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We’re going to get into alien talk today because this is something that needs to be demystified within this eon. First and foremost, there have NEVER been aliens who reside on other planets. It isn’t the way each system was or is constructed. The planets that exist within a system, exist to energetically influence the earthly realm- each vibrating at specific frequencies. There ARE collective memories of “aliens” though descending from the sky in systems 1-4, but that is only because the beings entering the atmosphere were PERCIEVED as aliens- and not because they actually WERE aliens. They weren’t aliens at all though- they were what we now call Twin Flames, but I like to call them the Equalizers. Yet, they were called aliens as they were foreign to the land and looked different. There are many collective memories of this occurring, yet most people don’t remember the actual truth.

I have already written an account of the equalizers and how and why we come to this realm, and how we have been perceived depending on the system and eon. After futile attempts to help the mortal souls through descending into the earth realm, we started being sent through reincarnation within mortal vessels. This approach stripped us of some of our power within this realm as inhabiting these vessels brings us to a place of lower, earthly, 3D frequencies. It also helped us position ourselves where we could actually be of help to this realm.

People speak of star seeds, but that doesn’t exist. Earth angels don’t exist. Demon/human hybrids don’t exist. Star seeds are twin flame souls, who as children ALWAYS felt alien to this realm and planet because deep down inside their soul remembers that this isn’t home. You feel out of place here, and many of us have felt out of place here for our entire lives. We don’t feel like we actually belong here because we aren’t of this realm. Earth angels do not exist in the way people think they do- when people use this terminology, again they are speaking of the twin flames. Angels on the other hand, who were created after the twin flames, were created in a more perfect design that we were. The creator gave us free will, but angels were created with none. Giving us free will was a good idea in theory, yet it also led us to make mistakes. Angels were designed and created to be warriors who take orders directly from the ALL (the creator itself), and without free will they make the perfect soldiers and warriors of light. Angels do not have the ability to wield in darkness the way we do though. People speak about demon/human hybrids here but that actually doesn’t exist. Demons can never be incarnated into a human vessel because demons don’t die the way mortals do- but they can be killed and evaporated into nothingness. Once a demon is set on etheric fire, its energy can be transmuted, but that energy will never reincarnate. The ONLY way they can occupy a human vessel is through possession and possession alone. Within this earthly realm, only mortal and twin flame souls (the equalizers) exist within human vessels. At one point though, before what we shall call “the Great War”, only mortals existed within the earthly realm.

NASA is and has always been a hoax. They spend all the money they get from the government playing with advancements in technology, CGI, and holograms (like Project Blue Beam). They spend all of their time and money creating content SO real and believable that it keeps the masses asleep. They push this idea of aliens and life on other planets to convince the people that such a thing exist. Those who believe enough, remove themselves from believing THEY have the power within themselves and assign it to an outside force. Much like many western religions, Aliens is the religion of the people who are too logical and grounded in the 3D to accept the concepts of energies or gods. The powers that be created this for those people because those who are atheist and believe in nothing, still have to be controlled and stripped of their power through indoctrination somehow. For these people, like all others who have been indoctrinated into a school of thought- power is something that they do not believe they possess within themselves. The power to evolve, the power to transform, the power to tap into their clairsense and empathic abilities. People indoctrinated in Alien are even worse than people indoctrinated to Christ- because their logical minds can not comprehend that everything around them is energy. Yet, according to the laws of physics- everything is indeed energy!

Now according to my notes from the akashics, they have been playing around with hologram technology since the 1950’s. They have already perfected it, though they haven’t fully turned it on yet. What is kinda hilarious to me, is that we have already been there and done that within another system and eon. This is not the first time the elite created this type of machine to cause mass chaos and panic. The last system and eon they did this in, they created a purge like environment. Yea, the purge- that actually happened but not in the same ways. The last time we went down this road, it caused apocalyptic conditions. They had statues moving around and they seemed to come to life, chasing people through the streets. They had huge fake gods and goddesses come up pretending to attack the people. It caused absolute chaos, these elite bastards in that eon wore masks- which very much reminded me of the movie The Purge. In that lifetime I was a scientist and it was a winter solstice party- on the night of an eclipse that they chose to set this chain of events off. Thousands of people died that day and we went in to full on anarchy mode. It got really bad and the conditions of the planet and people was horrible.

Before we wrap up, I want to take the moment to speak about artists, writers, musicians, and other creative souls who exist within this realm. EVERYTHING that exist here, has already existed at some point and space in time. When we create in any way, we tap into our right brain, which is our divine feminine side. The divine feminine, which is linked to the universal flow of consciousness has the ability to receive memories and downloads rather easily. MANY of the things that are created are downloads, memories being taken from the universal flow of consciousness. People don’t realize that their thoughts aren’t coming from them, or original even. But for creatives, when they are creating, they tend to hit what is known here as “flow state” and when you are in that state, you are connected to the universal flow of consciousness. Being in flow state is aligned with your highest self. This is why certain things will resonate and even trigger memories within you.

Well Soul Fam, I hope that this information has helped you with connecting some dots. Until next time… Sending mucho luz + amor always!

Luna Estrellas

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