Ascension + Communing with Spirits

Hey Soul Fam!

Today we’re going to get into the aspects of our spiritual journey. Those of you who don’t know me, don’t know that I was raised Catholic. I started my spiritual journey when I was 8 years old and going through my first communion. Unlike my fellow classmates, I was the nerd, the ever curious child, and an avid reader. I dissected the fuck out of the bible with the eyes of an objective observer. By the time I was 11, I was preparing for confirmation, and I had SO many questions about every discrepancy I had found. I mean, I poured hours into studying that book and cross-referencing sections. My questions were never answered to my satisfaction though, so at 11 years old, I dropped out of my confirmation class. I figured that if the priest, who’s only job was to KNOW this book, couldn’t answer my questions, then I didn’t want to be confirmed to that religion. Around the same time I was reading all sorts of religious and spiritual texts, unbeknownst to me, I was preparing for my ascension which would begin taking place the very next year when I was 12. By the time I was 13, my chakra system was open and lit up and I had all sorts of goddesses coming to commune with me. This was scary as fuck. I didn’t know about any of them, and the things I could do scared me. No one ever knew the extent of what I could do outside of my immediate family- and I hid aspects of myself from them too.

By the time I was 14, I was experiencing way too much and had to be energetically shut down. The universe provided someone who could do that, and so my crown and 6th chakras were closed (which had to be done twice because the first time didn’t take). This severed my connection and I could go on being normal. I stayed in this state for 6 years until I began meditating at 20 and reopening my chakra system. In those years, I studied trying to figure myself out. What was I? That was a question that had plagued my mind since I was a little girl. Yet, it wasn’t until I was well in my 30’s that I actually received all that knowledge. Without a mentor as a child, I had a hard time accepting myself and who I was. According to the holy bible, I was a demon. I could never wrap my head around that though. So I searched and I read. I spent most of my life studying for this shit, because I needed answers. That aspect has always driven me on my journey. What I have learned as a grown woman though is that everyone’s journey is theirs and theirs alone. NO two people will have the same journey, sure there may be similarities and things that overlap here and there- but NO TWO JOURNEY’S ARE THE SAME!

A major aspect of why our journey’s are not the same is our psyche. A big part of this journey is self-actualization, yet in order to reach transcendence, we have to deal with ourselves emotionally. Our wounds are different. The order in which they will present themselves are different. The ways in which they will present themselves are different. Our shadow working road maps are never the same. People will deal with something if and only if they are ready to deal with it. Using psychology to rebalance the emotions and mind is an extremely crucial part of ascension and one cannot ascend past certain levels without this necessary step. Check my blogs out about shadow working and self-actualization for more information about this.

One thing that I have learned on this journey is that fundamentally- MEDITATION is the root and foundation to all of spirituality. We must all begin this journey with setting up a good meditation foundation because meditation is how we listen to the universe. Prayer/spells/petitions are all aspects of the divine masculine- something that you do, you are speaking into the universe. Yet meditation is when you sit and are still, in silence and focus, allowing yourself to receive messages from the universe- meditation is the aspect of the divine feminine. One cannot go far on this journey without establishing good mediation habits. Without the ability to meditate you will never gain the ability to receive, and to listen.

How do you know when your higher self is speaking versus your lower self? In the beginning this can be very confusing. It will take some time and practice to learn how to decipher your ego voice from the voice of your higher self. Ask yourself some questions though to help you navigate this. What is it saying? Is what they are saying keeping you in a place of comfort, a place of stagnancy, a place where you are safe? Is what they are saying challenging you, making you feel uncomfortable and bringing you out of your comfort zone? If it is comforting you and keeping you safe- then that’s your ego speaking. If it is challenging you and making you leave your comfort zone, that’s your higher self. When you are in ACTUAL danger, you feel it in your GUT. Its an uneasy feeling, like something bad is going to happen. Those of you with even stronger senses can pinpoint exactly where that energy is coming from. The ego, which is tied to your cognitive dissonance, does not like change or emotional turmoil and will try to save you from that. This is both good and bad, because while it saved you from being completely damaged as a child and adolescence, it keeps us stagnant as adults. Learning to trust your intuition takes practice, but the more you do it, the stronger that connection will become.

How do you get to that place? By communing with your spirit squad. We all have spirit squads, and within those spirit squads are our guides, protectors, animals, and ancestors. We all have “god parents” so to speak- the gods and goddesses who preside over us, guide and protect us. Everyone’s spirit squad is different, but I want to make a quick point about ancestors and working with ancestors. While I am not against this, I know the dangers of this. During my studies I have read that people need to be careful about their ancestors. Some say to be very careful when calling upon them and using the words “my ancestors who resonate within my highest good”. It wasn’t until I began my astral and etheric travels that I found out WHY this is a thing. What people don’t realize is that we are all one. You, reading this right now- I AM YOU, AND YOU ARE ME- at different degrees. We all come from source and are all interconnected in ways many people couldn’t begin to imagine, especially because we live in such a divisive world. Yet, we are all connected, and everything comes full circle. That being said, your ancestors, are my ancestors and vice versa. When we call upon ancestors, we call upon the “pool of ancestors”, and not just our individual ancestors from THIS lifetime- we’re actually calling upon them all collectively. This can be a bad thing if you don’t use the right words because we no longer hold our memories from past lifetimes in this realm- but in the etheric realms, all is known, and nothing is forgotten. That being said, you may have done something to someone 3 lifetimes ago and if their energy hasn’t reincarnated and is still in the pool, they can fuck with you if you call upon “all” of your ancestors. When working with ancestors be very careful and always make sure that you use the right words.

I have certain rules and regulations about working with the great gods and goddesses of the universe. Personally, I have never and would never call upon one that has not come forward to me. Seriously, they chose me, I didn’t choose them. This is how it has been for me since I was a child, and I don’t see myself changing that. I find it to be disrespectful as fuck to think you can just call upon their energy whenever you choose to. What gives you the right to demand their time? Do they even know you? Have they shown up in your life and called upon you? If they haven’t then I wouldn’t meddle. That’s not to say that we don’t each have “god parents” because we do, and they will usually make themselves known to you. You will usually carry some of their characteristics. They will resonate deeply within your soul, but how do you find that out? You go through your spirit guides! Ask them to guide you and show you how to reach your god parents. Ask your god parents to come forth and reveal themselves to you. On this journey, one must get in the habit of asking for help, clarity, and guidance, because closed mouths do not get fed. Furthermore, it is your words and thoughts that powers your spirit guides. They can’t make moves unless YOU ask them to do so. They can literally move mountains for you, but you have to be willing to ask for help and guidance.

For those of you who are on your spiritual journey, you will be experiencing many ascension symptoms. There will be times where you will feel like you are dying. Those of you who ascend even higher and get claimed or crowned by your god parents will experience etheric death. Ascending hurts like a motherfucker, I can not and will not sugar coat that. I can not begin to describe the physical pain that one will endure during this process. Yet there are ways to help ease the transitions and learning how to keep your body detoxed and within higher frequencies will become a thing. At this point, I spend a lot of the year in a state of fasting and detoxing. What does that mean for me? No meat or animal by-products, no alcohol, no sex or masturbation, no tv, no ratchet music. This helps to keep my mind, body, and soul within a higher vibration, and helps when my body is being lit the fuck up with activations. At some point, you will experience the want or need to detox on these levels too. It is a natural part of the process. The higher you ascend, the more you will have to stay within higher frequency.

During spiritual ascension you will also experience shifts in your sensitivities and spiritual gifts. Clairsenses are the innate gifts of these earthly vessels- EVERYONE has the ability to tap into their clairsenses and turn those dials up. Empathic abilities on the other hand are not. Empathic abilities is what mortal souls are supposed to ascend to- their main mission here is to become one with nature and Gaia. Them reaching their empathic abilities helps them to commune with her on an even deeper level. The Equalizers (twin flames) all have empathic abilities though. Remember in my history lesson I said all equalizers are empaths but not all empaths are equalizers. On this journey, your gifts will open up and your senses will become heightened. The more you practice and develop these things, the better they will become. What is lesser known though are the gifts we receive from the great gods and goddesses. These are gifts that we receive for the good works we complete, being helpful to the collective, choosing to ascend gracefully, sacrifices we have made. These are gifts that are meant to help us on our journey and to complete our missions. It is absolutely beautiful to receive these gifts, but they can be easily taken back should we choose to misuse them or become ego driven. The great gods and goddesses do not play. The same way they have given you something, they will take it away should you choose to squander your power and do shit you have no business doing. This isn’t just gifts though, they can shut down your whole chakra system and severe your connection to the etheric realms itself should you choose to step out line and step into your ego. There is no room for ego on this journey.

Last but not least we’re going to get into some demonology. Last summer, I experienced what I could only describe as battle training. For the first time in my life, I saw, heard, and sensed demonic presences of all kinds. Being highly protected, I have never in my life actually been attacked by a demon, but last summer was real as fuck. I saw demons that I didn’t even know existed. I saw shit that people have NO idea about- low level demons, mid-level demons and entities, and the high level demons. I found out that that fae were fucking demons. I found out there are high level demons called deceptors who have the ability to mimic the appearance, sounds, and resonance of higher vibrational beings. I found out that these demons in particular speak to MANY people here and many people are working with these demons thinking that they are angels or gods. Empath and clairsentience training must be done in order to get to a place where you cant be lied to by these things because you have to be able to get past their outer resonance and into their inner signature. People work with and call upon demons all the damn time and don’t even know it. This is why auric shielding is one of the FIRST meditations I teach everyone. Auric shielding is what will keep you protected from even being sensed or targeted by demons of any kind.

You know what’s interesting to me? The higher that I have ascended, the more my guides and the gods tell me to just let shit go. They do NOT allow me to go into or stay within lower frequencies of any kind. They have always told me to give it to them and release it. Don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of it, just be still and watch, but do nothing. When you resonate on high ass levels, they never want you to leave that space. They would NEVER give me the green light to do destructive works towards someone else. They would NEVER let me work energy against someone else. They don’t even want me arguing. This journey is all about emotional detachment at its highest levels- not being fazed by either words of malice nor words of praise. Neither matters in the grand scheme of things. That being said, if you’re being told to strike at someone- that’s a demon talking honey! Demons feed off of low frequency and vibration and will keep you at those levels. They want to siphon all that energy. Personally, 24 gods and goddesses reside in my home from various pantheons- Hindu, Yoruba, Asian, Greek, and Indigenous. NONE of them would ever greenlight some egotistical fuckery. They would never allow me to sit in my lower emotions, ego, or work darkness against someone else. They handle that shit for me and I don’t even have to do a damn thing but sit back and watch. That being said, be VERY mindful of who you commune with and what they are telling you to do. If you’re being told to work dark spells, or to work darkness against another, if you are being told to just get that person back and get revenge, if you are being told to not turn the other cheek but clap back- you’re communing with a demon and it’s more than likely the deceptor kind. You believe its something else, but I can assure you that it is NOT.

Please heed my messages and warnings. This is coming from someone who is an Equalizer, someone who is a child of chaos, born and bred in both absolute darkness and light. The darkness that resides within me would scare the shit out of most of you. Yet, in order for me to wield at my most powerful point- I must wield from a place higher than zero point, a point that I call controlled chaos. You can NOT reach this point when you sit in ego- both aspects of yourself must be fully mastered and under control. It MUST be in balance. You won’t even get unlocked to these levels until you have mastered that inner balance, until you have mastered your emotions and until you reach a point where you can not and will not be swayed by your emotions. The destruction energy that resides within us, must be wielded from a controlled state- there is no other way. There is no room for ego or low resonating emotions- there is no room for anger, rage, depression, hurt, pain, jealousy, revenge, greed, lust, control, possessiveness, blame, insecurity, victim mentality, frustration, or impatience. These are emotions that make a lot of people want to hurt other people. There is no room for that on this journey though, nor will higher powered entities ever green light or allow you to sit in those frequencies. They want the BEST for you, the best is tied to your HIGHEST self, and your highest self resides within higher emotions. That being said, be VERY careful when communing with entities outside of your actual spirit guides. There are things that exist in this world that many people have no idea about, and when you are untrained and underdeveloped you can be easily lied to. Don’t let that be you.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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