upgrading, evolution, spiritual ascension, or growth- you can ground the energy into the earth. To ground your energy, check out my blog on beginners meditations. For those of you who would like to keep the energy, you will have to learn how to circulate it so that it can be dissipated throughout your entire chakra system. This dissipation allows you to transmute and absorb the energies in a way that is less painful than if you leave it trapped in the upper chakras. These exercises will take some work to master. As with all meditative exercises, practice will make perfect. I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you begin with setting up a proper meditation foundation though, and begin with the beginners meditations that I have posted within another blog here: Meditation for Beginners – Luna Estrellas Botanica (

NOTE: The following exercises should ONLY be practiced after you have become adept at foundational power breathing, grounding, and auric shielding. These 2 exercises are NOT for beginners. DO NOT attempt to do these exercises before you have become good at the foundational exercises. Trying or attempting these two exercises without setting the proper foundation FIRST may leave you frustrated. There is a very good chance that you will fail without a proper foundation set first. That being said, before you get frustrated, go and set a proper foundation and go practice your foundational power meditations. Those of you dealing with ascension symptoms who would like to direct the energy through their chakra system at some point- practice the basics first. Once you become good with your foundational exercises, you can move onto these.

WARNING: Using these exercises to circulate energy through your chakra system can cause vibrational flu and spiritual ascension symptoms to occur.



To make full use of your abilities in energy work, it is very important to become familiar with the actual energy: sensing it, how to absorb it, detect it, send it out, direct it, and manipulate it. This comes with meditating, sensitizing yourself to it and working with it. You will be able to feel this energy often, just by becoming aware of it. Awareness is the key to advancement in this ability and power. To begin this exercise, begin with your foundational breathing and once your body is calm, you can proceed with your visualizations.

  1. Begin with your foundational breathing exercise. Once you have calmed your body down, you can stop counting and turn your awareness to the energies on the left side of your body, then turn your attention to your right side.
  2. Direct the energy from one side to the other side and then bring it from both sides to meet in the middle of your body (at the solar plexus). You do this by focusing your mind and concentrating on the middle of your torso. You should almost immediately feel energy at your solar plexus chakra point. Wherever the mind is focused with intention, the energy will follow there though, so focus at your body’s center.
  3. Once that is completed and you feel the energy at your center, you will expand the energy past your body and into your aura and then contract the energy back into the solar plexus- do this a few times. When the energy is expanded into your aura, focus your attention to your aura, what does that energy feel like to you? Make a mental note of this and then proceed. Contract the energy back to the center.
  4. Turn your attention now to the left side of the body, expand and contract the energy within the left side a few times as you just did into the aura. Then turn your attention to the right side of your body and expand and contract the energy within the right side a few timers. Do this until both sides of your body feel balanced. Once they feel balanced, bring the energies on the left and right sides together and back to the center solar plexus point.
  5. Next turn your attention to the front of your body. Concentrate and feel the energy from the front of your body, and then the back of your body. Expand and contract the energies as you did with the left and right sides, repeating the same steps as described above. Once they feel balanced, bring the energy back to the center point.
  6. Next you will turn your attention to the top half and bottom half of your body. Concentrate and feel the energy from above your waist, and then you will concentrate on the energy below your waist. Expand and contract these energies, repeating the same steps as described above. Once they feel balanced, bring the energy back to the center point.
  7. Next, focus your attention to your entire body. Practice expanding and contracting your aura several times as you would with the auric expanding and contracting exercise. Expand and contract the energy a few times, and then bring it back to the center point.
  8. Lastly, concentrate on the whole body and on feeling the energy your aura for a few minutes. What does this energy feel like? Make a mental note of this.

The above constitutes one round. Do this practice daily until you have mastered it.

NOTES: This is an excellent exercise for learning how to direct energy at will and an exercise that must be mastered for more advanced practices as you go forward. Practice this meditation on a daily basis. The more you practice it, the better you will become. This is a foundational practice that is especially important for those of you who are healers and who will need to learn how to direct energies through your body and into the bodies of others. This is also important to learn for those who want to imbue their energies into anything. This exercise is necessary for learning how to properly direct energies through your body, which will become especially beneficial as you experience the ascension process and will have to deal with crown activations. 



This meditation exercise will be extremely important to master as you continue on your ascension journey. We often get activated at the crown or 6th chakra levels, and without learning how to circulate this energy throughout the body, the pressure will tend to build up in your head. This often leads to headaches and migraines and will continue to get worse until you learn how to either ground the energy or circulate the energy. For those of you who are serious about your spiritual ascension, you should be circulating this energy, as circulating it will help to unlock all of the minor chakra gateways in your body. Practice this meditation until you master it.

  1. Focus on the top of your head, the crown chakra point. Allow yourself to tune into it and sit for a few minutes while meditating and concentrating on this chakra point. You may feel it as a sort of crawling sensation, tingling, or pressure. This is normal. Tune into the built up energy that has been stored at this point.
  2. Next, you are going to visualize and direct this energy to move down your body. You want to move this energy from the crown chakra to the root chakra point.
  3. Keep circulating the energy back and forth, up and down the main chakra system for as long as you wish. When you are ready, you will direct this energy to your heart chakra point.
  4. Focus and concentrate on the energy within your heart space, and then you will direct the energy down your arms and to the palms of your hands. Bring the energy from your palms back to the heart space. Circulate this energy back and forth a few times. Always bringing the energy back to your heart chakra point.
  5. Focus and concentrate on the energy within your heart space and then send that energy down your legs and to your feet. Bring the energy back to your heart space. Circulate this energy back and forth a few times. Always bringing the energy back to your heart chakra point.
  6. Focus and concentrate on the energy within your heart space and then visualize and direct that energy throughout the entire body- down to your fingertips and toes. Imagine it spreading across your entire physical body, dispersing itself everywhere and across every inch of your body.

The above constitutes one round. Do this practice daily until you have mastered it.

NOTES: This exercise will enable you to control and direct energy within you after you have experienced activations. Once you master circulating your energy, you will establish muscle memory of the mind. This mental muscle memory will occur over time with all of your meditative exercises once they are mastered though. This will allow you to be able to quickly focus up and down your body and disperse the energy in a quick and efficient manner. Practice this exercise until it is mastered and do this exercise whenever you are being hit with activations to your chakra system (especially the crown).


Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas





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